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Devlog 18

  • Virtual keyboard is finished
  • Other gamepad improvements
  • Improved the part where player name is asked
  • My commit history says that I did some “music fixes” too. I don’t remember what that is but cool?

The demo is now public on Steam. I would still like to get some testers because I have updated the game. If you try the demo, consider giving some feedback here or in the Steam forums.

Devlog 17

  • The selected slot in the inventory is now clearer
  • Currently trying to add a virtual keyboard for gamepad. The game will have full controller support for any gamepad. ヽ(´▽`)/

I’ll make the demo available some time before the Steam Next Fest, so you can try it already this week. (:3 」∠)

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Devlog 16

Polishing the demo. Some bug fixes.

And now the penguin can’t walk on top of the settings and inventory tables.

Sorry penguin. 🐧

Devlog 15

Last week I didn’t do much, just made a list of things to improve after getting feedback from testers. So this week I’m going to work on doing those improvements. More testers are still welcome.

Sure 👍

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I’m looking for testers for the demo of Strategy game but with a penguin.

The game is a relaxing tactics rougelite game with good lofi hiphop music.

Current platforms for testing: Windows and Linux

Testing is unpaid, but I can give one of my older games for free to everyone who helps with testing (if they want one). I can also add your name to the credits if you want.

My email: gmail com

My discord username: pikkua

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Devlog 14

Demo is more or less ready, I did it in time. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Currently seeking for testers to test the demo. I’ll give one of my older games for free to people who help test the demo and add their name to the credits (if they want). If you are interested let me know here or with email ( gmail) or Discord (pikkua).

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Devlog 13

Last week I mostly fixed bugs.

Stuff I need to do before demo is ready:

  • Fix some bugs
  • Finish Spanish translation
  • Improve some levels
  • Make a virtual keyboard for gamepad?


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Devlog 12

Last week I was working on moving all the text in the game to a csv file to make translation easier.

Also I made some cool(?) water effects. The video is low quality because I was going to make a gif but the file size was too large…

There are still some bugs I have to fix before the demo is ready. I might have to hurry to have enough time for testing… ┌(;・_・;)┘

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Devlog 11

Now it’s possible to change the color of the penguin.

Also updated the look of the inventory. I think it looks much better now.

Devlog 10

Same as last week. But now I’m going to continue developing the game.

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Devlog 9

Nothing this week. I was working on another project to improve my coding skillz. I’ll probably make that project open source when it’s ready, so you can see it.

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Devlog 8

Lots of bug fixes and other small improvements.

Soon there will be a demo. ~( ’ - ’ )~

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Devlog 7

  • Shop/inventory is now mostly finished
  • Added new sounds. The game has now about 90% of the sounds it needs.

Devlog 6

Now it’s possible to buy and equip weapons.

The video is in portrait mode, because there is an unexplicable bug with the inventory in landscape mode and I haven’t found a solution to it yet.

The default sword now looks like a teleporter sword, like it should.

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Devlog 5

Started making a shop. There one can buy and equip swords, clothes, etc.

Still looks a little ugly but I’m trying to improve it.

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Devlog 4

  • Middle cutscene is mostly finished
  • Started making ending cutscene
  • Added more story pieces that can be found in certain floors

No screenshots this time because of spoilers. (~_~)

Devlog 3

First cutscene is now mostly finished.

Also mouse can now be used with the menu.

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Devlog 2

1 - Added gamepad and mouse/touch controls.

Here is a gif of playing with the mouse:

I think I will add a possibility to just click on one side of the screen to move instead of swiping.

2 - I also started using variables instead of checking for a specific button every time. For example:

menu_button = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_escape) || gamepad_connected && gamepad_button_check_pressed(pad,gp_start);

And then:

if (menu_button) {

It makes the code much easier to manage.

Devlog 1

Last week I added a simple sword/attack animation. Maybe too simple? You can see in the gif of the first post what it looked like before.

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A relaxing tactics rougelite game with good lofi hiphop music

You can a dd it to your wishlist on Steam.


I have been working on this game for about 1,5 years, but now I’m finally starting a devlog.

I will try to update this every week until the game is released.

If you find any bug in this Dialogue engine, this is the place where you can tell about it.

Please give as much information as possible, so it’s easier to fix the bug.

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If there is a feature you want for this engine, feel free to tell about it here.

You can see my To Do list here.

There you can see if I’m already working on some feature or bug fix. Note that the To Do list might not be very readable for someone other than me, but I’m working on it.

I changed the comment section to a discussion board. Here are the comments from before that.

Flyingmonkey invited all his weird friends to a party. But they drank too much juice. Now you have to dodge them so they don’t trample you!

You can play it here:

This is a practice game I made to learn to use Godot.

I haven’t tried, but I think it should work with HTML5.

If I remember correctly, someone else said that it works with it.

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I have been making a game for some time now. But I wanted this game to have better graphics than my previous games (see them on itchio or steam). So I need someone to improve the sprites or redo them to make them look better and more professional. The sprites are 32x32 pixels, but the size can be changed to 64x64 too. The game currently looks like this:

I can pay, but my budget is not very big so take that into account.

My email:

Discord: Pikku-a#9062

It would also be good if you could show some of your previous work.

EDIT: Found someone already

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Devlog 23

Hat DLC now available for the game. You can now play the game with your favorite hat!

The DLC is currently only on Steam. Link:

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Devlog 22

Working on a DLC. Coming soon.

Devlog 21

New Supper Banana! is now available in Spanish.

However, the linux and steam versions will be updated a little later.

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Devlog 20

New Supper Banana! is now available for Linux! (Only on itchio.)

Also, there have been many bug fixes. More details about them can be seen on the devlogs on the game page.

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I'll comment here what I said in the emails:

That code worked perfectly for me, in all the projects I tried it. So I don't know why that happens to you. It's probably something related to your game project specifically. If nothing else, you can edit the script textbox_draw_bubble() manually, to change the position of the text.

Edit: The latest update might (maybe) fix the issue you are having.

Devlog 19

- Soundtrack available on Steam

- Now available in Finnish

- New settings

- Performance improvements

For more info about this update, see the changelog.

Hi. The text should automatically be inside the textbox. Could you show me the code you used? Either here or by email (

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Thanks for reporting the bug. I will fix it when I can. But good to know that you were able to play the game on Steam. :)

Edit: It has been fixed.

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Devlog 18 - First devlog after releasing the game!

New Supper Banana! was updated with some small improvements. Here are the changes:

- Updated credits

- Fixed a bug in level 7

- Improved the look of level 7 a little

New Supper Banana! released!

New Supper Banana! is now available for PC, on Steam and!

New Supper Banana! is a funny adventure platformer drawn entirely in a notebook!


The mad eater has appeared from another dimension and is eating everyone. You have to save them!


It's a 2D platformer game with an unique ability: Supper Dash!


  •     10 Levels
  •     Actually hand-drawn graphics
  •     A funny story
  •     Customizable difficulty: You can choose the amount of hearts you have

Get it now:

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Devlog 17

New Supper Banana! is finally finished!

Get it from Steam.

Get it from itchio.

Devlog 16

Bug fixes and improvements.

Also made a short trailer.