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To Crime NirvanaView game page

A city of scofflaws and odd gangsters
Submitted by scitydreamer (@scitydreamer) — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline

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Ranked 67th with 3 votes

People's Choice Vote#673

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  • 42/80

    Game makes references to One Piece it seems. The story is nice, but the graphics feel a bit off during conversations due to coloration and the battles end up being tedious repetition depending on RNG. Unfortunately, what is likely the intended strategy of applying debuffs relies on RNG, which means there are those who can't use it simply due to falling on the 'bad luck' side of RNG.  RNG can also prevent removing debuffs and even cause a lockdown where the player is forced to remain in a healing state instead of attacking and can even be forced into a forced death due to status lockdowns.

    Each battle has unique mechanics, but overall, the battles felt the same. The dog recovered party MP, the healer healed the party once a certain threshold of health was reached, the attacker attacked. There didn't seem to be much advantage of deviating from the pattern. Also, it is possible (though not recommended) to fight certain bosses without dealing with their mechanics. This can lead to some rather odd scenarios.

  • This was a really good time, it was so charming and really funny sometimes. The graphics took a bit of getting used to but they were well done, particularly in battle. Combat was balanced although rarely very challenging. Going with the “Mega Man” approach of choosing the order you fight the bosses was a smart idea since it simplifies the work down to the essential moments without dealing with the requirements of having a whole city to wander. That’s key in a contest with a deadline like this one. Great stuff, hope to see more of your work next time around.

    Score: 64/80

Team Members
scitydreamer and GRASSHOPPERMASK

RPG Maker VX Ace

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The first thing I like about this is it clearly has its own style. Though it made me smile, it wasn't incredibly hilarious or emotional. But the writing and tone felt unique in a way that a lot of other games don't manage.

The second thing I like about this is how it wrapped things up. Plenty of game jam games don't reach the end, and if they do it often feels rushed. Here we not only got a decent conclusion to the main story, we got little epilogues for all the minor characters as well. That's something I really appreciated. 

The battles were pretty standard and he whole thing was pretty short. But it was a simple story that accomplished what it set out to do and I'm glad I spent time on it. 

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Interesting setting/universe, characters, and style. I think the tilesets were my favorite part if I was forced to pick something. The odd stuff missed the mark once in awhile but overall fun story, and a couple of laughs too.

*!!!mild spoilers below!!!*

'Heal all' and especially 'purr all' kind of made the fights easy to "cheese" but they were still interesting battles. I was too dumb to catch on to targeting the skates on McScriff so I actually had to fight two pairs of skates after having beat her haha. Which was somehow fitting to the oddball game.

I had fun!


Thanks for playing! And omg, I didn't think realize that anyone would might fight McScriff head-on.


Wow, this one went under the radar! I definitely enjoyed the character personalities, and the battles in this game have been one of the most engaging so far, very well balanced (except for the greaser boss, he's a biiit on the weak side)!

Lots of style and hokey fun in this project, definitely the entry that kept me hooked the most!


Thanks for playing this and I'm glad to hear your thoughts! One of my main fears for this jam was getting looked over and not getting any feedback, haha...

Yeah, the greaser actually used to be easier, before I gave him the random chance to do two moves. I debated whether or not I should give him a defense debuff skill and in hindsight, I really should have went through with that, haha.