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A jam entry

The Last Boarding Call (#igmc2017)View game page »

Earth is dying and you need tickets off of her. Can you get them?
Submitted by schlitty with 6 days, 13 hours before the deadline

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RPG Maker VX Ace

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First thing this morning I took a cup of coffee, downloaded your game and played through it. I gotta say the game aroused my interest immediately. I think those images you made with Paint were amazing, how long did it take from you to draw them? The gameplay itself felt similar to me like some bigger interactive drama games, such as the games of Telltale Games where there are multiple branches of discussion to choose from. Every character that I talked in the game had their own stories and personalities, which made them feel unique. In addition, the discussion options were diverse in a way that I never felt like the best answer was missing. Very well written. Towards the end I got a mixture of feelings, which left me thinking. It's great that even in such a short time it's possible to start caring about the fate of a game character.

Thank you for this experience :)


Thanks for playing! Glad you found some fun in it too. Writing in that conversation style was definitely a learning experience and I'm glad to hear it seems to have worked. The backgrounds weren't too time consuming when considering it was with MSPaint. But getting each one started was always a commitment and lots of erasing. Then I constantly revisited them after each playtest and was adding this or that or changing something entirely I didn't like. The small default RPG Maker VX Ace resolution confined me to a fairly smaller scale which helped for sure.


I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. Very good job with the execution of your concept, I loved the twist! I did an LP of your game here:


Haha, that is so awesome to see. Glad it caught you by surprise because some of your comments during the intro were great foreshadowing. And then you played it how I would to boot, was pretty neat to see someone choose those conversation paths. And just your comments about the people haha... You picked up on some of their personalities how I was hoping I wrote them. Really neat and thank you very much for playing and making the vid and all the comments throughout!

It was my pleasure, thank you for making it! :)

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Wow! It had a really nice twist to the ending.  I recommend everyone at least try this one considering it's pretty short. I appreciated the real anxiety the game pushes on you in the short time period.

(Spoilers) During my play-through, I felt like I was rewarded for some pretty nasty promises. My "influence" didn't really do much, even when I should have received the "bad" ending. Of course, that's just an excuse and I enjoyed the option to get back at the people responsible. Congrats on making it through! As a contestant, I know it was tough and would appreciate a play-through of my game as well. Have a great day!


Thanks for playing! I didn't really get a chance to let anybody playtest that didn't already know the story so good to hear a take on it. You just might've been the first to experience it "blind"!

(!!SPOILERS!!)As far as the "influence" goes, you can both earn and lose it depending on what you did. So you might've made a promise to one person but angered another. Lots of neutral outcomes too. In a perfect world I would've done more balance and made some "tougher" promises worth more but admittedly the outcomes with less "influence" are more interesting. ;)

And don't worry. Your game is at the top of my list when I dive into some later. :)


(SPOILERS) I didn't even consider that some influences could contradict other ones! That really increases the scope of choices, and thought put into the game. Although I'd like to play as many contest entries as possible, it actually sounds interesting to go back and see how things play out in different scenarios.