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A topic by puzygamer created Jun 27, 2018 Views: 1,331 Replies: 36
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Hey there, want to promote your games. I love to play different games and post reviews on it. I am a member of lots og gaming community from Steam to facebook groups, from Amino to reddit. Also post it on my channel and starting a new website.

I will promote free games of this website on my own (by the way promoting here means to make your game known to others by reviewing it.)

But at the present  I cant't buy and promote paid games. But if you want you can send me a copy or demo.

For others who want to promote please reply to this post or message on my gmail

Deleted post

Alright I will check it out


Would you like to try my game? The Unknown Castle is a puzzle platformer:



sure i put this game on my list.


Could you also try out my game as well?  It's still early in development, here is a link:

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added to my list I will post about it soon

Deleted post

something wrong with the link


Hi, do you want to play my game, its also available in html and android (5 or greater because of webgl):


Hey there! I'm currently working on the 6th update on my game, "Asteroid Demolition Corps" and it's going to be a big one. If you'd like to check it out here is the link and I hope you have fun playing it.



Hey there! I'd love to have you promote/review my games. I make minimalist, experimental games. Both of my games were made entirely by myself. 

The Cartographer's Tale

Half Empty



There was a bit problem in our state for which internet was closed but dont worry it came back to day

How about a game about an art gallery?

It's kinda short, about 10-15 minutes long.


You can try the demo of a fighting game set in ancient Rome here:

And you can try a soccer/football game based on the World Cup here:


I'm intrigued...  Sure, if you want to give Witches and Bandits and Swords a try, I'd be happy. It's a playful choose your own adventure game. and can be played for free in the browser. Let me know how the website goes :)


Hi! It would be nice if you can try my game "goodbye" :D

It contains a heavy theme though and I'm still in the process of creating art for it but the game is completely playable now.

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I played it. Writing A review on it

Edit: Written the review posted a copy in the Recommend A Game Section     Can you please try out my new gane...


This is my first project, try it if you like :)


Thanks! That's kinda generous from you :) If you could promote and give review on my game Iode I would be pleased.

Hi! Try this one. Another but an unique bottle flip game. Participated in GDWC2018. 

Hi puzygamer!

Just released this Platformer-FPS, would love it if you wanted to check it out!

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Explore the dungeon and defeat evil foes! Inspired by Slayin' and Legend of Zelda (NES).

This game is still being developed, so it may not look too good right now. Frequent updates will happen though. It would be great if you could help promote this.


Hi :)

This is my first game; a horror adventure, adapted from a short story:

It would be great if you could have a look! The game is freeware.

If you get stuck at any point, there is a walkthrough at: (post #1) :)

Hey @puzygamer

would love if you check out soul piece puzzle/platformer 2.5D, made by a one man studio under 2 months
Download for Windows and mac :

Please promote my games. If you can only promote one of the games, please promote the first one. Here they are:

Dark Assault:

Battle Spirit:

Hey! great idea :) Can you please review our game? Thanks!

Hey, it'd be great if someone would buy my game! This game may seem very simple, but it's aggravating!

I would like to sincerely invite you to play our game - CAGE, a 3D adventure puzzle game, featuring the old Hong Kong and the disappeared area - the Kowloon Walled City, which had also been covered several times by the local press media. 

Our game page:

Our FB : @scaffoldstudio

Our official website:

Looking forward to hearing from you!! Let me know if you would find our game interesting. 

Thank you! 😊

Hi Puzygamer would you like to check our puzzle game out available here:

Retro Dev, a game about "Game Dev Struggles".

Retro Dev is a platformer, rage, adventure game. Each level has a different sound track and each level represents a struggle or other parts of Game Dev.

There is a charismatic "Narrator Guy" who helps you in your journey, he is your tutor, critic and your friend :)

Hello sir..please will you mind trying out a fighting game i am making..?? Here is the link to the demo version
Here is a fighting game am making after 4 months in dev...
Here is a fighting game am making after 4 months in dev...

Hi puzygamer! 


Try the free demo for my story-driven, pixel platform adventure game, Horace. There is approx 2 hours of game play available in the demo and you will get a mixture of story content and puzzle platforming challenges!

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Hi , I have two games to recommend to you. Both are FREE TO PLAY! 

Studio Name: Game Magician
Name of Game:Amerak RPG: The Food Magician

Quick Bio of Game: If playing 2D rpg games with a twist of questions is the thing for you. You should really try out Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician!
Questions are asking general food, nutrition and health questions.
Discover hidden power ups and treasures in objects. 

Amerak  Rpg: The Food  Magician:

Studio Name: Game Magician
Name of Game: Emerak 2: Test your English

If you love Art, Music and Language, then you may want to want to learn and test your English skills at Emerak 2. With relaxing art and music, you will calm your mind and find fun working out the answers to English questions.  You can play this in the browser! 

Emerak 2:

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: The game was in development for a week and is complete. Games are generally short, 5-10minutes game. The purpose is to educate on the respective subjects.

Why you became a game developer in the first place: For a hobby. I always wanted to create games but didnt have the time. Finally i have time this year. And I created the games for education.   can you please check out my 2D fighting game?

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