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Hi! If you haven't joined the Discord server yet here's the link:

I hope you find a team! :D

I'm so sorry but...

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Yep! Voxels are just 3D pixel art, after all.

Hi! I tried it on Google Chrome again and it seems to be working?

For reference, I made the game on Twine and it's a HTML file.

What browser exactly? :O

I use a Windows 10 laptop as well and mostly use Brave or Google Chrome.

Oh no. May I know where you're playing it?

Hi! If you're still looking for people to team up with, you may check out the Discord server:

Good luck on your search!

It's alright! Don't worry too much about it lol

I hope you enjoy the jam~

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Hi! We already have it so I think you may have just missed it on the list?

EDIT: It's been there since BPJ5 :D

It's because Filipino po ako.

Thank you. I'm still not well but I'm trying to get by.

At this point, even if I wanted to die I can't kill myself anymore. I'm living because of guilt but I'm trying my best to become a better person worthy of being remembered by the people I love.

Straightforward and great points that everyone should see and consider!

I'm also very glad that you decided to make this paid. I hope more people support gamedevs who make free games.

Financial support isn't the only type of support that we are able to do but it helps the devs a lot especially in a world like ours.

Thank you for making this!!


thank you ;u;

make sure to drink water after

i'm glad you liked it!!

thank you please take care of yourself

please stay hydrated!!!

thank you so much~

when you get to make a game, let me know!! nwn

thank you! ;o;

Thank you!! :)

Hi! I'm barrels and I'm an amateur pixel artist who's recently getting back into gamedev.

Here is my portfolio:

I've also made some small games before:

As you can see, my style is more bright and cutesy.

Right now, I am looking for a small/short-term project (work for not more than 6 months; ideal is 1-3 months) that I can join. It can be paid or rev-share. I'm doing this in order to get better at making pixel art.

I like doing character design and environments but I'm not good at super detailed pixel art and animation.

If you think I can help you with your small project please comment or DM me!

You can contact me through Discord: barrels#6465

virtual hugs are enough :")

Cool art and music!!

That was a nice and somewhat nostalgic experience :)

The animation and sfx feels so satisfying!

This is the first time for me to play with a mechanic like this. The art is very cute by the way!

This is really cool for your first game!!

Nice music and art! I really jammed to the music while playing this simple game!

It said WINRAR! so I guess I won?? :))

I had fun with this game. I love the mechanic used!

This was a simple but nice game. I really like the concept of it :D

I think I'm having problems with the physics of the game or maybe the game is just slow/laggy for me. I wish there was a fullscreen option :)

Thank you! :D

Hi! I'm barrels :)

I'm mainly a pixel artist but right now I want to improve my writing by joining a small game project.

Here is my portfolio:



Discord: barrels#6465

I'm not really asking for money since I'm a beginner but it would be nice if I get paid.

Please don't.

That made me shiver at the end. Really nice art style!

Art? Beautiful. Story? Intriguing and went with the theme greatly. Music? Awesome.

Bless this game.

It's ok :)

Good luck with the patch!

I like the memes on this one lol!

Great music and art!