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Really well made!

That's great!

I did originally think about adding checkpoints when I made this, but then I figured that the game was quite short anyway so I didn't bother.

I would add them if I could, but I've already hit the PICO-8 token limit, and the code I wrote is pretty messy and from 1.5 years ago, so I don't really want to try and figure it out again.

Alright, thanks for your insight! :)

I will try to improve some things in the future if I have time

Fixed some issues with the first boss.

Fixed some issues with the first boss.

Sorry, I haven't checked on here in a while.

I will try to fix some of the issues

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback!

I will try to fix some issues.

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A short metroidvania created for Devtober 2021, starring a small bird's quest to find their friend.

Neat idea!


Really fun and polished game!
I liked the inclusion of golf carts.

Really neat experience!

Thanks for the compliment!


Hey there! We are a team of 7 people looking for developers and visual artists to join us in creating a 3d digital universe. In short, the application idea is to build a free and open digital space for people to hang out, share creations or view other creations in a unified manner. If you want to learn more, please feel free to drop by in our discord. We are not necessarily looking for people with experience, as long as you can contribute in a positive way, please do! Thank You.

Interesting concept!

Really enjoyed this, but I feel the dash pushes the player a little too far at some points.
Other than that, solid experience.

Really enjoyed this one.
I like the geometric art style, and the main mechanic is definitely a very neat idea.

Really like the art style, especially the glow effect with the projectiles.




Explore a research station in this really short game.
Made using PICO-8 in about 4 days.

Could not compile fragment shader:

ERROR: 0:51: 'i' : Loop index cannot be initialized with non-constant expression

What does "Dodge" even do? I haven't really seen any effects from doing it.

How many frames per second should it run at?



Bullet Hell? Jam community · Created a new topic Theme?

Is there one?

Wow this is a really nice combination of two games

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the ai is very well written

Why does this have only 6 ratings? This is amazingly well made.

Amazing effects and parallax scrolling! Really great work!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks! =)

Visit 4 different locations and vanquish foes. Created for LOWREZJAM 2019.