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Hey Douglas,

sry for being late, as I wrote to Jona's reply, I was on vacation.

Thanks for the reply I look forward to a "real release" for sure. Really enjoyed it so far and I am glad if my feedback helps somehow!

To your question: in my opinion, I would enjoy a real puzzle-platformer with handcrafted big open rooms and a linear storyline way more then roguelike-mechanics. First of all there are way too much roguelike/roguelite titles out right now and almost all of them have the problem of being either very empty and bland or the rooms get to similar / to much reused very fast.

So I guess I would like to prefer the "Zelda"(Or maybe even Metroid)-Approach. Combat seems to be not the focus anyway, so there would be way more room for errors than it would be with roguelike-mechanics. And as I originally wrote, I had a very awesome "Prince of Persia" feel when running through expecially the big open room in the end and I would love to have more of that. So not very combat but very movement-orientated. You nailed that in this version of the game already and it was perfect for me. I dodged most of the enemies, they were merely moving obstacles to me.

So in my mind, it would be a semi-linear experience with big open puzzle-rooms, upgrades here and there that make you backtrack to some rooms to find new challenges and progress further. A playtime of 5-6 hours or so and definitively no permadeath or anything like that. Also no insta-kill traps so you don't have to repeat a big section over and over again over a misstimed jump. Much like portal but with your set of features and not the ones of Portal ;-) (Oh and also Mod-Support, hehe)