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Really happy to see you enjoyed our little Easter egg, thanks for playing and thanks for the let's play Ivan!

None of us actually own a Mac and just added it after testing that it ran on a few friends' Macs, I hope someone else can help with this.

Thank you!

Having a controller active may be the reason something like that is happening.

Great let's play, thank you! It looked to me as if you did great with the wall running!

Thank you peaches, thank you indeed.

Happy to hear it Puzy, looking forward to watch it!

It was indeed developed for a computer with a gtx 1060 or equivalent, but I'm happy to see that you managed to play even if it was more of a picture book than a game, glad to read that you enjoyed the still images!

Hey Pat! Happy to see that you enjoyed the game! Some parts can be a bit difficult indeed, in case of a spiritual successor there would definitely be more things to help lead the player around!

Hey guys! We really adored the video as well and we're really happy to hear you liked the movement! This version of Ley Lines won't be expanded upon further, maybe a few more polish patches, as for another FPS in the same spirit, who knows!

Really happy to see that you enjoyed our game and many thanks for a great let's play!

Hallo Verganon,

I will reply in English, my written German is far from enough for this haha, first off very nice let's play, thanks for playing!

I see you're playing version 1.1.1, in version 1.1.7 there is a lot more guidance, at least for the upgrade stations, as for guiding the player more in the levels, for this free little version, I don't think anyone will be able to spend that time. With that said, I totally see what you mean and they're great suggestions!

You'll be happy to know that the latest patch 1.1.7 , will fix all of your problems!

Ah yeah, the thing with the upgrade stations is that you have to shoot them to get the upgrade, I'll upload a patch in a little bit that'll make this much, much clearer!

We haven't really had the opportunity to test for a lowest end capable of playing the game.

It'll most likely run fine if you've got a stationary computer which isn't super old.

If you can run Fortnite on Medium or PUBG on low at 720p you should be fine.

Brigadão for playing the game Fox! I've got no idea what you were saying, however, I hope you enjoyed the experience!

Thanks for a very nice let's play and indeed you are correct, the sun has run out of energy and is turning into a red gigant. Using the power of Ley Lines and science, you just saved the solar system, huzza! I'll look into that page for sure, thanks again!

Just uploaded version 1.1.5 and it includes the fix for the fire!

Happy to hear you liked the game, I'm forcing one of my poor coders to spend his Saturday evening fixing that, right now! Thanks for finding the bug!

Really happy to see that you enjoyed it and thanks for making the let's play! :)

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Thanks a lot mate!
And thanks for finding that collision bug, I'm going to patch it today!

Another great let's play, thanks for playing I thoroughly enjoyed watching your struggles, there's actually a (albeit small) alternate ending should you pick up all of the seeds!

Cool! :D

Biased opinions are the best opinions! ;)
Super impressed you got that many, well played, and the way you play it, is indeed the way it's meant to be played haha!

Thanks Satori! Forward and strafe along with shift while in air, that's the way to go!

That, I agree does sound like a bug! I've uploaded a new version now, which works for me both in the app and when downloading, should work for you as well!

You can also jump out to the right after the fire room and skip the ice room, can be difficult bu doable for sure! Also gotta remember the Shift button, it can boost you quite a lot when you're in the air.

Good news, as of version 1.1.1, the Time Trial level is reset, it's uploaded and ready!

Hi Neoguli!
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! I can't remember what the record was but if my memory doesn't deceive me completely it was somewhere around 2:46 seconds (you run faster when you're moving forward and to the side). 
One thing we have to do for sure is to restore the Time Trial mode to the original level! As for further into the future than that, who knows?

You were faster than me personally, and I've been playing this game for 7 weeks haha!

Happy to hear you still enjoyed yourself!

Oh, yeah, I  can see that GPU having quite a hard time running the game, sorry to say that we aimed for a slightly higher configuration. Surprised it ran at all, thanks for letting me know! For a bigger project there will definitely be a lot of shader LODs written.

Thanks Spaceface14! I just uploaded a new version with quality settings, at "Low" my PC gets 10 more FPS than on the previous "One and Only".
May I ask how much RAM and what kind of CPU and GPU you have in your laptop?

Thank you for the kind words Powered!

Thanks for another great let's play, so much fun watching you look over the story bits!

Can you tell me what errors you are getting?

Hi puzygamer!

Just released this Platformer-FPS, would love it if you wanted to check it out!

Happy to hear you enjoyed the game, we were considering a boss, given another 1.5 weeks and we would've definitely made that dream come true!

Hi everyone!

I'd like to show off, Ley Lines, a 3D-platforming First Person Shooter where you use your weapon not only to shoot and kill enemies but also to solve environmental puzzles.

This prototype was made in seven weeks inside of Unity and we'd love to get any feedback you can give us!

Happy Gaming Y'all!


Don't I know you from somewhere? ;) Thank you!

Hearing that you enjoy the art-style makes me truly happy, thank you! (There might actually be a way to change the art-style "a little" if you shoot the correct urn in the first room if you get sick of orange).