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Timemachine has been released:

What does it mean? What is this?

It's a secret.

The other person hasn't contacted me so you can translate it if you want. Email me ( and I will give you the files to translate.

N073b00k - A simple online notebook is available now on itchio.


  • Write things down quickly.
  • No need to select file name.
  • Very simple and minimal.

Use it here:

It can also be used from my website:

The origin language is english and it's only text. But I only need one translator.

Only text. Email me ( and I'll send you the file that needs to be translated.


I'm soon adding an epilogue to my game Dr. Atominus (steam, itchio), but the epilogue still needs to be translated to German, because the game otherwise already supports German.

There is not much text in the epilogue (~28 lines) so it shouldn't take long to translate it.

I don't pay anything, but if you want, I can put your name in the credits and I will give you the game for free after you have translated it.

My email: AT

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Edit: Removed email

Would you translate a game like this for free?

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Cool updates. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

I'm going to use this soon for my next game.

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Dr. Atominus has been released on itchio!

Dr. Atominus is a short platformer with metroidvania elements and a cool sci-fi story.

Get Dr. Atominus on Itchio:

Dr. Atominus has been released on It has been available on Steam for a month already, so it was already time for the itchio version. If you get the game on itch, you will get a steam key too, if you want. Take advantage of the launch discount!

Get Dr. Atominus on Steam:
Get Dr. Atominus on

Cool b^-^d

Maybe, but it seems to be made with GameMaker: Studio 1 (and not 2). = )

Really good! = D

Ok, but who is throwing all those pots and pans towards the corgi?? =]

Supper Banana is the first game I ever made (2016?). And now it's available on itchio. And it's remastered.

Link to the game page:


  • 3 levels
  • Crazy scientists and moonwalk guys
  • A hamburger
  • It's really short (and epic(?))

I hope it lives up to your expectations. = )


With this dialogue engine you can easily add text boxes with dialogue to your games.

Get it here:

With cutscene engine you can easily make awesome cutscenes to your Gamemaker Studio 2 games. It works on any kind of game. Get it at a launch discount of -10%!

Link to the store page:

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Fun idea. b^-^d

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Update v.1.2.8.

  •  Now doors will have yellow borders to indicate that a level has been completed.
  • There were other fixes too but I don't remember what they were.

Good idea and very well designed game. If you make a longer version of this, a story would be cool.

The Steam version of Unknown Castle had lots of bug fixes and new features. These updates have been added to the itchio version too!

Update v.1.2.7.

New features:

  • Better audio settings
  • Confirmation windows will appear when exiting
  • Controls are now displayed in the menu too
  • Dialogue can be skipped with up and w buttons now (the same buttons are used to advance dialogue)
  • Brightness and audio settings now get saved

Fixed bugs:

  • Apostrophes were displayed weirdly, now they have been fixed
  • Moved and added some signs
  • Now the characters shouldn't get stuck on walls anymore
  • Fixed a typo
  • Made box movement better
  • Red and yellow boxes work better now, you can't get stuck on them anymore
  • Falling spikes will wait a little before falling again
  • + other small fixes
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Unknown Castle has been released on Steam!

You can get it here:

Also available on itch:

About the game

Unknown Castle is a puzzle adventure, where you explore your old family castle, controlling 2 characters helping each other.


  • 31 levels full of challenging puzzles + some secret rooms!
  • Dangers: In your journey you will encounter many dangers. Avoid dangerous traps and angry bats!
  • Secrets: There are secrets even in the level menus!
  • Unicorns...? No. It's just the imagination of great-grandfather.
  • Local multiplayer: Play alone or with a friend! One of you controls Halli-Valli and the other one controls Huuma-Tuuma.
  • Story pieces: Find them in the castle.
  • Uncover the background story of the castle. Who built it? What is inside the treasure chests? Who is this mysterious Mr. Freddi who has left some random messages in the castle? Where is the real treasure?

The only way to find an answer to those questions is to go and explore the unknown castle!

Unknown Castle has been released on Steam!

Buy or wishlist it:

unknown castle library capsule  

Unknown Castle will be released on Steam next Monday, 19th of August.

Get ready to explore the castle in a week!


Wishlist it:

Itch summer sale! Get Unknown Castle with 10% discount:

Unknown Castle is coming to Steam! Wishlist it now:

Making water:

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Demo version 0.3.0. changes:

- New cutscene

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Now I tried to download the game without using the itch app and it worked fine. But when playing it using the itch app there is this problem.

Edit: It works also in the itch app, I just hadn't updated it. Also, good game.

When I started the game and pressed the guild it was like this. I hope you can fix it so I can try the game... But no pressure.

I can't do anything in the guild, so I can't go to the underworld...

Unknown Castle Definitive Edition is now released!

Get it here:

Unknown Castle is a puzzle adventure, where players explore their old family castle, controlling 2 characters helping each other.


  • 31 levels
  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • Find story parts
  • Many secrets
  • Single player & Local multiplayer

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Unknown Castle Definitive Edition is now released!

Get it here:

20% launch discount!

On 2 of May, I accidentally announced that Unknown Castle would be released 10 of April. Of course, that didn't make any sense. XD

The release date is not 10 of April, it's 10 of May. Sorry for the confusion.

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The demo has received some updates during the last 2 weeks.

Demo version 0.2.6. changes:
- Maybe fixed a bug.

Demo version 0.2.7. changes:
- Fixed a bug where player got stuck.
- Fixed a mistake in saving.

Demo version 0.2.8. changes:
- Updated credits

Demo version 0.2.9. changes:

- Boss won't reappear anymore after defeating it 
- Fixed a bug where player got damage when jumping on the boss when boss was attacking
- Hided mouse inside the game

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Unknown Castle coming 10 of april May!
I finally decided to publish the full game on that date. It will be available on itchio, kartidge and gamejolt.

EDIT: The release date is not in April, it's in May. Sorry for the confusion.

Legend of an Atom & Devlog

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Edit: The game is now called Dr. Atominus and it is available on Steam and itchio.

Legend of an Atom is a metroidvania style platformer with a sci-fi story.


Demo on GameJolt:

I will add the game on itchio when the game is finished.



Dr. Atominus finally succeeds to magnify an atom. But the atom is alive and it escapes! Play as the atom who wants to escape from the experiments of Dr. Atominus and find out why the scientist needs you so badly.


Explore the 4th dimension, get unique abilities, avoid dangers and search secrets, until you find a way to escape!



Play it

Demo on GameJolt:

I will add the game on itchio when the game is finished.


I will try to update this devlog weekly.