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IGMC17 - A witty puzzle game, inspired by games of old. Can you escape the Game Master's wrath?
Submitted by zelgadis85 (@Zelgadis85) — 14 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

Judge feedback

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  • Disqualified as the game has numerous bugs and it crashes when I check the laptop twice.

Team Members
Zelgadis85 (Eventing, Planning, Mapping, Extra Graphics)
Punamaagi (Mapping, Extra Graphics)

RPG Maker MV

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I really liked this game.. the puzzles were challenging but the end was kind of disappointing. I didn't even realize the door that I had unlocked was the main one.. lol I just kept running around trying to figure out what I had missed until I thought to check that one. XD
The maps were also nice but I felt a lack of interaction in the game. You should add some more events. With the objects especially but maybe also some more with the other guests? Apart from the very few hints that the guests gave, they were pretty much useless to me. I would have liked to feel that they were also really investigating the house, you know? Feeling like they were really participating in the 'game'.
The legacy mode seems cool too, but I'm not really good with riddles so I didn't really play much of it.
Apart from these few details, I enjoyed the game. It took me 45 minutes to escape but I still didn't figure out the computer password or how to unlock that one door right by the stairs.. o.o I might replay the game sometime to see if I can figure that out!
Good luck with the contest! :)


Hey @Zelgadis85.

Man, I think your game has potential, the idea is very good, but I believe you can evolve even more.

In my opinion, the most addictive feeling in games is the reward (yes, that's why there are so many loot in DungeonDown) and solve puzzles by itself is a reward, give it a good feeling "nailed it"! In this perspective, the game has met expectations.

But if you will allow me, I would like to give you a suggestion to improve the map exploration.

Exploring is very enjoyable in games, but the player needs to feel that he is evolving while exploring. Due to large maps and few events to interact, you can make the player get bored, my suggestion is that you reduce the size of the maps or add more events.

Getting lost in a game is bad feeling too, I believe you can creata some kind of visual signage to lessen the possibility of that happening, so the player could easily difference the interactables events.

Briefly, it's a great game for just 2 weeks of work. Congratulations.


Thank you luizcubas for your review! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game, I certainly enjoyed yours! I am also happy to hear that you found my puzzles and their rewards entertaining. I am also aware that my mapping skills need still more work.

I am planning on making more events for the player to interact with. Many of the events in the current game are redundant and do not play a necessary role; this will be addressed in an upgraded version that I will upload sometime after the contest ends.

Sadly, I must dismiss your suggestion for map size reduction. You see, I have a solid image on my mind what the building looks like (it is supposed to feel like it COULD exist out there somewhere, in reality). For this reason, I have created a rough blueprint of the mansion map (which is accessible ingame, if you manage to guess the computer password correctly). I might take it away from there and transfer it somewhere else, though (as the computer has multiple overlapping functions, none of which are necessarily vital for game completion)

I have also had other feedback on the players getting lost, so I might include a helper NPC in that new version that will give you hints on how to progress. I am still thinking about the exact design on how I should do this, but rest assured: it will come in one form or other.

Depending on how many events the next version will have, I might add a visual signal to show the player where to go, but I'm thinking that it might not happen right away (as I prefer to explore on my own first). I might do them on a timer of sorts, maybe after a period of inactivity.


The general concensus at a glance seems to be that the end was quite anti-climactic, and indeed I was disappointed at my premature success in escaping, without even confronting or at least hearing from the game master again.

I expected the NPCs to include all of our character options minus the one we picked as our playable. Was this the plan originally?

The spike puzzle was annoying at first sight, but deceptively interesting when I wrote down notes to solve it. It was also refreshing for me at least to answer riddles, not having thought of them for some time. That fox, goose, and sack of corn one was tricky if only for the fact that I did not quite understand initially that it was supposed to be a sequence of answers in succession, but there may or may not be a better way of presenting it.

If you want a more sinister tone (and that may or may not be what you want; I am not entirely sure), the doors' response to the wrong input would need to sound less merciful than "not what I was looking for...", which sounds more like what a sympathetic game show host would say to an unacceptable answer. If you can generate a sufficiently wide field of acceptable answers (are answers case-sensitive?), you can more or less get away with an emphatic "NO! PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER!" or something.

I think my score in Legacy mode was 3175.

Since I escaped without accessing the computer, I played again to see what it was, so now I see it was not so important.


Thank you StefanosM for your review on the game! I'm happy to hear that you took another try at it.

I am aware the ending is anti-climactic, it was pretty much nothing short of a toss-away scene that I created for the sole purpose of letting the player know the game had ended. The original plan was to let the other NPCs escape as well, or perish one by one while you explore, but due to time restraints I had to take that option out. I might revisit the idea after the contest is over and we are allowed to edit our games once again.

I'm happy to hear you liked the spike puzzle; I know the representation of the hints was not ideal, I'm still thinking of a better way to represent it to the player. I am also kind of honored to hear that you actually tried out the LEGACY mode as well, although it was not necessarily well-made in any way. I might implement some of the riddles found there over the main game some day, if I find a good place to put them in. The fox-goose-corn puzzle was a pain to implement, and I kinda gave up on some meaningful flavor texts when you did choose wrong, but I will revisit it one day. I'm not aware of a way of representing the puzzle in any better way than it is currently, but I should probably inform the player beforehand that the puzzle is a sequence of answers.

Considering the response of the doors in the LEGACY mode, of course I'd like to create a better response to the player. Your idea is good, albeit a bit cliché. As for the answers, they are case-insensitive, so for example if you wrote "MIRROR" or "mIRRoR", the game will consider them both the same answer. (they are compared to lowercase)

The computer is not necessary at this point, but you might get some bonus points if you manage to answer the password correctly. There is still the off-chance of crashing, as you mentioned, but it seems that it happens only sometimes. I will take a better look at it after the competition ends.


This was good, unless the PC password which I couldn't answer. That spike puzzle felt like it has more ways to solve, this is good but easy too. Although the game is not completed, it didn't give any accomplishment at the end or to the story. There were some options which didn't look to have any effect like choosing different character at the start or changing costumes.


Thank you Xenoneo for your review! I admit, I was pressed on time and did not implement any features considering the costume change. I had hoped to fit in some different dialogue options when you are wearing the costume but could not, due to time restraints. I'm glad you liked the spike puzzle!

It seems that the computer ended up being a problem for many players and that is something I will definitely revisit if I make an refined version of this game.

The ending was lackluster, I admit. This too was because of time limits in the competition.


This was an interesting concept. I really liked the exploration and the puzzles. Sadly, I blew myself up in the computer room! XD I should have known I couldn't just unlock the doors so easily.  I think if you were to give this some refining,  you could have something quite decent.  Some of the text could use some work, but for the timeline you has, it wasn't bad. It worked well for what it was, and I commend the effort. Nice job! 


Thank you Gabrelik for your kind review! I hope you enjoyed the game.


Could you explain this? I was going to try another password when this appeared.


... Looks like you found a bug I never met during the testing phase. It seems that the logic I applied for that scene did not work as well as I thought it would. Thanks for telling me, however I'm unable to fix this while the competition is going on.


Review for RPG Maker Web's IGMC 2017 Secret Santa!

The basic essence of this game is that of a graphic adventure: explore the world, find items, apply those items to unlock new areas to explore. The world in question is a sprawling mansion where you and a number of other guests are trapped for the amusement of your host, the mysterious "game master".

This game feels like it wanted to be something much more, which isn't a surprising result for a month-long game jam product. There are twenty playable characters, and the ones you didn't choose for your avatar can be found meandering within the various rooms of the mansion. Most of them don't have anything particularly important to say, just bits of flavor text. A few actually give practical hints, such as the suggestion to examine things several times (the necessity of which is a questionable game mechanic, but more forgivable since the game informs you it's needed). The items and puzzles are few and far between, spread out across the mansion. There are also a few cases of non-obvious progression requirements, such as speaking with a character again after doing something else.

Considering there is a message as the game opens saying "This version of the game is for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017", perhaps we can expect it will be expanded and improved. Some things I would hope to see in a newer version are a larger and more intricate web of items and puzzles, better indication that an NPC may need to be revisited, and a conclusion to the story beyond "you escape the mansion" -- a confrontation with the game master, for example.


Thank you AubreyTheBard for your detailed review! I hope you liked the game! I have taken notice of your ideas for improvement and will consider them if I make an improved version of this game after the IGMC17 is over.

Fun little adventure. I especially liked the puzzle. Only complaint is that I really wanted to show that one dude the way to the mensroom. :) Good work!


Thank you amsv for your kind review! Should I make a refined version of the game, I'll be sure to consider your feedback. Hope you enjoyed the game!

Developer (2 edits)

So, the game is finished now. Judges, please download and play the game tagged 'IGMC'. (Version 1.03 is the latest, and hopefully last, version I'll upload to the contest) There seems to be an issue with savegames with the standalone version. I have hidden the standalone download for now, because of said issue. Thank you!


Thanks Amudeus for your comment!

Good catch on that typo. I fixed it on my latest version (which will be put online shortly).

Yes, the project is still in active development and there will be quite a lot of more content coming. I have started to implement another floor of riddles, they should be available in future versions.

I might have been a tad hasty to enter the jam with an incomplete project, but by the time the contest ends I should have a finished product available (I will probably take out the earlier versions then, in order not to confuse people on which version to download).


Third riddle I think you meant "fatal" but put "fetal." Also I'm assuming you're going to add a lot to it?