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I believe I may have set the "energy" goal a bit too high considering I didn't have the time to make the obstacles more diverse. I had plans for more levels, enemy types, random events, and even character customization that would have been unlockable through the score count. Deadlines are deadlines though lol.

Creating the art and music on my own was a big challenge because I didn't notice the competition began until about the 20th of November. I was a part of the 2017 contest as well and thought this one would start October. Fortunately, I still saw the update before the deadline and got something in that I've been thinking about.

I apologize for repeating what the usual comments have been saying:

The visual design is mostly amazing, with only the obstacles needing more contrast from the background to indicate their position better. Many times, my deaths felt at the fault of design rather than my own skill. For example, there's a bug on the web version that halts the player's movement if they click too often. Considering clicking is a core mechanic in the combat, I felt annoyed at times. I know this competition had a short deadline, so the music was actually great and I see a lot of potential in the complete aesthetic. I would have appreciate a few sound effects to really make each hit feel like it had more of an impact.

I believe I may have gotten more out of it if I had downloaded it instead, but in total, I believe this is a fantastic entry. I would appreciate any feedback on my entry as well!

What a beautiful game! Getting something packed with this many features into RPG maker must have taken a lot of talent and passion. The art, music, and game mechanics worked well together. I couldn't even be jealous if you win. I had a lot of fun, but the keyboard mechanics of repeatedly smashing the z button was a bit tiresome on my hand. I could see it working better on a gamepad, but having the option to hold down the key instead would be nicer. I appreciated being rewarded for searching the environment on my own through caves, but the set-up of the environment makes it extremely easy to find them all. I understand that might just have been a limitation created by our deadlines.

Best of luck! I'd appreciate any feedback on my entry too (though I'm almost embarrassed when compared to yours).

Thanks! I know it's silly. Made something to be just fun. On a full game, I'd hope to hope to add more diversity in levels and a story with more heart.

I absolutely appreciate the effort you took into analyzing the game. The toughest part was making the game feel like a game rather than just a narrative, and I believe time was the biggest constraint. I remember 1 clue being specifically weird for players, which I can change. I tried to just make it a 3/5ths thing rather than needing every clue right for that reason. In the future, I'd like Savior to have more of a motive behind her actions, because I understand she has an unfair and condescending ability. Technically, people could have mixed, shared, and other forms of blame, but I couldn't get that done in time. I hope these don't sound like excuses. It's more like "I hear you and want to fix that in future versions." Again, thank you for the constructive criticism, and the time you put into this game!

Thank you so much for the kind words! The music still haunts me to this day, but I guess we can both relate with overestimating our time. I would have loved to add sound effects for varying sequences, and a soundtrack that better fit the mood, but oh well. Although the lighting was such a fun thing to add in for aesthetic purposes, I quickly realized that they could be used for reveals, direction, and signalling events. I still feel like I could have done more with the camera though than just flashbacks and slight dialogue focuses.

(SPOILERS) I didn't even consider that some influences could contradict other ones! That really increases the scope of choices, and thought put into the game. Although I'd like to play as many contest entries as possible, it actually sounds interesting to go back and see how things play out in different scenarios.

I feel like this game has a lot of potential after it's been updated. I'd like to take a look at it again in the future, so I'll follow you!

BTW, I recommend players just mute the game and play a dark soundtrack of their choice in the background. I made the music very last minute and accidentally fell asleep the deadline before I could change things up.

Thank you! Most of the time was actually spent writing the story rather than the game. I sketched out a timeline and had to write motives for each character. It was even more difficult considering I had to write two motives (one for the lie, and one for the truth) for every action.


That's the first time for me to hear that! That's very interesting, and I can see why. I wanted to open a discussion with the final choices, and realized I would go through a thorough conversation with each player. I think that's a great legal standpoint to take, considering we have to try and get to the most direct cause of an action(that being Joel in my opinion). However, on a philosophical level, I considered everyone to be at fault for helping create the toxic situation. Thank you for the honest and super positive feedback! :)

Wow! It's such a relief to hear such positive things about this game. I felt the lighting shifts were necessary, so I had fun with colors to turn it into an aesthetic, rather than a burden. I completely agree with the music. It was last minute, and as I was trying to change it, I fell asleep the night of the deadline. I would honestly recommend people just mute it and play over their own music.

I'm also thankful for the comment about the premise. Considering Jigsaw just came out, I was worried this would be too similar. That helped put me at ease!

It reminded me a lot like the effect Rayman Legends would have in its music sequences. A platformer that expected you to react quickly to new events approaching. I'm a big fan of those kinds of games, so I appreciated this and played to the very end. After the winning screen though, I'm sent to the final map again without mobility. I thought there would have been more of a "congrats", but still had fun during the process.

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The art, music, and story all work together very nicely. I just wish I knew how to play it. There's very little direction to explain the absolutely strange world we're left in. I don't know if all the clues went over my head, but I don't know how to progress. Of course, that seems like the point. I guess it's all about finding an exit, and I can't seem to find it for the life of me. However, for those who do, I'm sure this game could be a number one contender! (Zombie doll scared me more than it should have...)

I liked playing your game and I hope you try mine too. It's not as well put together like yours, but I put a lot of effort into it. Either way, I hope us the best!

Oh, no! I wanted SO much more to continue playing. The art, controls, and music felt like they all worked together to make a cute/fluid game. I hope you get this made into a full game someday, because I'll be SURE to play. It was pretty funny too.

As another contender to this contest, I would like for you to try out my game too! The music isn't as well developed, but I hope everything else is good. I hope you have a nice day, and I'll be following you for updates on this!

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I just gave the game a playthrough as well and felt that the maps were too big. I understand the purpose, but when the purpose is to also add an element of exploration, we need directions like clues. I found your guide and decided to follow that in order to experience the whole game, but I couldn't get through the first boss considering how low our health starts. I also noticed items weren't usable on team members during the first boss battle, which made it much more difficult. I'm really not trying to be harsh, because I believe the gaming community should be welcoming to new developers, so I hope this all comes off as constructive rather than destructive. I would've never known about some of the bosses until I read the guide.

I hope you take some time to play through my game for the competition as well. If you feel I should change anything, you have just as much right to critique. Good luck with the contest!

I just played and thought the concept of making a platformer on RPG Maker was pretty cool too! I tried, but couldn't get the map to feel right for the game. I think you've done a greater job than me at accomplishing that, but feel like there could have been more challenge(like having Rand constantly run, rather than being still). I feel like you can try making something in Flash or another program to more closely resemble the controls you're looking for. Other than that, I think the game has a nice idea that can be expanded much further.

As another contender, I would like for you to try playing my game too! Any comments on what to improve are welcome. Have a great day!

I really enjoyed the environment and colors! The entire game felt very consistent, however, the maps were a bit too big for the message of the game. Having to go to work every day felt like too long a process that I wanted to skip. After two days, the tasks we can complete feels repetitive, and that becomes a problem with walking to work taking so long. It feels like the story can be expanded so much further (like getting fired, being able to go into buildings, etc). It felt like the game needed less space, and more interaction. You put a LOT of effort into the maps and it shows!

As another contender, I would like for you to get a try at my game too! It's my first, so constructive criticism is appreciated as well. Have a nice day!

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The atmosphere is so good and I LOVED the humor. I enjoyed this game and wanted to get through it all, but I couldn't due to an error. I tried closing and reopening, ending and loading, but the game kept giving me the message of a missing file. I tried skipping the message, but it kept coming back up. I dared to sit through it all but got until the second part of the cave before I had to stop. What do you think can be wrong? If the message can be fixed, I'd like to try again, but want to give everyone else a shot too in the meantime.

In addition to a fix to this problem, I'd appreciate the time to play my game too! I wish us both luck in this contest.

This was a fun, but there's a game-stopping sequence. I played through the game twice to make sure it could be avoided. After choosing a second partner, both answers at the door will transfer the player to the same room. After playing three times, I couldn't get to the ending. As a Spanish speaker myself, I enjoyed the jokes and characters. I would enjoy a fix though after the competition to see how the game was supposed to end.

As a contender to the contest, I know you put a lot of time into this game. I would appreciate a play-through on my entry as well. Have a nice day!

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I played and really enjoyed the atmosphere and effort that went into creating such an expressive environment. However, I had no idea what to do. I went to the mayor and he told me about a job I could do, but I went to almost every NPC and store I could find and found no one to help. I thought the day and night cycle would create an event considering I only had one day to get the tax money, but nothing was effected. Ultimately, I had to stop. I understand this took a lot of effort, but I couldn't progress without some direction. If you've got advise, I'd like to try again. I would also appreciate a play-through on my entry. Have a nice day and good luck!

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Wow! It had a really nice twist to the ending.  I recommend everyone at least try this one considering it's pretty short. I appreciated the real anxiety the game pushes on you in the short time period.

(Spoilers) During my play-through, I felt like I was rewarded for some pretty nasty promises. My "influence" didn't really do much, even when I should have received the "bad" ending. Of course, that's just an excuse and I enjoyed the option to get back at the people responsible. Congrats on making it through! As a contestant, I know it was tough and would appreciate a play-through of my game as well. Have a great day!