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This was really intimate. I like it's overall flow and the small illustrations that came with it.

It was sad but I'm glad you could let out your thoughts :)


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Hi! I'm barrels and I'm currently looking for paid short-term projects or simple commissions.

As the title says, I am a Pixel/2D artist (though I'm fairly new to animation). I'm interested in doing top-down RPGs, interactive fiction, visual novels, and dating sims. I want to gain experience while earning some dough.

Here are samples of my work:

You could check out more of my work here:

You can contact me through Discord: barrels#6465

Thank you for your feedback! 

I'm trying my best not to bottle up my feelings anymore and making games about them is really helping me cope :D

I finally added the music! :D

Thank you!! <3

Thank you so much for the feedback! Also do not worry I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist :)

I usually vent by making art or games.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the game.

Sent you a Discord invite! :D

Hi there! I was wondering if you would consider making some music that would fit my game?

it's 2 a.m. and you don't know what to do

the game contains some disturbing text. discretion is advised.

a game for Finally Finish Something 2019

Yes. It is allowed :D

I'm glad it helped you out ;u;

Thank you very much! 😊

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Do you need any media inserted in the Twine game? or are you keeping it solely text-based?

I'm interested in helping you. You could send me an email on or message me on Discord: barrels#6465

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Hi! I'm barrels and I'm currently looking for paid gigs.

I can do pixel art or regular 2D digital art. I specialize in making portraits.

You can check out my portfolio here:

Feel free to comment here or message me on Discord if you are interested in hiring me :D

Discord: barrels#6465

Thank you so much!! <3

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Enjoy the Summer Festival and maybe win the heart of someone special in our Ren'Py Jam entry: Fishing for Love!


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EDIT: We already have game designers and writers for the game. Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest!

Hi! I'm looking for a game designer and a writer for a farming RPG that I am planning to make.


A quirky top-down pixel RPG involving NEETs getting sucked into another world by a ditzy goddess in other to bring back order and life into her world by making the player help its occupants cultivate the land and fight the eldritch horrors that are trying to take over it.

If you want to know more about the game or any monetization issues feel free to comment or PM me and I'll send you the GDD.


  • have a good sense of humour! (not the offensive kind because jeez you can make funny jokes without them being offensive ok)
  • be familiar with/passionate about farming sims, RPGs, dating sims, and the Isekai genre
  • have great experience in working on RPGs, please provide examples of past works
  • be able to commit on a long-term project
  • you should be a team-player

Right now it's just me working on this thing and I'm really having a hard time fleshing it out.

I'll be honest I'm gonna be really picky on who I'm gonna choose on this one even though I myself am a greenhorn. I would like this concept to grow into a full-blown game and I want everyone to enjoy it. I would really love it if someone with experience guides me through this well.

I will be one of the artists and writers(?) who will be working on the game :D

Here is my portfolio:

Feel free to ask questions!

Thank you!!

Ren'Py Jam community · Created a new topic Late Entry?

Can we make a late entry for the jam?

Hi! I'm barrels :)

I'm an amateur pixel artist looking for a team

I'm glad it gave you inspiration :)

Kaya mo yan!

Hi! I need some help. I figured I'll just study on my own instead of taking a degree for game art but I need some help from you guys. I'm trying to make my own informal "game art curriculum" which I can follow for a certain amount of time.

Basically what I need help with is constructing the "curriculum". I already put down the topics I would like to study about but I need the areas I need to study about to be more specific. Also it would help me if you guys can provide resources for the topics involved in the curriculum.

I would love to share this to other prospective game artists as well.

If you do comment on the document please include your reddit username so I can credit you properly! :D

You can check out the document here:

I've also put "projects" for each topic so that there would be outputs after the study. I also think that this would help with creating portfolios and such.

Sorry but the team is full :(

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you like it :)

We might be using Game Maker or Unity. We still need a musician and maybe another artist.

You can add me on Discord: barrels#6465

You could still submit late entries two days after the jam!

This was a surprisingly hard game. I barely got to ten hahahaha! Maybe I just suck though lol :'D

"Sapphic Sapphire Dreams. A novel by Ruby."

Was that a Steven Universe reference just now? Hahahaha

I love your NPCs by the way!

This was such a nice little game. I love how you interpreted the theme. I'm looking forward for more games from you :D

Simple but fun :)

Please remember that you have to make your own assets for this game jam! :0c

Anyone wanna make a team for this jam?

If you guys need a pixel artist I can help! I'm still an amateur but I'll try my best :)

My style leans more on the cute side. You can see what I'm capable of here:

Ok! Thank you very much :D

This was short but beautiful. Good job :)

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Hi everyone! I'm an amateur pixel artist looking to work on a short-term project. I would like to be part of a team making a cute pixel game. It could be a top-down adventure, platformer, visual novel, or a simulation game as long as it's cute and makes use of pixel art.

Here's my portfolio if you want to see what I'm capable of:

This will be a hobby project. I am willing to spend 5-10 hours a week on this.

Once the team is complete we can think of what kind of cute pixel game we could make.

Currently looking for:

  • Programmer
  • Game Designer
  • Pixel Artist
  • and possibly a Writer

Thank you ;u;