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This game is really addicting, and I enjoy it a lot! Well done. I tried  to play this on a tablet, but I got the WebGL not available thing,  so I had to play on my pc. I am guessing it's my fault though. 

It's the API the game runs in, some devices don't have it  installed. You can download and intall it with this link (if your tablet is compatible):

You can also download the .apk file if you want to play it on an Android device. 

But I think the PC with mouse version is better.

Really happy to read your comment, I'm glad you like it! :D

I will definitely download the game and I think this might be one of my favorite indie games!

That's awesome! :D Feel free to check my other games if you want! 

"Rat Maze" and "Shadow Clone Sheep" are my favorites :)

Rat Maze can be played on Android too!

Sorry I didn’t check my notifications. I’ll check them out!