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A jam submission

SOUNDBLOCKView game page

stomp on enemies to feed the blasters
Submitted by PhoenixBBO

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How does your submission match the theme?
Like the theme mentions a few mechanics serve more than one function, like the jumping and i think the blaster

Third-party resources
Everything is hand made, you will be able to tell

Just me

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You need to zip up and submit the entire Unity build folder, not just the executable - as it stands, your game doesn't work because the executable needs the files in the SoundBlockPlay_Data folder to run! :(


thank you, didnt know, hopefully i can fix it


Almost, but not quite - what you included was all the assets and other materials that Unity uses to help you put together your game, but not the final, finished data itself. Unity performs some weird magic to turn the scripts and other things you use into a compact form to go with your game; it's that folder you need to include. In the location where you built the final game, there should be another folder with the game executable called SoundBlockPlay_Data. That's the folder you need to include, not the Assets/Library/other folders from the Unity project. :)