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Silent RPG, No dialogue, Multiple endings. Endings guide at Devlog.
Submitted by Xenoneo (@Xenoneo201_) — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline
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RPG Maker MV

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I finished the game, I'm not sure if there is multiple endings to this game, so please let me know.  I agree with the constructive criticism below.   So, I'm going to focus on the story.  I think what is missing from this game is a conflict/plot.  I was hoping the NPCs would have given me clues, but none of them wanted to talk to the hero.  From what I got out of it, the  goal was to return the crystals to the "Dark Knight".  I'm somewhat confused why the dark knight fought the heroes at all, or why the main plot was to give the crystals back to the antagonist.  Maybe I'm reading to much into this.  

Just some advice, you can take it or leave it.  You can get away without a story in a FPS, platformers, and etc, but when creating a game like this, especially RPGs, I believe the story comes first, then everything else comes second.  That's my biggest gripe about RPG Maker games is that some people focus on particle effects and lighting rather than the story and the game just falls apart.

But, I believe this game is on the right path.  It's definitely tough creating a game in a month!       


I didn't want to make the choices obvious and I thought if I give hint, people won't realize it's a choice. I expected players search more if they hit the quick ending,  but because this became hard, it didn't happened.
Now I'm planning to make some changes and release again.
Thanks for playing.

Submitted (1 edit)

I just gave the game a playthrough as well and felt that the maps were too big. I understand the purpose, but when the purpose is to also add an element of exploration, we need directions like clues. I found your guide and decided to follow that in order to experience the whole game, but I couldn't get through the first boss considering how low our health starts. I also noticed items weren't usable on team members during the first boss battle, which made it much more difficult. I'm really not trying to be harsh, because I believe the gaming community should be welcoming to new developers, so I hope this all comes off as constructive rather than destructive. I would've never known about some of the bosses until I read the guide.

I hope you take some time to play through my game for the competition as well. If you feel I should change anything, you have just as much right to critique. Good luck with the contest!

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah It's difficult, I didn't notice it until the last day  I'll try to release a version 2 of this game after contest, with more hint to find bosses and maybe more items, like putting chest at the dead ends. When I want to start a boss fight I always start with max health too. you shouldn't waste any turn because, there is not a lot of items to use.  with 2 Ethers at the start, one for Lucius to cast 6 Bolt3 and some physical attacks at the end, the other one for Marsha to heal the party before and during the battle.

I didn't have much time to play others games, but I'll play them starting tomorrow. Thanks for playing.


I feel like this game has a lot of potential after it's been updated. I'd like to take a look at it again in the future, so I'll follow you!

Submitted (1 edit)

Alright, so I took a shot at this game. The game is unoptimized, to say the least. During the intro battle, I first thought the game crashed when the battle aftermath window appeared, as there was nothing happening for at least 10 seconds. I tried the other version, this time spamming ENTER and managed to progress. I returned to the earlier version, ENTER spam managed to get me through. I hit F5 and tried again, this time waiting it out. It seems like the instant level up from 1 to 61 took a longer time than I thought, so progress is possible even when waiting.

However, the next thing that put me off was the mapping. The maps were unnecessarily large, without any distinct landmarks to recognize my current location, and since this was a 'silent' game (which probably meant it had no events with any interaction) I was lost on what to do. I eventually managed to backtrack to the beginning, only to meet an ending that left me wandering what I had just played.

I'm sorry if I turned out harsher than I meant to. It's just that... well, no matter. Congratulations on finishing your game.


Thank you for playing, you just finished the fastest ending with nothing done. As for first boss, he was running and his health bar was at the lowest. Maps are large and empty to hide the bosses, skipping things like exiting a map leads to boss escape. how is this noticeable? there was some sounds repeating sometimes in first map, if you exit and return you can't hear it any more, you just lost that boss. I think with no text, it can be vague, I'm thinking to put a guide in devlog.