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I was able add some screenshots , and a thumbnail through my phone.  Hopefully now it should be better!

I tried changing my thumbnail, but when I make a  file it my computer downsized it to a smaller picture, so I just had to make something random for it work. As for the theme I will definitely try to change it.

How about a survival platform game. The game will include multiple different levels, and on each level you would have to survive a certain amount of days. In the levels you can get rewards and resources which you can use for future levels. The game would also get progressively harder, and you have to use the resources you had from previous levels to create structures and weapons. You could also have different tiers of weapons, and rarer materials create better weapons.  On the levels you also would have to fight enemies which also  may only spawn in night or day depending on the enemy. 

That is my game idea for anyone to hopefully use!

Ok thanks!

I’ve tried to make a widget for my game, but I don’t know how to save it. I’ve tried multiple ways, but can’t seem to be able to save it. 

Sorry I didn’t check my notifications. I’ll check them out!

I will definitely download the game and I think this might be one of my favorite indie games!

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Great game,  and the game is extremely fun. 5 stars!

This game is really addicting, and I enjoy it a lot! Well done. I tried  to play this on a tablet, but I got the WebGL not available thing,  so I had to play on my pc. I am guessing it's my fault though. 

ANY feedback is appreciated!!

I hope to get feedback, so I can make better games!

I have created a game and I want to know I can do better for the sequel.

we hope you like our game!

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This our first game on this site and we hope you like it! This game is also on scirra arcade. If you have anything to tell us please do as we like feedback. This game is a puzzle and adventure game. The game was a one day project, and we made the game to learn more about the game engine we were using.