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A theme park game where you play the visitor in first person rather than the player and just enjoy riding all the attractions.

Or with an MMO aspect where one person can build a theme park online and the visitors are actual humans visiting the park. They can rate the park after their visit.

If you lost your memories you automatically become a different person. It's probably rare to coincidentally become the same person again since all your experiences shape who you are.

My favorite game of all time is SaGa Frontier 1. I basically got it by coincidence (my best friend pushing it into my hands with the words "This game sucks, you can have it"), it was my first Akitoshi Kawazu game and I just loved everything about it. The OST was the best I've ever heard. I loved the art style of 2D anime sprites on photorealistic backgrounds. I loved the gameplay. Alone the different movement patterns of monsters outside battle and the fact how fast you run make dodging monsters a fun little challenge. The combat system was just brilliant. It had cool combos and a lot of surprises with its skill sparking system. It was super exciting. The game also managed to make a game where a character's build is customizable but at the same time it's impossible to mess up your build. I just loved the stat growth idea. I also loved the full recovery after battle and save anywhere idea which suddenly allowed every single battle to be a challenge without having to replay a large portion of the game if you fail it. I also like how the game played out outside of combat. You could explore a large world, but instead of bombarding you with pointless kill and fetch quests, everything that happens in the game is a surprise. You might just wander around aimlessly for hours, but then suddenly you talk to a random NPC and find yourself in a dungeon you haven't seen before. The whole game has this vibe of mystery. You don't understand the numbers behind the game, and you don't need to. And that makes this game such an incredible experience.

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Hi, I'm new but I guess I might as well share my thoughts on it as well, since there are obviously reasons why I registered here today.

1. I don't think you need to make games exclusive, BUT what motivated me to give a look was when a dev told me that he gets the most money if I buy the game from I feel devs should always point it out (e.g. on their websites) that this is their preferred platform. Or even point it out at all, because I've seen several websites that ONLY linked to Steam even if the game was also available on other stores.

2. For me Steam is usually not an option because I only play DRM-free. A dev mentioning "you can also get the game DRM-free here: ..." would definitely also be a reason to check out that platform for me and other DRM haters. Many other stores only sell Steam keys after all!

3. Generally, games on are REALLY hard to find. This also needs work from the staff, but what devs can always do is spreading their games more. If you never read about them, you don't know you want to play them! It doesn't even need to be paid ads. Just talking about your games in various forums already works (e.g. if I see a new game mentioned on one of the subreddits I frequently check, I usually tend to always check it out).

4. Make it easier to find your games for people who actually already visit to give it a try! Make proper use of tags for example that allow a more granular search. Right now when I visit, I feel like I'm seeing only games I'm not interested in and even trying to filter/search somehow still yields a lot of titles that don't really fit into what I'm looking for (while other titles I'm actually interested in are no longer visible because they aren't marked with any tags at all). Not finding the right games for you, really demotivates you from using this website.

(5.) Other than that I think there's needs to be done more by the staff:

a) A more visible rating system (there seems to be some sort of rating, but it seems like an arbitrary number as it doesn't seem to link to anything - how do you even rate and why are some of the most popular games outside so far down the list on here? also where are the reviews? also why do I only see a rating when I sort by it? I want to always see the rating)

b) Quick access to the "good stuff" (needs to be visible directly to new visitors, because the first games people see need to look good and the first games people try need to be good or they assume games here are not of the quality they seek; I'm not talking about AAA titles but titles that after you played them would be considered a hidden gem by a large audience - right now no matter how I sort, I feel that the top entries are very niche games that are super popular among only a very specific audience)

c) The ability to search for keywords and then still be able to sort/filter would really help...

d) Maybe give some insight on what the sorting even means - what makes a game popular? does top seller go by money earned, number of products bought, number of products downloaded (I find it rather strange because if it would be downloads, I'd assume all 50% of the free games coming first before any of the paid ones, but it seems to be quite mixed)?

e) I may be wrong on that but I feel that "in dev" games are completely mixed with finished products on here and there's no filter for only finished games. It would be cool to have some more hand-picked list akin to "these are latest fully finished games that we consider of extraordinary quality", similar to the feature games list that's already there (I guess the best way to go right now would be to set the tags you like then filter for featured games only and then sort by best rated - but that includes a lot of setting up and the featured filter is actually really well hidden)

f) Inverted tag search would also be nice ("all games except games that have tag X").

g) Allow games to marked as "Like" even if you haven't purchased them on, so it is considered for you personal recommendations list.

Well, I guess those are my thoughts on it.

Edit: I guess I have another suggestion but can't judge on that yet:

6) Stay in contact with your players! I know this from GoG - a lot where devs would release their games on there, but then not talk with their players at all and completely ignore their game's forums (and instead only reply and post on Steam). This is very discouraging and makes you want to use the website less.