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@steelegardens , Thanks for your kind words :) , unfortunately I didn't implement save game yet because the average play time is 1~1:30 hours , however I would like to let you know that I am currently working on it , and a co-op extra content mod that you can check the trailer for here : 

Thanks @Danar Kayfi , and sorry that you couldn't try it , i'll try to support browser platform later :)

@MohammedEG Thanks alot , glad you like it :)

Thanks @Jana Games Studios ! , I added sounds and music but not in this version so it doesn't violate the GameZanga jam rules (about not to edit the game after submitting it ) , and I'll continue working on the projects thanks to your encouragement :)

In case anyone got stuck in a puzzle or anything , here is a full walk-through for the game.

Thanks @Adey ,  I agree with you , and am currently working on it :)

@GrassWhooper , Thanks alot ! , glad you like it :)

Thanks @Nuishira for your feedback , yea sadly i had no time to add sound effects or music , but i did later on after the submission , cuz I was working alone and it took me a while , and about the theme , i was inspired by (minimize) of the word minimalism  :D , and I just couldn't resist working on that mechanic , its still WIP but you got the idea :D , glad you like it :)

 @AnasMations شكرا جدا علي رايك  ! :)

Wow, thanks alot leafo !, am so glad you did :)

Hey @puzygamer

would love if you check out soul piece puzzle/platformer 2.5D, made by a one man studio under 2 months
Download for Windows and mac :

check out soul piece puzzle/platformer 2.5D, one man studio :

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Hi all , am happy to announce that Soul Piece (Chapter One) is finally released on for Windows and Mac !

Soul Piece is a one man indie puzzle/platformer game , 2.5D with an interesting story and beautiful atmospheric environment .
Telling a story about an infinite war between the ancient Souls, Peace and Chaos where this time Chaos won the battle and Peace was shattered to many pieces collected by Darkness,
Chaos's executioner, yet the war wasn't over as the last piece escaped.
You are the last piece and your duty now is to free all other pieces to revive Peace once again !
check it out on : , and let me know your thoughts ! :)

Thanks MajdAbdulqadir , glad you like it  ! , yea I was on a hurry so I had no time adding sounds and polishing , but am currently working on it and will update it as soon as the rate duration is over :) , thanks for your feedback !

@XtremeZero hahaha Thanks ! , I like it :D

I was in a hurry as I was working all alone , I totaly understand am even so sad I just couldn't polish it and add audio :S
But yea its fair enough thanks alot @XtremeZero ! :)
and am still working on it , i'll add audio very soon :)

really really cool concept , the graphics&music are simple and good , best of luck (y) :)

definitely would love to see more of this game, the camera is cool, the character movement is kinda good, just needs a bit more to be perfect , like edge grabbing while jumping and crouch maybe , it really reminds me of little nightmares alot because of the atmosphere, the camera and the character controller, also limbo/Inside puzzles , which is great to get compared to such titles , keep up the good work :)

Hey @lokijki , Soul Piece V2.0 is now available with new content more visuals and many fixes !

checkout V2.0 Devlog for more info about the update.

Hey @CoalFire , Soul Piece V2.0 is now available with new content more visuals and many fixes !

checkout V2.0 Devlog for more info about the update.

Hi @lokijki, Glad you enjoyed playing Soul Piece Early Access ! ,
Thanks a lot for your review, and sorry for that gamepad isn't supported yet , next version will do with much more great updates :) !

Hey @CoalFire , Thanks alot for playing Soul Piece

it was such a great review glad you like it :)

An eye for an eye , chaining one in exchange of freeing another , really like how it rhymes , great job with simple art and lots of life lessons , spotting the light on how we judge people with our eyes and how cruel could one be , was really a great experience ty :)