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Hi Aylad glad you enjoyed it, sorry you are having issues i will try and determine the source of the problem and deploy a fix as soon as possible!

Hi James thank you for playing the game, we figured out that was an issue with the pause menu and currently if you download a new build it should be fixed! Also it seems your screen size has messed a few things up, would you be able to tell me the resolution you use? Thanks for making a video and i look forward to part 2!

Hi Wobbly thanks for making a great video! We are constantly looking for feedback and a sun and moon is certainly on our todo list as well as some animals to add a bit of ambience to the levels (snails, birds etc.) That's an interesting bug you found we haven't seen anyone do that before so we will have to fix that along with the cheat in the level you found! The last few levels... well... that looked frustrating i think we may make a few videos on how to complete all the levels and make it a bit clearer in game, but you got to the end, the tree's should've fallen the right way, but you came up with a very 'different' way of solving it that we hadn't thought of. The last level you skipped a few bits as your inventory didn't reset properly when you die, but i will fix all these things ASAP. Thanks for reviewing!

We have now added updates in hopes of making your experience better and are continuing to work on more!

Hi Puzygamer would you like to check our puzzle game out available here:

Thanks for reviewing we will try and take your suggestions into consideration! We are working on making the hitboxes and jumping feel a lot nicer, hopefully we can stop you feeling like a 'refrigerator' and we will add a few messages to introduce the player to planting seeds. Alongside this we will look at adding an option to speed up time changing and we are already in the process of adding more music and sounds! Other then that thank you for playing our game and giving us an honest review!


Retract is a first person puzzle game for all ages of people looking for a challenge! Transform the world around you so that you can travel through unique puzzles and levels. Escape reality and bounce on half grown mushrooms, knock down massive trees and make your way to the ending you so desire. Carefully crafted and designed by our team Retract is a unique strategy game that you will not forget, remember, time is in your hands now!

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