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This is definitely the most fun gameplay of the entries I've played. While the rogue-like balance is really really well done with the advancing of powers/equipment, the simple combat does get tiresome around the time you get fire. Fighting ends up a nuisance more than anything. But regardless, it was fun fun fun! Probably my new favorite of the ones I managed to play. And on the last day too! Got my vote.

Thanks for playing! In a perfect world I would've learned tilesets and made my own facesets as well. But I had to pick and choose what I was going to accomplish in a month with the tiles and with the facesets just couldn't make anything work that looked decent to me. Definitely among my 'regrets'. Would've been nice to have a more fluid style throughout. But I'm no artist, just happened to have always played around with MSPaint since Windows 95 when I was a kid. But yeah, the art style "variety" is the visual representation of the many decisions I had to make to get the project done within the time constraints.

The typos are my biggest annoyance with the end product!! Being more or less just a story I swear to you I proofread the thing at least twenty times! Haha... But the two you came across (one new to me!) are sadly not alone. I let out an audible groan every time a new one is discovered...


The misleading was definitely a part of the plan! I tried to present the situation with only what the player's character would know of it. Then I spent a lot of time trying to come up with moral situations that weren't too obviously pure evil (but still bad) to try to balance versus how much someone would be willing to risk/do to save themselves and/or their family. Not a ton of people have played but it has been split pretty much down the middle the way people have gone with it and the endings they get. Which is pretty neat from my perspective.

There's actually an ending I think is worse than yours; getting just two tickets! If you get just one or two you get to pick who gets the tickets from your family (you, wife, child). So you could technically do a bunch of questionable stuff for two tickets, be good and give them to your wife and child, and then yeah... Boom! Really though, there's mainly just two endings; You on the ship, or you off it. You getting on can happen with one, two, or three tickets and as long as you're aboard you get the ending you got. Your ride ends, and that's that. You not getting on can happen with zero, one, or two tickets. If you aren't on there's a little more of an outro. You get to choose three options (!!extra spoilers of the choices!! You can 'just go home', 'riot', or 'punish The Order for what they did'. The latter is extra enticing if you sent a family member to their demise!) Each choice is just another still MSPaint background and a short sentence to wrap it up.

Thanks for the tip on the menu. I only even learned of plugins or scripts or whatever they are, towards the very end of the Jam time period. I really was learning from the very basics. I didn't know up from down in getting any of that stuff and had other things to finish. There's a lot of polish and stuff I've learned about being out there just by playing other entries. Plenty of wishing and what ifs when it comes to polish. The program is so much deeper than I had any idea of!

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For as much as I enjoyed the gameplay and world I had to just call it quits on the second/third floor of "tower". I had even grinded/farmed/upgraded on the ice world and it was still wasn't enough to feel confident in beating those floors (150bright 3heat). Really neat game though. I enjoyed the ice boss the most. And probably ice world was the best too. Fun gameplay mechanics, just a little rough around the edges. One of my favorite entries so far.

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I enjoyed myself for the most part. The multiple back tracks and abrupt end were the biggest sour points for me. Some of the layout vs map was a tad odd too. But I chalked it up to fitting the 'universe'. But it had a great feel/environment all around and some unique enemy interaction. Was neat!

There were one or two funny moments in this one. Silly references and about the right length it needed to be to work. Art style helped and was done well.

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Interesting setting/universe, characters, and style. I think the tilesets were my favorite part if I was forced to pick something. The odd stuff missed the mark once in awhile but overall fun story, and a couple of laughs too.

*!!!mild spoilers below!!!*

'Heal all' and especially 'purr all' kind of made the fights easy to "cheese" but they were still interesting battles. I was too dumb to catch on to targeting the skates on McScriff so I actually had to fight two pairs of skates after having beat her haha. Which was somehow fitting to the oddball game.

I had fun!

Fantastic original assets and art design in this one.  And some great eventing/direction in parts too. I had a little bit of a hard time getting into the main character at all (even before his background story). There were a few lulls in the overall story/mystery as well. But there was still just enough to stay interested to the climax. Overall this was the most well put together project I've played thus far. Well done!

Was predictable early on so it felt a little dragged out going through each character's story. And a weird jump from Hemingway to Rowling. But it was still an interesting enough angle to take on the subject. It is a tough subject to cover but worth covering. Interesting!

Even if it was really really short, I liked the concept of this game. It felt like some older adventure games. And the 'enemies' are a clever take on the RPG battle system. The simple art works for what it is. Lots of good educational information on the subject too. Good base. Wish there was a little more to the battles and the whole mountain to climb, but it was interesting.

Well its pretty simple, but so am I. I like puzzle games, this is a puzzle game. It makes sense, each level adds something new, and it all works. I like it!

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Interesting concept. Good feeling of being lost in the dementia at first with the open world, not knowing what to do or where to go, and the ramblings on every interactive item. Cornucopia. And decent enough little story about his past to tie it all together. I feel like I might've missed a thing or two but also could've just been dead ends (ribbon?). Also like that it just uses RTP. Ghosts of my past got a little tiresome but I suppose that's the point! Either way, best trailer ever!

Interestingly constructed (or rather 'monstructed' heh...) idea for the main game mechanic. A little tedious once you grasp the concepts sure, but so goes the confines of the game jam. The end game stuff was a neat touch but maxing everything out in the story was more than enough for me. Congrats on making a complete game mechanic concept with lots of parts to it. And then making it all work together! Was interesting.

Thanks for playing! Glad you found some fun in it too. Writing in that conversation style was definitely a learning experience and I'm glad to hear it seems to have worked. The backgrounds weren't too time consuming when considering it was with MSPaint. But getting each one started was always a commitment and lots of erasing. Then I constantly revisited them after each playtest and was adding this or that or changing something entirely I didn't like. The small default RPG Maker VX Ace resolution confined me to a fairly smaller scale which helped for sure.

Very well constructed game. I had fun poking around the town and talking to everybody. Lots of personality. The story/message built up nice and subtly and hit its mark to finish. I found myself laughing at many of the same moments she was! Haha. So it was easy to get invested in the story. Learned a little something too. Good stuff!

I must've had "too much coffee" to miss that. Thanks. Was a fun and unique game. Took me a moment to figure out z was backspace on the spell menu but other than that I liked the concept. Added another level of uniqueness to the whole setting. Glad I was able to play it through it.

I really really like the style, art, and setting in this one. I seem to be missing something obvious though. And can't make any progress. I feel like I clicked everything and talked to everyone inside and out of the hotel. Either way, its a looker.

Haha, that is so awesome to see. Glad it caught you by surprise because some of your comments during the intro were great foreshadowing. And then you played it how I would to boot, was pretty neat to see someone choose those conversation paths. And just your comments about the people haha... You picked up on some of their personalities how I was hoping I wrote them. Really neat and thank you very much for playing and making the vid and all the comments throughout!

I enjoyed this one a lot. You really put together an interesting set of puzzles. And they actually take some effort to figure out too! But they all make sense so it makes for a good challenge. I liked it.

Unique art style, short, and simple. I liked it. Worked fine in my browser.

I liked the concept and story. Crafting was fun even if it was a bit of a grind. But one thing did happen to me; I repaired my room before the instance where it says "I should redecorate when I finish repairing" so that just loops every time I enter my room. I had something like 8 old beds and tables last time I entered build mode haha!

Interesting game to say the least. I think I found the Red Brick House... I think... Haha. But I have no idea what was happening the whole time. Still was odd and interesting in a good way.

I'm one of the many people out there that is a sucker for cats so I had to try this one. Great characters/art with the three cats. But some of the collecting earlier on isn't very intuitive. Took me awhile to discover some of the shiny objects. Perhaps there could've been a couple more extra than you actually need hidden throughout the map so if one wasn't clear to someone they'd have a chance of stumbling on another. Then I flat out couldn't get the key in the bedroom to work. I don't know what the exact trigger for that is but I clicked everything and couldn't get that stool to move like the playthrough posted below.

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I really liked this mystery. From just being dropped right in and having to figure out the basics and then all the way through each step; it stayed interesting throughout.  And it all made sense if you were paying attention which is always a plus! Thumbs up.


I liked the ability to ultimately make the choice yourself at the end too. I went with Joel himself.

Thanks for playing! I didn't really get a chance to let anybody playtest that didn't already know the story so good to hear a take on it. You just might've been the first to experience it "blind"!

(!!SPOILERS!!)As far as the "influence" goes, you can both earn and lose it depending on what you did. So you might've made a promise to one person but angered another. Lots of neutral outcomes too. In a perfect world I would've done more balance and made some "tougher" promises worth more but admittedly the outcomes with less "influence" are more interesting. ;)

And don't worry. Your game is at the top of my list when I dive into some later. :)