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Thanks for playing! I didn't really get a chance to let anybody playtest that didn't already know the story so good to hear a take on it. You just might've been the first to experience it "blind"!

(!!SPOILERS!!)As far as the "influence" goes, you can both earn and lose it depending on what you did. So you might've made a promise to one person but angered another. Lots of neutral outcomes too. In a perfect world I would've done more balance and made some "tougher" promises worth more but admittedly the outcomes with less "influence" are more interesting. ;)

And don't worry. Your game is at the top of my list when I dive into some later. :)


(SPOILERS) I didn't even consider that some influences could contradict other ones! That really increases the scope of choices, and thought put into the game. Although I'd like to play as many contest entries as possible, it actually sounds interesting to go back and see how things play out in different scenarios.