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I saw your comment in my post and will review it soon. I will paste a copy of the review in the recomend a game section.

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[Warning: This article contains content related to suicide and depression.

'Goodbye' - A storytelling Click Game

Have you ever been in a situation where this word ‘Goodbye’ made you more emotional than ever? Well, I guess not all but most of us, at least once in our life, we said ‘goodbye’ with tears dropping from our eyes. There are many occasions when we need to get seperated from our loved ones. Sometimes, we are unable to adjust or fight with the harsh situation and we lose hope from our life. At that point we do things which we should not. If you have a strong heart then you might survive, but other might choose something which they think is the only way.

‘Goodbye’ — A Story Telling Click Game
But we should not choose the path to end our life. Because life is a lot bigger than we imagine. If we don’t find a way out of the situation, there is always a better choice waiting for us. Life is so long, that one person always has a second chance to succeed in what they want. We only need to find that small point of light which will guide us. Take a deep breath, feel the nature and let your mind free from any worries. This will let you decide your way.

‘Goodbye’ — A Story Telling Click Game

[Spoiler From here. I tried not to describe the interesting parts so the spoiler level is low to medium]

So, ‘Goodbye’ is a game about such thing. This game let’s you relive the day of a girl who is depressed from her life. She saw that she was unable to do anything for her family. She felt that she was just big stone over here family.

‘Goodbye’ — A Story Telling Click Game

You are also presented with the choices that I mentioned at the start of the article. It depends on what you will do in that situation. Your choices makes the story a completely different one. You will be able to understand how amazing this story is. It will make you feel the pain. And your decisions will reflect what you will feel to do in such situation. You will understand after you try it out.

‘Goodbye’ — A Story Telling Click Game

So, I would really tell you to have a good experience by playing this game. 

Again I will give a alert for soft hearted or those who easily get extremely emotionally influenced to be aware of depression, suicide etc. contents in the game.

Try out ‘Goodbye’ on and it is completely free.

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I played it. Writing A review on it

Edit: Written the review posted a copy in the Recommend A Game Section

Hello to all the readers and gamer. This is my first post or review about a game. And there will be more such posts. You will be able to know about various new and amazing indie games which you all might have never played or heard of. So, let’s start the review.

Arthur's Nightmare

Name of The Game: Arthur's Nightmare

Genre: Horror

Price: Free/Choose your own price.

So, the name of the game is Arthur's Nightmare. This is really a wonderful game. It is simple and effective. The idea or theme of this game is a bit different from the games of similar type like Five Nights with Freddy. It will really make you feel that you are alone in a room trying to find things. And at some point, it will make you actually feel the horror, and you need to watch your step.

Arthur’s Nightmare — Ghost
Without dropping much spoilers, I want to mention some of the key parts of the game. So, you need to collect 10 items which are found randomly around the house. You need search them and then get out of the house. You need to do it to survive 4 nights. Each night has different situation and techniques. Like in the second night it is more intense and you are more likely to face ghost or that terrific person (which is not so disgusting to look but will give you few jump scares.) The game has same location on every night which is a house. But as I said situation different is every time you play. I will really recommend to give it a try.

Arthur’s Nightmare

(Only for the game developer if he is reading) What more can be done?

[This Post is being posted to many places, if the developer doesn't want it, then please comment in this post. It is done as a part of gaming reviews. Also this website is also promoted.]

1) You can add few dialogues or some kind of relief phone calls to make it for lively or realistic. Like at the end of a night when he goes out he gets a phone call, “it’s not over yet, you have to come again.”

2) Also, the location can be changed a bit or made a bit different for every night.

All in all, it is a good game. A good game to start something great.

What now? Are you still willing to know more about the game? Go ahead and download it. Link: Arthur’s Nightmare Download

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There was a bit problem in our state for which internet was closed but dont worry it came back to day

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added to my list I will post about it soon

sure i put this game on my list.

Alright I will check it out

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