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[Art] Seeking help to start working on VNs

A topic by Minami created Dec 18, 2018 Views: 582 Replies: 13
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Hello. I have this project, but I've never made any game at all. I wanted to make a small and simple game just to get something done and get things together while having fun :D

Explaining, basically I want to make a history about a school for monsters, and MC needs to found someone to go to prom with her. Simple as that ~

I was planning to do everything myself, but it's difficult to grasp everything at once ;u;

So, If interested please send a PM.  I'll try make a post explaining the history when I get the visuals done ~

I'll leave two examples of my sprites, because I just started working on this ~ (about a week ago tbh)

This is Anorak. He's a mummy, and he's kinda a stalker :> He wants to get friendly with MC, but he doesn't want to bother her or her friends so he is mainly looking for her at a distance (pretty creepy if i might say so but oh well.) ~

I don't have a name for him yet (because I was manly focusing on getting their designs done :'D ), but he's a angel and is super friendly and amicable. 

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Holy cow, this is super-high quality. I've already got a bunch of my own projects on the go, but if all you need is a programmer, I'd love to collaborate with you on this.

Thank you so much. <3

I'm trying to make this work on TyranoBuilder, but it's difficult to find tutorials and stuff for this, so I'm kinda lost. :c I was planning on try a little harder and make it to Ren'py but I don't know a thing about programming...

I'd love some help, if you want to take part on this. 


DStecks is right, your art it's a super duper high quality, I want to take part of this too, but I can't do TyranoBuilder or RenPy, I just started learning Fungus though, quick question, how long have you been drawing? and, you also handle the script do you? I mean, the main story, conversation and all?

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I never heard of Fungus o: But yea, I've been drawing  for about 3 years now. 

I am handling the script myself, story and conversation, events... I'd love some help on that too, but that's not too important, since I want this project to be as simple as possible :P


You do know that we cant PM on dont you? Do you have any Discord id?

Sorry, I didn't knew :c I do have a Discord id: Plungs#5868

If it's a fairly standard visual novel in terms of the structure, then I actually think that Twine might be a viable option.

With picture?

Yeah. Twine is HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


I admit to have never used Ren'py, but if you're looking for someone to help work on story/someone to say "screw it lets figure this out together" I've made 2 games before with dating/romance elements in it before. Should you like my style, I'd love to collab with you.

What did you have in mind of audio/music

Those are actually really good! Lemme know if you need another hand on art let me know. DM me on twitter

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