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Since this project/plugin gets so many comments and gets into discussions and technical support is always needed, I've changed this from comments to the community board.

But I think I've disabled

Game_Battler.prototype.removeStatesAuto;. So, if I did, should I remove the line that has turned it off?

Wait, what do I do exactly? I can add the second code you gave me above and it'll fix the issue?

Okay, I've worked on both the message to say that the state has been removed, and making every battler's state turns left decrease each time a team has made all their turns when the auto-removal timing is Turn End, and it seems I have only done the latter. I am not sure. But I couldn't fix the message issue. Please download the newer version and try it out.

I think that I can fix those. But I might do it another day/time as I've worked hard on these issues. 

I've found the bug where at Turn End auto removal timing it ticks down more than once each turn and I think that I've fixed it now and uploaded the newer version. Please download the newer version and try it out again.

I've tested it again, and even though this new code has worked, there was a bug. The bug was that the battlers' state turns would decrease by three turns instead of one. I've fixed it now and uploaded a new version. Someone has downloaded the plugin since then. Was it you? If so, please download the newer version that I've just uploaded. Now, each turn decreases by one, and both auto removal timing Action End and Turn End work.

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Okay, I've worked hard now for hours on this. I've used your advice and did other things, and it seems it works now. Please download the new version and check whether Action End and Turn End work well now. Thanks!

So, I've tried fixing this, but I can't seem to do it. So far, the states update only after each battler takes action, for the battler.  I can't make it after the whole team has made the turns. What should I do?

I don't know why it was changed, but this is back on sale.

So, I have been getting far more sales on my store lately. I have some games on there, but I mainly sell game dev tools. I am not complaining about getting more sales. I am just wondering why. Did change its algorithm lately? Or did I do something? If I did something, what did I do?

I got it! I will try to fix it when I can.

Will each state duration/length always decrease by one after the team has finished taking all their turns?

Wait, what should be the expected behavior, and around what RPG Maker functionality (states?)?

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I'll try to fix these when I can. 

What issues are there with the state duration?

Premium Side-view Human Base for RPG Maker 64x64p HD

This premium side-view human base is for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ only. It is in 64 by 64 pixels. You can edit it to make any character.

I'm not sure whether I should buy this. What is this? This may be something intense/profound to me and something I would like. Is this a game? If so, how do you play it?

No, that's not how it works. The bundle price is even cheaper than buying them all separately at a discounted amount .

Maybe this doesn't work because these are part of my earlier bundles.

So I have my bundle on sale here: But whenever I click on the individual items, the 30% off doesn't show off. What's wrong? What should I do?

Hey, I've worked on these issues for a little while and may have fixed them now. Please download the new plugin and test for these and other issues. Thanks!

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I've done something and uploaded a newer version of this plugin. Please see if this same issue still exists. If you need help, please explain how to reproduce the error better. I couldn't replicate the problem. Also, please tell me if there are any other problems with this newer plugin.

Edit: I think I'll do everything you wanted me to do in your last message. But please help me replicate the error if you're still having it.

Okay, I think that I've fixed this now. Please try it out and let me know. Thanks!.

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Hey, thanks so much for pointing out these bugs! It seems I have fixed it now and uploaded the new revised version. Please try it out and let me know if there are any (further) issues here.

Edit: oh I didn't notice that the hud isn't updated properly in your post here. But maybe I already did fix it anyway. Please try it out and let me know anyway. 

Edit 2: I think that I've found one more issue with (the one with the HUD that you have told me and a gain turn issue) and fixed it now. I have uploaded the new source code now at 10:28 PM.

Thanks so much for your support, again, "sir"!

Once again, please tell me how to reproduce this error when escaping. I tried to successfully and unsuccessfully escape with this plugin, but there was no issue, and everything has worked fine.

About the orders being like this: This is like in Shin Megami Tensei V, where you go through battlers based on their order in the party , and if you want to skip a turn without using it (like a "pass" skill or a guard skill), add the "<Pass>" note to the skill. However, if more people really want this feature where it's about the agility parameter, I might program that in.

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Thanks for writing/reporting this! Can you tell me more about how to reproduce both problems?

For the first problem, did you check if you have any available turns left to add? Did you check the plugin parameters? What turn icons does it show when you have this problem? Does it not work when you use an attack on the elemental weakness of the enemy or if you just have the attack element somewhere in your traits? Are you sure that you've hit the enemy with its weakness that is above 100%?

Please make sure you are using the plugin parameters correctly. I have set up limits to how many turns you can gain. I saw no issues when I was testing this. 

Edit: I've tested these things yet again and ran into no issues. Please make sure you have set up the plugin parameters correctly.

Do these include 1) the facesets, 2) the "world map sprites", and 3) the SV sprites?

Hey, if I were to program resistances and immunities, how should I go about it? I feel four rows of icons below the enemies are too much at this size. Maybe I should make the icons smaller?

Hey, so I've been posting about this here: and according to them, you didn't finish fixing it. Some of it is still wrong. Please fix it.

Hey sir! Did you truly fix this? I am not sure. Check out this pic:

It still looks different than your image files. Is this good or not?  If it's not fixed, please do so, thanks! If it is fixed, please let me know here. I need these tiles.

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Hello. I am trying to use the RPG Maker MV ones here but they are causing me problems. How can I properly format and use them? See this screenshot of the problems it's causing me:

Okay. It's essential for me that it works as it should.

Please answer my last query to you 62 days ago from today. Does it work now based on my advice now? I really need this plugin of mine to work like it is intended to.

Please let me know if this was fixed.

Okay I've checked! It seems there are 2 issues here. 1) I didn't upload the correct file. Download it again. And 2) Please see the parameters. If there is nothing there, then that's the problem and fix it by adding parameters.

Hey! I have worked on it for a bit and I think that I have fixed this bug. Please download and install this new plugin and see if this bug is fixed and let me know! Thanks!