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Hi! I'm barrels and I'm an amateur pixel artist who's recently getting back into gamedev.

Here is my portfolio:

I've also made some small games before:

As you can see, my style is more bright and cutesy.

Right now, I am looking for a small/short-term project (work for not more than 6 months; ideal is 1-3 months) that I can join. It can be paid or rev-share. I'm doing this in order to get better at making pixel art.

I like doing character design and environments but I'm not good at super detailed pixel art and animation.

If you think I can help you with your small project please comment or DM me!

You can contact me through Discord: barrels#6465

virtual hugs are enough :")

Cool art and music!!

That was a nice and somewhat nostalgic experience :)

The animation and sfx feels so satisfying!

This is the first time for me to play with a mechanic like this. The art is very cute by the way!

This is really cool for your first game!!

Nice music and art! I really jammed to the music while playing this simple game!

It said WINRAR! so I guess I won?? :))

I had fun with this game. I love the mechanic used!

This was a simple but nice game. I really like the concept of it :D

I think I'm having problems with the physics of the game or maybe the game is just slow/laggy for me. I wish there was a fullscreen option :)

Thank you! :D

Hi! I'm barrels :)

I'm mainly a pixel artist but right now I want to improve my writing by joining a small game project.

Here is my portfolio:



Discord: barrels#6465

I'm not really asking for money since I'm a beginner but it would be nice if I get paid.

Please don't.

That made me shiver at the end. Really nice art style!

Art? Beautiful. Story? Intriguing and went with the theme greatly. Music? Awesome.

Bless this game.

It's ok :)

Good luck with the patch!

I like the memes on this one lol!

Great music and art!

Cool mechanic and nice art! I enjoyed playing this :D

I think there are still lots of bugs. The enemies disappeared and some were even glitching (suddenly appearing somewhere else)

Nice music!!

The mechanics on this game is unique for me but I can't see if you actually used pixel art for the game.

Cool story and visuals! I didn't get to finish the game though 'cause I'm weak but I really enjoyed the time I played it.

I got stuck somewhere because of my poor platformer skills hahaha.

Anyway, this was a nice little game. I'm glad to see people using fantasy consoles for this game jam. It's hard to convey appearances or make sprites readable with such a tiny space and I think you did a good job on that!

I didn't manage to save Andrzej because I was slow and kept getting into the lasers :))

This was a challenging game and I like the mechanic where you are the platform! Nice art as well!

The music is cool too and I enjoyed listening to it even though I was getting frustrated with trying to battle the lasers deadly grip hahaha.

I suck at games like this but it was really fun while it lasted! I hope you had a nice time at the jam and had a good learning experience. Making a 3D/Voxel game is hard for a game jam and I'm glad you got to accomplish this. My highest score was 860(?) :'))

Simple graphics, music, and gameplay but you got to make a functional game in one week! I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed the experience :)

Boxdroid looks so cute!! I like how you put a story behind the gameplay even though it was minimal.

The graphics are simple but endearing (I don't know if I'm using the right word lol).

Though I kinda wish the controls were simpler? I don't really know how to put it... but pressing Z to jump kept confusing me, sorry.

I hope you could polish it if you have the time after the jam! :D

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Graphics look really nice though it would have been better to see more of the theme through it.  Also variation of roadblocks would be nice if it gets more polished after the jam. The music sounds cool as well.

I would've really liked it if the theme was presented more through the graphics and if there was a story or explanation for the gameplay inside the game itself.

By the way, the window closes itself whenever I hit a roadblock. Just a heads up!

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Hi! I'm barrels, a 2D/pixel artist who wants to get into making a chill mobile game with a chill team.

It can be any of the following:

  • tapping/clicker games
  • simulation games
  • puzzle games
  • dating sims/visual novels
  • RPGs
  • gacha
  • platformers
  • experimental games

It can be a paid or freemium kind of game. (I'm going for these types of games because I am in need of money to help my parents with bills and my meds/doctor's fee.)

Here's my portfolio:

Skills and Experience: I mostly work with character art. I do character sprites, portraits, and animation (I can only animate pixels right now though and I'm fairly new to animation). I can do environments too but I'm not exactly an expert in it. As for UI, I am willing to learn. I've also made my own games before which you can check on my profile.

Preferences: I tend to make cute things so if you want a game with a cute aesthetic hit me up, fam. Though I also like horror and other creepy/gore-y/surreal things. If you're making a visual novel, I would choose to make character sprites or icons. If you're making a pixel game, I'd like to work on characters as well but I'd love to explore environments too so I could gain more experience. Providing character/creature concept art is something I can do as well!

You can pay me for my services or offer rev-share. I like to get paid per asset.

REMINDER: I will only accept rev-share if the idea is something I really like/something I can do and if there's a well-written game design document for it BUT I also don't mind brainstorming with you/your team to create something we can all enjoy making. I would also like to consider the scope of the game. If it's big I will most probably ask for payment.

If you or your team has a good idea for a chill mobile game feel free to contact me through Discord (barrels#6465). If you have any questions, just comment below :)

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Hi! I'm barrels and I do pixel art! I'll be working with mbg180 (they'll be doing the music) for this jam and we're looking for a PROGRAMMER and possibly another PIXEL ARTIST

Here's my portfolio:

Here are some carts we're interested in and some ideas on the gameplay that we could do for it:

Mage March by Scott Balmer

"Mage March is a rhythm based rpg in which you play as an ever-growing army of mages who march to the beat of the dungeon to dispel the great darkness that has plagued the land."

- It can be a rhythm game where you cast spells and convince other mages to join your march by following the beat through pushing certain buttons.

Big Carrot Farmer 2 by Kasey Williams 

"BIG CARROT FARMER 2 is a farming competition game in which you compete against other townspeople to see who can grow the biggest carrot. What kind of soil works best? How often should you water? Maybe feeding it smaller carrots will work?"

- This one could be a puzzle/strategy/match-3 game where you try to get the perfect combination for the best carrot?? That's the only idea I have so far.


"Plant. Cultivate. Grow. Mound is a passive play game, grow a new seedling every day, collect new species, and expand your plots to form beautiful gardens. Simply tap & choose your every move, and watch as your beautiful world grows before your eyes."

- I was thinking that this could be a simple clicker game with different variations of plants unlocked once you get to certain levels. It's like Cookie Clicker but for plants. There could even be some weird or fantasy plants involved.

Sleepless Beat by Anna Dittmer 

"A rhythm game that helps you to stay awake while going by train. Push the buttons correctly to avoid sleeping in, missing your stop, having your neighbor's head end up on your shoulder or simply enjoy music!"

- Be a passenger trying hard not to fall asleep and skip your station by listening to the music and getting your head into the beat.

For anyone interested in joining us, here's my Discord: barrels#6465

Hi! I'm barrels and I'm currently looking for paid small/short-term projects or simple commissions.

As the title says, I am a Pixel/2D artist (though I'm fairly new to animation). I'm interested in doing top-down RPGs, interactive fiction, visual novels, and dating sims.

You could check out more of my work here:

Contact me through Discord: barrels#6465

Hi, there! I'm interested in working with you :)

Here's my portfolio:

You can contact me through Discord: barrels#6465

Thank you. I hope you get to love yourself more someday.

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Hey y'all! IVtechboyinpa and I are collaborating on a farming-themed RPG, and we need some people to help us out.


I am the creative lead for the game, as well as serving as primary writer and artist. iVtechboyinpa serves as the gameplay designer and programmer for the team, and we have two more members helping out with writing and the like. We also have a really talented musician in our team.

Our goal is to get a demo before September. We aim to submit a 20 minute gameplay demo to a game exhibit in my country. That being said, we have ambitions to complete the full game, but at this point in time we want to focus on and prioritize getting a demo complete before we start reaching.


- Pixel Artists/Animators

If you can do pixel art and animate, then we would love to have you! However, you don't need to have both skillsets to come onboard.


We're going for a pixel art style. I am currently taking care of all story, dialogue, and writing with another member of our team. I will also be handling character and creature art but would love to get some help in that department as well (mostly with creature art).

This is what we need for art:

  • Environmental Art 
    • Buildings 
    • Interior 
    • Outside world  
    • Terrain  
    • Shrubbery  
    • Props  
    • Etc.
  • Animations 
    • Tool Animation 
    • Picking things up 
    • Environmental animations 
    • Etc.
  • UI Icons and Menus
  • Crops and their growth stages
  • Miscellaneous objects 
    • Fish 
    • Ore 
    • Food 
    • Tools 
    • Etc.

We're still figuring out the art style of the game but it would probably look similar to my style:

You can also head to my portfolio at to see more of my pixel art style.

For pixel artists who want to join our project: 

You may try making something that would match this art style (environment, animals, items, etc.) or make adjustments to it to make it better in your perspective.

We have a GDD if you wish to give it a lookover before joining, so don't be afraid to ask! Join our server @ and ping me (barrels#6465).

Thank you so much!

that's kind of a weird policy, lol

i never knew that :'))

Thank you. I'm still learning how to love myself. It's a difficult process but I'll get there someday.

You need someone to talk to about this. Preferably a professional.

I suggest checking this link out:

I hope you get help soon. Sorry if I can't personally help you...