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==================== GERMAN ====================
(english below)

Puzzle-Platform-Shooter im Ägypten-Setting.

First Impression Video:

- Steuerung perfekt umgesetzt (ähnlich griffig wie Doom 2016)
- Aufbau der Rätselräume erinnert an Prince of Persia
- mehrere Lösungswege

- Manche Mechaniken werden schlecht erklärt
- Spielerführung allgemein eher ungenügend

==================== ENGLISH ====================

Puzzle-Platform-Shooter with egypt-setting.

- perfectly nailed controls (very close to Doom 2016)
- level-design of the various rooms reminds me of Prince of Persia
- different solutions

- some mechanics are badly explaint (like shooting the displays for upgrades)
- player-guidance is not very good in general


For the devs:
I really hope there will be more than just this Prototype. I enjoyed it very much and would happily buy it as a 5-6h game! :) It just feels so good to play! (modding-support would be the best thing here! so much potential for an active community^^)

for my cons, here are some ideas how to make it better:
- make a control-panel in the first room that says something like "shoot panels to activate upgrades" or so. When the player does this, give him a first ammo-upgrade as an example (maybe from 10 to 15 shots) and open a door to the next area.
- for guiding the player, I would assume make more use of lights in general. The game is very saturated and it feels good (gives me that Sands of Time vibe) but maybe just make it a little darker and use red and blue lights as a hint how to solve some parts of a level and neutral or green lights to light up doorways to the next area of interest. very subtile, but it should to the trick. :)


Hallo Verganon,

I will reply in English, my written German is far from enough for this haha, first off very nice let's play, thanks for playing!

I see you're playing version 1.1.1, in version 1.1.7 there is a lot more guidance, at least for the upgrade stations, as for guiding the player more in the levels, for this free little version, I don't think anyone will be able to spend that time. With that said, I totally see what you mean and they're great suggestions!


hey Jona!

thanks for the reply, sorry for me being late, I was on vacation for 2 weeks. :)

I recorded the video when 1.1.1. was the newest version and then released it a few days later. Speaks for you guys, that by this time, "my version" was outdated, already ;)

My suggestions were for a full release, anyway. I didn't expected you'll overhaul or enhance this version by a lot. Just wanted to give some feedback for a bigger version (hopefully) somewhen in the future! :)

have a nice week!



Thank you for taking your time playing our game, but also for the kind words! Hearing that the moment is nice makes we warm inside, so thank you! 

You also provide great feedback on the problems we do have and we would love to fix it all if we could! 

What do you think would fit a real release for the game? Making it more of a roguelike, or more like a zelda dungeon? 

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Hey Douglas,

sry for being late, as I wrote to Jona's reply, I was on vacation.

Thanks for the reply I look forward to a "real release" for sure. Really enjoyed it so far and I am glad if my feedback helps somehow!

To your question: in my opinion, I would enjoy a real puzzle-platformer with handcrafted big open rooms and a linear storyline way more then roguelike-mechanics. First of all there are way too much roguelike/roguelite titles out right now and almost all of them have the problem of being either very empty and bland or the rooms get to similar / to much reused very fast.

So I guess I would like to prefer the "Zelda"(Or maybe even Metroid)-Approach. Combat seems to be not the focus anyway, so there would be way more room for errors than it would be with roguelike-mechanics. And as I originally wrote, I had a very awesome "Prince of Persia" feel when running through expecially the big open room in the end and I would love to have more of that. So not very combat but very movement-orientated. You nailed that in this version of the game already and it was perfect for me. I dodged most of the enemies, they were merely moving obstacles to me.

So in my mind, it would be a semi-linear experience with big open puzzle-rooms, upgrades here and there that make you backtrack to some rooms to find new challenges and progress further. A playtime of 5-6 hours or so and definitively no permadeath or anything like that. Also no insta-kill traps so you don't have to repeat a big section over and over again over a misstimed jump. Much like portal but with your set of features and not the ones of Portal ;-) (Oh and also Mod-Support, hehe)