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Hallo Verganon,

I will reply in English, my written German is far from enough for this haha, first off very nice let's play, thanks for playing!

I see you're playing version 1.1.1, in version 1.1.7 there is a lot more guidance, at least for the upgrade stations, as for guiding the player more in the levels, for this free little version, I don't think anyone will be able to spend that time. With that said, I totally see what you mean and they're great suggestions!


hey Jona!

thanks for the reply, sorry for me being late, I was on vacation for 2 weeks. :)

I recorded the video when 1.1.1. was the newest version and then released it a few days later. Speaks for you guys, that by this time, "my version" was outdated, already ;)

My suggestions were for a full release, anyway. I didn't expected you'll overhaul or enhance this version by a lot. Just wanted to give some feedback for a bigger version (hopefully) somewhen in the future! :)

have a nice week!