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Devlog 23

Hat DLC now available for the game. You can now play the game with your favorite hat!

The DLC is currently only on Steam. Link:

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Devlog 22

Working on a DLC. Coming soon.

Devlog 21

New Supper Banana! is now available in Spanish.

However, the linux and steam versions will be updated a little later.

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Devlog 20

New Supper Banana! is now available for Linux! (Only on itchio.)

Also, there have been many bug fixes. More details about them can be seen on the devlogs on the game page.

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I'll comment here what I said in the emails:

That code worked perfectly for me, in all the projects I tried it. So I don't know why that happens to you. It's probably something related to your game project specifically. If nothing else, you can edit the script textbox_draw_bubble() manually, to change the position of the text.

Edit: The latest update might (maybe) fix the issue you are having.

Devlog 19

- Soundtrack available on Steam

- Now available in Finnish

- New settings

- Performance improvements

For more info about this update, see the changelog.

Hi. The text should automatically be inside the textbox. Could you show me the code you used? Either here or by email (

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Thanks for reporting the bug. I will fix it when I can. But good to know that you were able to play the game on Steam. :)

Edit: It has been fixed.

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Devlog 18 - First devlog after releasing the game!

New Supper Banana! was updated with some small improvements. Here are the changes:

- Updated credits

- Fixed a bug in level 7

- Improved the look of level 7 a little

New Supper Banana! released!

New Supper Banana! is now available for PC, on Steam and!

New Supper Banana! is a funny adventure platformer drawn entirely in a notebook!


The mad eater has appeared from another dimension and is eating everyone. You have to save them!


It's a 2D platformer game with an unique ability: Supper Dash!


  •     10 Levels
  •     Actually hand-drawn graphics
  •     A funny story
  •     Customizable difficulty: You can choose the amount of hearts you have

Get it now:

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Devlog 17

New Supper Banana! is finally finished!

Get it from Steam.

Get it from itchio.

Devlog 16

Bug fixes and improvements.

Also made a short trailer.

Devlog 15

The content of the game is finished. Currently I'm working on cutscene skip functions and bug fixes. And release date will be announced now!

New Supper Banana! release date: 15.12.2021

Devlog 15

Finally making the last level.

Also, this devlog has reached over 500 views! d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b

Devlog 14

About 60% of all cutscenes are finished.

Devlog 13

Last week I made some new cutscenes. This week I will continue that.

Devlog 12


Devlog 11

- Added new enemy

- Started making level 9

- Lots of bug fixes

Devlog 10

1 new level done.

Devlog 9

(╯' - ')╯ New cutscenes!

Demo is no longer available by the way. ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

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Devlog 8

New Supper Banana! demo is available on Steam during Steam next fest!

Link to the Steam page.

Devlog 7

Last week:

New enemies.

Bug fixing.

And other things.

Maybe a little different.

New Supper Banana!

Devlog 6

New trailer!

Some music was also added to the game. Controller support too. A demo will be coming soon!

Devlog 5

About 50% of the game is finished!

Last week I added new kinds of enemies.

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I'm glad you like it. : )

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Devlog 4

- Last week was mostly fixing bugs & polishing everything

- Also, soon 50% of the levels are finished

I just fixed it. It was surprisingly easy to fix. I think the only thing you need to update is the script cutscene_next.

Sorry, I'll try to fix that soon.

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Devlog 3

Have been adding some cool effects:

Devlog 2

Added health system and collectables.

Also I have been adding sounds and polishing the first 2 levels for a demo.

Devlog 1

Last week many things were improved, for example, the look of the textboxes.



Thanks! Yeah, I scan the drawings from a notebook and use them as sprites after editing them.

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Available now!

Get it from Steam.

Get it from itchio.

New Supper Banana is a funny adventure platformer drawn entirely in a notebook!


Here is a longer trailer too:

I will try to update this devlog every week until the game is released. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Edit 30.5.2022: This devlog got 1000 views already~

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I just published an itchio page for my upcoming game, New Supper Banana! Link:

New Supper Banana is a funny adventure platformer where Supper Banana saves everyone. And it's drawn entirely in a notebook!

Timemachine has been released:

What does it mean? What is this?

It's a secret.

The other person hasn't contacted me so you can translate it if you want. Email me ( and I will give you the files to translate.

N073b00k - A simple online notebook is available now on itchio.


  • Write things down quickly.
  • No need to select file name.
  • Very simple and minimal.

Use it here:

It can also be used from my website:

The origin language is english and it's only text. But I only need one translator.