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Couldn't find the "RPG maker 2003 RTP" in the download so I had to get it from the site instead. I don't know why but it still won't work for me :(

;; u ;;

I know it can be painful to live because we may be anchored by external forces. I used to think that the love people gave me is something bad and that they should stop giving me so much love so I can finally get rid of myself. 

Honestly, I still suffer from suicidal ideation and it takes me awhile before I can get back up.

But right now, I think I was wrong for convicting the love that people gave me. It's something they so openly gave and yet I kept thinking that it was nothing but a hindrance to my permanent rest and bliss. I still do want some rest but I think I've learned that I don't need to be gone so soon.

There's still a lot of things I want to learn, so many things I want to try to do once I'm better, so many stories I want to know, and so many things I want to create. These things I lose sight of when I'm back in that really dark abyss of self-loathing but time and time again the bonds that I have helped me remember. These bonds aren't exclusive to family and friends as well. There's much media I've consumed that helped on keeping me alive. I'm hoping that the stuff I make is something that can do that as well.

When you're having a hard time, I hope you give yourself more time to appreciate how far you've come and the people you cherish. I hope that you're able to find inner peace or at least find enough love and determination to keep going forward.

I hope you get a "good ending" in life as well. Please take care

How are you now? 

I think I know how you feel when it comes to not being able to open up to others knowing that they're already struggling with their own problems. You have to learn how to deal with yourself and whatever's bringing you down. It's hard and it takes a lot of courage to keep going. I hope that you're doing better now and that you're able to say the things you want to say to the people important to you. 

Honestly, I think I've come to terms knowing that my depression will never really be gone. I don't think it'll be completely gone for anyone as well. Now it's just a matter of learning how to live with it and finding the things that give me life. Finding things that make me love myself again is something I'm trying my best to do everyday.

A lot of times I can't do this on my own and I am lucky to have friends and family. Not everyone is as fortunate. I hope that this past year you were able to healthily deal with loneliness, love yourself, and even gain more fruitful relationships that help you as a person.

Thank you for playing the game and I wish you the best.

Thank you for taking the time to play it and show your appreciation for the game <3

Just let it all out. Crying can actually help ;; u ;;

2017 is a haze but I felt that

I hope it also devastated you in a good way. Also, hit me up with that visual novel once it's done :D

The gameplay is really simple and the limited choices are deliberate not just because I'm unable to create something more complex but it's also meant to invoke a specific feeling of helplessness. 

The game can be depressing but I really do hope that going through it helps people deal with their emotions. Being able to process it and hopefully gain more hope along the way. I'm glad it helped you and I hope you're doing well.

I'm glad you thought so

I don't think I've said this enough but thank you

I'm hoping it brought some hope as well. The game isn't supposed to just end on a hurting note. I hope you gained something positive from it as well. Thank you

Maraming salamat rin. Alagaan mo sarili mo.

I'm glad that you'd like to play it again but I also hope that you're able to rely on yourself more.

I'm gonna use this to its full advantage.

The art is wonderful and from what I can see you click the bag(?) to fill up the blue bar but I don't really know what it does. If I drag the green potion to the units they get healed and if I use the potions at the bottom it affects the enemy?

It was quite confusing but Chito is very cute indeed. In my head, I pronounce their name as "Cheat-Oh".

Thank you for joining the jam and congratulations on your submission!


This was really fun to play! The controls and sound effects are very satisfying and the art style is cute. I really liked what you did to present which keys to press for the rope. That was genius hahaha!

The overall concept is simple but it works and that's what's important. Thank you for joining the jam and congratulations on your submission!

Would love to see more of this!

This was really cute even though I keep getting a "bad" ending which is I guess the point of the game anyway. I am intrigued on how you'll decided to continue it if ever. ZabaZaba is whack and I love them. 

There's not much to go with the visuals but it was still endearing. The music is great and the dialogue just leaves me more curious about their premise. Doing a narrative-driven game during a game jam is quite hard and you got to submit as well so congratulations!

Thank you for joining the jam!

I agree with what TLLangham said. The visuals look charming even with its simplicity but gameplay-wise it's quite confusing. I'm also having a hard time determining what I am able to do. I really liked the concept as well so I'm hoping that you are able to update your game after the jam!

Thank you for joining BPJ and congratulations on submitting an entry!

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While the concept and visuals were nice, I felt that the gameplay could've been better.

Addition of music and sound effects would make the experience more engaging and entertaining so I highly suggest it once you're able to do an update.

I'd love to see this get updated and I hope you get to polish it someday. Thank you for joining the jam and congratulations on your submission!

Hi! Your game doesn't seem to load. It's only showing a black screen right now.

Unfortunately, we've already locked new updates/uploads which means you won't be able to update the game until the voting period is done. 

Feel free to update it after and thank you for joining the jam!

Hi! Your game doesn't seem to load. It's only showing a black screen right now.

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The opening sequence was a delight and the visuals looked really nice. The UI may need some improvement to make it clearer but I think the way you tried to introduce the mechanics were quite good. The music and concept are great by the way!

I wanted to play more but it seems there are bugs and sometimes I can't make the hero do what I say. It was still fun though and I'd love to see it polished.

Thank you for joining the jam and I hope you had fun! Congratulations on your submission!

I opened the game and I immediately enjoyed the music but as jocolloman already said the loop is a bit off.

The controls were easier to get than expected and I really appreciate that. 

I'm not really good at tower defense but this was still fun to play for me. The UI/font could've been better but I like its current size.

Thank you so much for joining the jam and congratulations on being able to submit an entry!

Loved the style and gameplay! Would definitely try again sometime :D

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I really liked this entry! I was able to play it with and without CRT in fullscreen and both versions looked wonderful. There seems to be no background music but it did somehow amplify the eeriness of things. 

I didn't get to defeat the GOD (ALMIGHTY) but it was a nice game that made me want to keep trying. The opening dialogue and sound effects were cool as well!

Thank you for joining the jam and congratulations on your submission!

I shall wait for the update!

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The visuals tend to get blurry and the chosen font colour makes it hard for me to read the dialogue. The dialogue is quite fun though and made me chuckle. Clicking the red button gave me a sense of financial security and I loved every bit of it hahahaha!

I think it would also help if the controls were in your game page or in-game. If it was in-game you could add it in intuitively or just make a menu where players could see what controls to use.

The story is intriguing! I got stuck here though and I had to restart the game to progress:

I am also unsure on how to pass through the door. I don't know where to get the keycard but I did get to purchase the red box with the $3000.

I would've loved to explore the game more but unfortunately, I'm stuck. Congratulations on your submission though and I hope you enjoyed the jam!

The font (size, colour, style) of your buttons make it hard for me to read what's written. The buttons in general are quite small as well. 

I really liked the start animation though! Caught me off guard and it was a nice cool touch.

The concept is interesting and the visuals are alright but I feel that the execution of your idea (gameplay) was lacking. It was hard to determine what to do and what was going on. Personally, it took me a while before understanding what I needed to do. The gameplay wasn't as rewarding as I thought it would be since I really liked how you wanted to interpret the theme in your game.

Thank you for joining the jam and I wish you learned something from it as well! Congratulations on your submission!!

The concept is straightforward but it works with the theme! 

I think the gameplay would've been better if we were able to determine how much we've achieved. My suggestion would be adding a counter for how many enemies you've defeated and probably adding something to determine the player's health.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems the game doesn't have music. It's alright if the game has no music but because of this I'll only be rating Presentation based on your visuals.

Thank you so much for joining the jam and congratulations on your submission!

That's alright as long as the art in your game is within the scope of the game jam (pixel art, voxel, and 3D art with textures)

Hi! I'm having a hard time understanding your question.

Are you talking about adding credit to cursor art or are you trying to ask if it's alright to use a vector image for your cursor?

Hi! You can still join if you want :D

There's still 3 days and 10 hours!


If it's a purely 2D platformer then yes everything must be done in pixel art. There might be some exceptions when it comes to small details like UI or maybe the title screen but generally if you're doing 2D then yes pixel art is required.

Hi! I think they look cute so far ☺️

Is there any specific type of feedback you're looking for?