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I guess you're referring to the camera controls? We'll look into adding some options 

I think the main mechanic is cool and can probably be used for some crazy levels. I have only played the first couple of levels as I find the game pretty hard to control.
The camera would feel better if there was an option to unlock it, so you can move around with it freely, aswell as rotate it with the mouse. 
Also I find the control of the characters pretty clunky as you have to drag the timeline forward to continue the chain of actions. I think it would be cool if you could plan out the route in one go, and then simulate to see if it works or not. IE mark walk to one point, then jump, then walk to another spot without having to drag the timeline.

Thanks for the, as always, great feedback! 
Turns out that making a first person puzzle game is pretty tricky. The balance act between showing too much and too little is super hard to pull off. 

One of the requirements in this course was no text, so we couldn't guide the player in that way, thus a lot had to be shown from the get go. 
We had a grapple mechanic at one point where vines could grab each other in order to solve some pretty cool puzzles, but since we had no text this was very difficult to tech the players. 

Super cool that you enjoy what we created :) Thank you

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. 

The game does not feature a save function as the average time to complete the game is around 15 min, it's quite a short experience. Building robust save systems takes a lot of time, something we did not have when creating Ley Lines. 

The eye is an ancient symbol of the egyptian god Horus. It stands for protecton and good healh. 

We do not associate with any real or fictional world orders. 

Thank you for taking your time playing our game, but also for the kind words! Hearing that the moment is nice makes we warm inside, so thank you! 

You also provide great feedback on the problems we do have and we would love to fix it all if we could! 

What do you think would fit a real release for the game? Making it more of a roguelike, or more like a zelda dungeon? 

I have an idea of making a new game with similar movement and mechanics, but having the levels be more like zelda dungeons. Maze like layouts with lots of hidden paths and secrets to be found. And of course big bosses at the end! 

Thanks for the honest feedback! :D The wallrunning required a lot more finesse earlier in the project and was smoother, but the jury at our weekly reviews would fail over and over again. Each week I made it stickier and stickier until they would stop failing.
The game is not optimized for lower end machines as our target hardware in school was gtx 1060s, so we got it running on those computers and called it a day. We did not anticipate this game really being played outside school  

As an developer myself, this game is beyond me.
How the actual fuck did you manage to make this all by yourself in two months? I'm blown away. 

We had to rework a lot of the levels during the final sprints of the project as the older ones didn't really work with what the game turned out to be. We'd love to have a longer game but time is a real tough enemy :p 

The jury we presented the game to got to see a presentation with the (somewhat loose) backstory to the game which will explain the reason for the actions in the game, sadly we didn't really have time to explain everything in-game!

Nice vid, thanks for posting this! :) I have never made an fps controller prior to this project and It makes me super happy that you liked it!
If would be great to make this into something real and refine the controls and movement so that they feel more fluent, the wallrun is a bit too sticky imo...

Super sorry for that! It seems to be fixed now though! Hopefully it didn't ruin the experience completely Squidman

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I really appreciate that! Thank you! 

We took inspiration from at lot of games and looked at how they did their movement to get an idea of what could work. Some of these being Doom, Titanfall and HL2. 

Edit: To expand on my answer with a more concrete example; we recorded some Doom gameplay and analyzed their climbing frame by frame to figure out why our felt off. One thing was that our gun was not rotating when coming back into the frame, so we borrowed that haha! We also felt that their climb was a bit clunky and messed up the flow of the game, so we sped ours up and made the player retain the horizontal momentum carried into the climb after the climb is done. This gave more fluidity  :) 

I was not the level designer so I can't really say anything about that, I'm just happy It makes me able to speed run the game 😁 

Thank you for enjoying it! A lot of effort was put into making it fun for everyone, speed runners included :) Many bugs and exploits were left in the game as they made for fun experiences. We also made some things less exploitable, such as there being a proximity check for activating the beam stations. 

Btw have you tried walking on the ice ammo? Its super fun when you learn how to do it!

Glad that you enjoy it! We have simplified the collisions and the visuals doesn't always line up. That's why some of the enemy parts act a bit wonky. 

We had a lot of problems guidning the player and we have a long way to go, hopefully we can figure it out soon! 

The game in its current state has no saves as it's a fairly short experience. We focused on gamefeel and content instead of the saves in the limited development time 

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The plans for this game is to give it a bit more polish, add controller support and maybe online leaderboards, Then it's off to new adventures I guess! Maybe we'll take things out of this prototype and make it a full fletched game, who knows?
Edit: Just tried a run in the latest time trial mode (old abusable level) and got a time of 2:24!

Wow! I's insane that you found so many! Awesome job! At the moment only 7 out of the 8 shades are currently in the game, but we are working to get the final ones in asap!

No, there is not sprint button. We had that at one point but all game testers (as well as we devs) would never let go of it! So we raised the base speed of the player and added a small dash on shift instead. 

Try equipping the "Gibbs" and/or the "80s" for a true speedrun mode, if you can find them ;) 

Thank you so much! This was my first time making an fps controller and it was a cool new experience! Super happy that you enjoyed it!