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Unknown Castle is coming to Steam! Wishlist it now:

Making water:

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Demo version 0.3.0. changes:

- New cutscene

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Now I tried to download the game without using the itch app and it worked fine. But when playing it using the itch app there is this problem.

Edit: It works also in the itch app, I just hadn't updated it. Also, good game.

When I started the game and pressed the guild it was like this. I hope you can fix it so I can try the game... But no pressure.

I can't do anything in the guild, so I can't go to the underworld...

Unknown Castle Definitive Edition is now released!

Get it here:

Unknown Castle is a puzzle adventure, where players explore their old family castle, controlling 2 characters helping each other.


  • 31 levels
  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • Find story parts
  • Many secrets
  • Single player & Local multiplayer

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Unknown Castle Definitive Edition is now released!

Get it here:

20% launch discount!

On 2 of May, I accidentally announced that Unknown Castle would be released 10 of April. Of course, that didn't make any sense. XD

The release date is not 10 of April, it's 10 of May. Sorry for the confusion.

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The demo has received some updates during the last 2 weeks.

Demo version 0.2.6. changes:
- Maybe fixed a bug.

Demo version 0.2.7. changes:
- Fixed a bug where player got stuck.
- Fixed a mistake in saving.

Demo version 0.2.8. changes:
- Updated credits

Demo version 0.2.9. changes:

- Boss won't reappear anymore after defeating it 
- Fixed a bug where player got damage when jumping on the boss when boss was attacking
- Hided mouse inside the game

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Unknown Castle coming 10 of april May!
I finally decided to publish the full game on that date. It will be available on itchio, kartidge and gamejolt.

EDIT: The release date is not in April, it's in May. Sorry for the confusion.

Legend of an Atom & Devlog

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Legend of an Atom is a metroidvania style platformer with a sci-fi story.


Demo on GameJolt:

I will add the game on itchio when the game is finished.



Dr. Atominus finally succeeds to magnify an atom. But the atom is alive and it escapes! Play as the atom who wants to escape from the experiments of Dr. Atominus and find out why the scientist needs you so badly.


Explore the 4th dimension, get unique abilities, avoid dangers and search secrets, until you find a way to escape!



Play it

Demo on GameJolt:

I will add the game on itchio when the game is finished.


I will try to update this devlog weekly.

Good idea, but would be much better if the armadillo could stop moving while being a ball.

Interesting story and good music. The world felt immersive. How long will it take to the game to be completed?

Unknown Castle Definitive Edition will be coming soon. That's why I removed the old version of the game and replaced it with the new demo. I will later tell in this devlog the differences between the old and new versions of the game. I also  changed the url of the game page and edited it a lot. And here is the new trailer:

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Unknown Castle demo is now available on Google Play:

The android version has many improvements and some new content.

That's good to hear. Thanks!

Hello? Do you think the game page is better now?


I follow someone if he has many games that I like or maybe to get updates (devlogs) about a game or software. Sometimes I follow someone only because the dev is so friendly. X D

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The Unknown Castle is a puzzle platformer where you control 2 characters alternately. You have to get the two characters to their own doors, so they can exit the room. Can you solve all the 30 levels? Can you find the last room?

The game is available here:

Here are some screenshots: 

This game looks fun. The main mechanic especially.  It also looks fun to make.  = D

I'll follow the progress. I hope there is also a good story...

I have used your tips to edit my game page and I think it's better now. What do you think?

I think it doesn't look good without any banner image, so I'll probably try to make a better banner, with the game name.

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Do I need CSS support enabled if I, for example, want to make transparent the section where all the content is?

Edit: I just noticed that I can do it from the BG2 alpha setting.  But what I could do with the CSS enabled, for example?

Thanks for the reply, I'll try to experiment with different style of images.

I have been trying to make my game page more appealing. I have added a trailer, some screenshots, backgrounds, etc., but I think it could be better. I would appreciate some tips on how to make it better.

The game page is here:


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  1. Oneshot
  2.  Crosscode
  3.  Owlboy
  4.  Hyper Light Drifter
  5.  Mario & Luigi rpg series

Would you like to try my game? The Unknown Castle is a puzzle platformer:


Demo has received an update.

There was this bug: "If you take an elevator up to a door that is blocking your path, you'll teleport up to the top of the door, meaning you can bypass that element of the puzzle."

It's now fixed.

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The demo has been updated. I redesigned most of the puzzles, and I think they are now much better! Most of the levels have changed a little bit, but the biggest changes are in levels 6 and 8.

Added this game to Indie DB:

I updated some of the first puzzles of the game, especially levels 6 and 8. They were too easy, so I tried to make them harder. Did I succeed? Try the demo and tell your opinion!

Now the destroyable walls shake only when the player is near them. I will update the demo when I have improved some of the first puzzles.

Updated the demo! New things:

  • Mouse control in the menu. (It has some cons, so I'm not sure if I'll fix it or remove it).
  • Added backgrounds for the menu, settings and credits.
  • Updated the credits.
  • Other small improvements.
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It's really good. Good work! There is only this issue, that sometimes when I try to play a started game, it freezes and there is only black screen.

Also, is there controller support? If no, can you add? Playing this with keyboard is not very comfortable.

Is it possible to save the planet?

How my game has changed in 3 years:

Here is the trailer of The Unknown Castle: