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Recent community posts

Added a goal flag.

Now up to 4 players can play!

Also added some music and a cave background.

New tool: Water gun!
I have finished the 15 main tools. But I have so many ideas for new tools that I will add many more when the game is finished.

If you have some time, use your shovel to find treasure chests! They have more tools!
Also, added "notifications".

If the numbers that show how many tools are left are distracting, tell me.

It looks promising, but I have no idea what I have to do.

Oh, I didn't know I can dash... = )

Good and relaxing to play. But some enemies are too fast, or maybe the player is too slow.

Did you get stuck McMason? You can cut the rope pressing left mouse button! He still needs to practice using the grappling hook... = )
Now the players hold the items in their hands.

Funny trailer. The game looks fun too. I will try it later. = )

I added a pause menu. Do you like the design?`

Working on the menu system...

Added a water speed meter. It shows how fast the water is raising. And it increases all the time!

Now the players lose health in the water. But they can use the new tool: snorkel!
Added other tools too.

Looks good.

Added auto-tiling. It still needs some improvements...

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The water is raising! There is now water! I will make it look better, but this is what it looks like now.

- Added water.

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Water Escape!

Recent progress:

- Added health

- Added some new tools

-Added a pause menu

- Added treasure chests


Hopemans live peacefully in the depths of their world, until some day, something bad happens. While Blumber (the only hopeman who isn't afraid of water) is in the shower, the water starts to raise. And hopemans don't like water! The only thing they can do is leave their homes and escape!


The world where hopemans live is a strange planet. There is not much water in the planets surface, but the center of the planet is full of water. There are many different landscapes. Greenish forests, snowy hills, hot places with lava... But hopemans are only familiar with the underground world...


Hopemans are creatures that live in the planet of hopemans. They are very persistent creatures who fight for what they love.
Hopemans are divided in to different clans. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Usually they are enemies of each other.

Gameplay and game modes

Here is an early gameplay video:

Escape mode

In the escape mode the goal is just escape the water and get to the goal before other players. You can prevent other players from winning by using many tools. And with the help of the tools you can progress faster and reach the goal before others.


In the deathmach mode the water is not your main focus. Now you just have to get rid of all the other players, so you can live in peace and... escape in peace... Use a large variety of dangerous tools and blow the others to the skies!


In the campaign mode there is a big world with many levels to beat. There is a story and world map. This mode is only in single player. 

And... You can play alone or with some friends! (Only escape mode and campaign have single player)


You control 2 hopemans. Use different tools and help each other of you to get to the safety before you drown. Because in single player mode the water raises faster!


There can be up to 4 players. All of them have a team of 2 hopemans. They can try to prevent other players from winning.


Players can use many different tools that help them to escape. These tools can be used currently (you can suggest more):

  • Dynamite
  • Bomb
  • Hopebomb
  • Missile
  • Jetpack
  • Ladder
  • Shovel
  • Grappling hook
  • Teleporter
  • Videogame
  • Health potion
  • Lifebuoy
  • Snorkel
  • Rain dance
  • Water gun

Work in progress - Approximately 40% Done


  • Singleplayer mode
  • Water
  • Auto-tiling
  • Pause menu
  • 15 tools
  • Treasure chests

Now working on

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Menu system
  • Animations and better graphics

What is left?

  • World map
  • Levels
  • Puzzle elements
  • Better effects
  • Story
  • Online multiplayer (It is not yet certain whether this will be in the game).

Here are some screenshots:

Follow me or this post to get to know when new updates come.

Or follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Flyinglegends_

As this game is in very early state any suggestions and ideas are very appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


Testing Helper is now free!

Oooh... I thought that there are only four colors. So the game is that long. : 0

But it's too hard to get so far. Anyways, it was a fun simple game. It was fun to listen some music and play... It would maybe work as a mobile game. : )

Where is my prize?

: |

1. Pink

2. Blue

3. Green

4. Yellow? (I didn't get this far).

Actually I did this game a long time ago, but I never posted a "release announcement". So I'll do it now.

Cubic getaway is a small game where you have to escape and try to find keys to proceed to the next dungeon. When you have nothing better to do, you can play this game, relax and try to beat your high-score.


  • Entertaining - You won't get bored fast.
  • Relaxing... (Or maybe not. I don't know. Try and see.)
  • Exciting action! (But wasn't it supposed to be relaxing? Well... maybe it's both.)
  • Good if you have nothing else to do.
  • Beat your high-score! - How many dungeon levels will you pass?

There are two modes: Level mode and Time mode. I recommend level mode, because it has high-scores and it is more finished. But both are playable.

Play this game here: https://pikku-a.itch.io/cubic-getaway

And here is a video:

It looks very good. The graphics are amazing. The gameplay is also very entertaining.

Good game. Very fun to play.

I liked the characters and the art style, but I would have expected more depth from the story. But it was good. :    )

This should have existed when I was little...

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Ok. I edited the first post. Now it is: "password maker (or PIN maker (or something))".    ; )

True, but in some places it is mandatory to make a password with 4 digits. However, I will add to this program the opportunity to make passwords of any length.

(Edited 1 time)

Dreams Made of Cotton is a story-driven action RPG that I have planned to do for a long time.  And now I have  started to do it.  Here is some more information:

Dreams Made of Cotton tells the story of a world named Byssumia. An evil bad guy has transformed everyone to a soft toy. Only he and his robots are alive. But then one soft toy comes to life. It's you. As a side effect you can now transform yourself from soft toy to human and from human to soft toy. With this ability you start to explore the beautiful world of Byssumia and discover the story behind everything. And most importantly, you have to find a way to save the world.

(The graphics will be improved (hopefully)).

What is done?

  • All the basic things are programmed.
  • The start of the game.

Feel free to comment, give feedback and ask anything (Well, anything related to the game).

If you want to support this game, you can do it here: https://www.patreon.com/flyinglegends_studio

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I made a password maker (or PIN maker (or something)). Now it can only make four digit passwords, but maybe soon it will make passwords with customizable number of digits or letters.

Download it for free here:


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Testing Helper is a useful tool for game maker users. It makes game testing more easy and saves your time.

This is what you can do with it:

  • Change rooms easily without having to play them.
  • See how much objects are in the room (- testing helper objects).
  • Check if an object exists in the room and where it is.
  • Restart the room without having to close the whole game.
  • Use the Move Mode to move objects with mouse.
  • See the FPS(Frames Per Second) counter. It's very useful to know if your game will run well in less powerful computers.

All this will help solve the coding problems faster. To see it in practice look this video:

Download Testing Helper here: