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That's some really high praise, thanks for checking it out! It's a shame I ran out of time to finish the ending properly but what can ya do =w=

the gods will dust and scatter before mortal ears hear my singing voice

Lots of polish on this one! The puzzles don't feel like a drag and are mostly short & intuitive once you figure it out, and the aesthetic of the game is certainly one of its stronger points. Really good work overall, my biggest gripe about it is that I didn't find the characters to be very interesting so it was hard to invest in what story was there. 

This was a fun entry! Very cute with plenty of dark humor, it's a shame it hasn't gathered much traction on the page yet. You folks seem to be a collective so whoever made this one, I dig your style!

The humor in this is right up my alley! I really wanted to like this one but those punks on the street especially combined with the rats are super unforgiving, I couldn't make it past them. It wouldn't be such an issue if it didn't send you back each time you die, since you walk so slowly and have to take the elevator each time. The enemies move way faster than you and you only have a lateral attacks so if they cut in at you diagonally there's nothing you can do but take hits, and you can't really kite enemies because of your speed and woefully short attack range, taking on multiple enemies at once (they like to stack) is definitely a roulette.

I'd really like to see more of this game with some balancing reworks!

Massively underrated entry, if this doesn't place then I'm calling foul on the judges!

This might have the best overall gameplay here, the controls were super tight and responsive, everything about the navigation and use of attacks and abilities and such felt just perfect. Only major complaints are that horrendously difficult end chase scene that could've benefited from at least one checkpoint in the middle and the fact that it only kinda teased at a story for a second, though it's strong enough on its own with just the gameplay so it's not a big deal.


Definitely one of my top picks this contest, I can see this making it into the top 3 easy (I'll be pretty annoyed if it doesn't). I do agree with Colin though, the first lock-picking thing wasn't too bad but I feel like a bigger version in the future could get real annoying real fast. Other than that one nitpick, good writing and pacing, and despite puzzle games not being my thing at all (partially cause I suck at them), the atmosphere is real nice and kept me engaged the entire time.

Nice work on your entry!

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hey man thanks for making  probably my favorite entry in this entire contest 5/5 keep on keepin on

when's OUR jam session gonna be pal

That's spot on! Panty and Stocking was definitely my main influence haha =w=

Wow, this one went under the radar! I definitely enjoyed the character personalities, and the battles in this game have been one of the most engaging so far, very well balanced (except for the greaser boss, he's a biiit on the weak side)!

Lots of style and hokey fun in this project, definitely the entry that kept me hooked the most!

Really solid entry, I'm surprised that this one isn't getting the attention it deserves! The art is very cute, the writing feels lively and fun the whole way through, and I also appreciate the interesting take on the battle system! (though, I will say that after a certain point it starts to feel much too slow once you get the hang of it, but it's a short ride so I suppose it shouldn't be much of an issue?) 

In any case, along with two others this is another one of my favorites so I hope it does well in the judging!

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I've gone through a LOT of entries and I have to say, I think this one is my personal favorite! The art style and humor are spot on and very charming, the only gripes I have about it is that the battles drag on a bit longer than they need to but it didn't detract much from the overall experience.

I'll be very sad if this doesn't place, best of luck to you guys! o/

What were the parts you didn't like as much? The game will probably see some polishing in the future so it would be good to know what to prioritize

Ah that happens in both endings actually!
The main difference is which final boss you end up fighting ;)

Heya, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed ;j
Which ending did you get?