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This update looks awesome! The text styles are so cool! 
I really like the idea of a New Game+ too. With so many new things it's always better to start a new game but if you are farther along the game this can be a pain.. >_< lol

I can't wait to play this update! ^^

Oh thank you!! I'll definitely play it when I have some time! :)

I played through your game a bit, it looks nice and the story sounds interesting too.
But I came across two game-breaking bugs that kind of makes it impossible to continue playing. :(

The first is that if you leave Carina's house through the backdoor (where Logan is) you can't get back inside. So you get stuck there unless you had a save from before.

The second is a weird one. The brother gets stuck in front of the sign if you go inside Carina's house (not sure if it's just her house tho).
I had talked with him and the event went ok, he moved from where he was and the path was cleared. But then I remembered that Leopold could join the party so I went to get him from Carina's house. When I came back outside, the brother was back to where he was before, in front of the sign so blocking my way out of the village. :(
Unfortunately my save is from very earlier in the game (before I had fought the frog, the rats and the spider, I don't want to fight them all over again! XD) so I'll stop playing now.

I do hope you'll be able to fix the bugs though! I'll give it another go after that because I really liked what I've seen in the game so far, I'm curious to see what will happen to the heroine! ^^

Oh I'll give it a try when I have some time! ^^

Ahh this blog was a really good read. I've been playing around with the idea of making a game for some time now, but my lack of skills when it comes to really understanding how to work with the RPGMAKER systems always makes me take a step back. The little experience I have/had with RPGM XP being so little... Honestly, the idea of wasting a lot of time on something that will end up unfinished (because unfortunately I always quit when things get too difficult) leaves me a bit frustrated. Through the years I ended up playing the role of the gamer instead of game-maker. lol

Your blog however made me want to give it another try now. It's nice to read how the developers are able to work through barriers like lack of resources or learning how to work with scripts. The fact that you decided on RPGM MV because you wanted to add a new skill to your resume is really cool too! It's a bit inspiring really to see makers being able to put out a finished game (esp. when it's a good one) after all the difficulties that they went through during the creating process. And well it definitely brings hope to those that aren't very confident on their skills. :D So thank you! Maybe one day I'll give it a real try!!

And. As you already know I really enjoyed your game (both the puzzles and the story background), it was a pity really that it was disqualified but now you know how it works and there's always the next contest! I'll be looking forward to trying any future projects you might release definitely! ^^ Good luck!!

I tried the game demo today and I was really impressed with it! ^^
The characters look so gorgeous and I love that we can style our recruits as we want too!
The story so far seems really interesting too. I can't wait to see what else you have planned for us! Those portraits look amazing. I really love the art in the game! 
Good luck! Oh and happy belated birthday! And also happy holidays! haha

Ah I can't use the lag excuse, the game runs pretty well on my laptop. No stuttering at all. XD
Well, I can't remember if I had seen the cutscene or not.. but I did the reset thing 3 times and seen it now. I was able to pass the stage with that hint. phew! It was the fifth stage so I was able to proceed to the next gate! I didn't know you didn't need to complete every single stage! That's awesome for those that kind of suck at some of these puzzles. haha
But.. I got stuck again in the next part.. lol T___T I can't seem to find a way to pass stages 13, 17 or 18. I've seen all cutscenes too for the hints but nope. >_< It's a pity because I was really into it. And I kind of know what I need to do but I just don't know how to go about it. XD But for now I give up! Those last stages are pretty hard! XD (And did I mention before how much I hate those fire imps? Well add those ice thingies to the list! haha)
Still I have to mention again that I really like the game, it's really well made and the puzzles are a good kind of challenge. It's pretty rare that I find a game that actually makes me spend hours on end trying to think up a way to finish it. Usually I get irritated when puzzles are too hard, but maybe because the characters are kind of lovable (or I was liking the whole scenario of being a player inside of a rpg game lol) I just kept trying and trying. It was fun! I'm curious about that 'golden ending' too but for now I'll give it a break! :P
Maybe I'll give it another try in a few days. ^^

I had time to finally play your game today! lol I liked it! It was fun! Too bad it was too short! The puzzles were nice too, they weren't too easy and not too hard too. 
The ending was unexpected too.. I was expecting an epic quest and instead.. haha
For a game made in 6 days it was pretty good. I did come across some map tiling errors, like being able to walk over the cake in the gluten chief room and some random spots in the maps but it was nothing too bad. I look forward to see  your next game! A much longer one, I hope! ^^ Good luck!

That would be a good option too! ^^ 

Ahh your game drives me insane!!! XD I decided to give the new version a try but now I'm stuck without being able to complete stage 7 and 12. Those fire imps! I hate them! >_< I think I already tried everything and died horribly every time (esp. in stage 12 :O)... Any hints you can give me? 

I'm really liking the puzzles tho! Now this is a real challenge!

Oh and I came across a bug in the stage 3 again. Not sure how or why. But when I entered that stage and pressed escape accidently the fire imp ball froze just as it hit the wall, I was looking around the stage menu at the reset and exit items so I didn't notice right away, it was when I went back to do the puzzle that I noticed. lol I could just move everyone without worries to finish that stage. XD
When I entered the stage again after that everything was back to normal tho. It was very weird. lol
PS: I also noticed that the saves from the previous version of the game didn't work. I had to start the game all over again. Just thought to let you know.

I gave your game a go today and I'm really enjoying it!
I saw a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing that was too bad. (I remember one of them was a "thier" instead of their, but I don't recall where sorry. XD)
The story progression is really nice, I liked how we go about exploring and eventually meeting new allies! 
I liked that the dungeons weren't too big to explore, the encounter rate was set just right for me, the battles were well balanced too.
One little suggestion: It was a bit of a pain to backtrack after we were done with the dungeon. I'm a bit of lazy gamer so I didn't get to get the reward from the poltergeist because just thinking about going all the back to the inn made me want to cry.. lol An item that would get us to the start of the dungeon or to one of the villages we visited before would have been nice! ^^
I'm looking forward to the full release of the game now. This was really fun and I can't wait to see what else you got planned for us next! Good luck! :)

Ah I decided to give your game a go today. It looks gorgeous (snowy maps!!) and the story sounds so interesting!! But I can't go very far into it, there's a bug with the quest that tells you to talk with 15 villagers. I completed the quest (the quest tracker suddenly doesn't even show anymore)  but the lady that gave us the quest still says we haven't talked with everyone. :(
I hope you'll find a way to fix it and upload a new version because the game looks so nice. I really want to continue it and I'm sure I'm not the only one! ^^

That was a pretty good game!
The story so far is really interesting (I'm dying to know what happens next!!) 
I didn't find anything too bad with the dialogue.  Just one part really, when the miner talks about getting a torch. I was left a bit confused not understanding if it was the woman in the next room the one supposed to give it to you or if it was in that locked house next door. haha When I entered the mine I figured out where the torch was though. Not that I needed it however because I picked the witch! ♥ 
But considering you aren't an english speaker the story flows pretty well :) 
The characters portraits/sprites and the maps also look really nice. 
I don't really like random encounters so I was a bit annoyed with how high the encounter rate was, but I could win every fight so it wasn't too bad. XD But I think you could try to balance the battles a bit more, I felt, in particularly, that the bats in the mine had the atk way too high. They would hit my witch for about 20 hp every time :O while the rats would just do about 7 hp. 
Overall: I thought the game as it stands it's pretty solid. It was really fun and I do hope you'll continue with the story because I got really want to know if we'll be able to  save those guys that lost their souls in the mine. >_< lol
Good luck!

I decided to give your game a go (vers. 1.1) but I'm getting loading errors in battle (Failed to load: img/animations/cure4.png). You should play test the game a bit before you try to upload it again.. ^^' 

Ah I see, well for a game made in one week this was really good!
I can only imagine what you could do if you had enough time to make it exactly as you wanted. ^^
I do hope you'll continue making games like this and I'm definitely going to one of those people that will be looking out for a new game in the series! :P OR any other rpg games like this. haha
Good luck!

I really loved this! The puzzles were really a challenge.. at first I was soooo lost on those to move the blocks with the right numbers.. I spent like 10 minutes stuck while running around trying to figure out how to do those puzzles! XD But when I did figured it out! Damn! That was really clever! ^^
I thought the maps with the moving ball were a bit too big, I had to keep moving my character across the screen so I could see where the ball stopped and if it stopped right where I wanted it before I got it moving again. That got annoying surprisingly fast. >_<
I did love the map style you used and the Diana was really cute! ^^ The end surprised me a lot too.. it was a bit bittersweet because I had a feeling I knew where those notes were going but I still wanted to be certain.. and the last note.. just wow.. I wanna know what happened to her after she went through the exist so bad! T_T
I hope you'll do more games about Diana and the other subject..? Maybe they were/will be saved before they are executed?? 
I didn't get to play this game for the contest unfortunately. I would have definitely voted for your game too. Oh well. I hope you had fun making this and that you'll continue making awesome games like this one! 

This was a lot of fun! Good job! 
I really like this type of game where we need to investigate everything and then work through each obstacle correctly with what we have learned. 
I though the game was really well put together and visually it looked alright though it looked a bit plain to me. I was a bit sad that not all the people inside the bank responded back to the player too. It made everything a bit easier like that though. xD
I liked the game over endings a lot too. Especially the ones from upstairs! haha
I hope you'll continue with this series of yours! This was really fun to play! :D

Yay! I'll give it a go when I have some time! Thanks for letting me know! ^^

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It's normal to feel a bit disappointed when the final result isn't what you envisioned, especially when you don't master the program you are using for your game-making yet. But you just need to remember that a good game comes from learning, overcoming errors and lots of testing! All that will help you get to where you want, to a game that will make you proud! 
I'm glad you'll be continuing to work on the game. The fact that you have so many ideas already to what you want to try in game, makes me really excited for it! I did like the concept a lot so I'll be cheering for you! Don't give up! ^^
PS: And if you need anyone to test your game later on, feel free to contact me!

Ah everything sounds so awesome!
I'm already looking forward to play the new version! :)

This was such a nice game. The story and the maps were really good.
The puzzles were real challenges, some were so hard that I was screaming my head off! haha
The only thing I didn't like too much was the portrait for the goddess.. I thought it didn't match the game.. 
The oil paintings were a nice touch too. I loved looking at them! You should add a gallery so we could see them again after completing the game. ^^

I look forward to see all those features in the game.
This was one of the games that made a big impression on me from all the IGMC entries I played for fun. I thought the game was hard but still it was so interesting that I kept playing ^^
Good luck with the development and thank you for keeping us updated! 

No problem! I hope you'll be able to make the better even more awesome! ^^

Oh.. well tbh the game kind of lacked some excitement.. I picked the vampiress as a character and I liked talking with the villagers and seeing their reactions (esp. the little girl that went to hide in her bed haha). But the random battles and the dungeon were a bit boring. 
For example those skeletons you put there, it would be cool to see our character reaction to them.
I was a bit sad that my awesome vampiress only had one skill! I'm so used to vampires having some sort of draining skills too.. xD
Moving around the dungeon was a pain tbh. It was huge and it had a lot of paths. 
I thought the seal keeper boss was a bit weak too.. I won that fight in like 4 or 5 rounds and only his strongest attack (that took away 400 hp!!) was a surprise. lol
The ending made all this worth it somehow though.. it was short but so unexpected! 
It got me curious to know where the story is going! :P 

Some errors and bugs I came across:
- Right at the beginning, when you are reading the description to the vampiress, at one point the portrait that shows is the one for the male vampire.
- In the world map if you enter that little house next to the village and then leave, you end up in a different spot in the map from where you were (you end up in the house across the bridge in the map actually). And then entering the house in the map next to where you end up takes you to the musician house in the village again but you stuck inside without being able to move (gotta fix this!)

Overall: The game was actually not bad, but I think the game could gain if you worked a bit more on the dungeon to make it more exciting to explore, same with the houses in the map, they were pretty much useless.
Good luck and I look forward to see a follow-up game to this one day! :)

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I only had the chance to give your game a try today and unfortunately today was a bad day so I didn't have a lot of time to play it but I liked what I've seen so far from it. Story and visuals are there. But. You need to find a better way to connect the story with the gameplay.
While the story is really interesting (I love having to fight demons! for humanity!), I kind of got lost when the introduction ended. >_< And the old man that said would speak to us if we were to seek revenge kind of went missing? Where he go? lol 
I find it funny that I kept finding the same books in all bookshelves.. even when in other inns in other cities.. You need to change that up a little, to make it interesting
I kept moving around the map trying to figure out where I had to go after that but the only clue I had was that I needed to buy some weapons and then later to find a mountain pass? All good.. except I got no clue where that mountain pass is and I'm dirt-poor.. haha (You could have given us at least a few potions! So I could sell them back for some money.... xD)
I ended up fighting some monsters in the world map (and getting enough money to buy the best weapon I could find) while exploring but I always felt like I was missing something.
I think your game would gain if you were to add a quest log to it maybe, just to remind the player of what they need to do and where they need to go. In the objectives you could even add some guidance about where is the locations we need to go to. (Some signs in the world map to guide us would be nice too >_< )
Another thing I noticed in the towns (I could enter) was that there were a lot of houses that had no door? And we still couldn't enter like 90% of them. I felt that was a bit disappointing. What's the point of so many buildings if we can't explore the inside of them? I was also sad we couldn't visit the Academy where we studied (and the other one too) and not even the Castle? :( The guy that welcomes the injured people says if we are wounded we could go to the Castle for healing! False advertising! :P
The battle system looked balanced, I thought the monsters' strength was just right, they were not too hard and also not too easy. The skill set I tried looked nice too! ^^
PS: In Minich'i when you try to enter the houses the faceset that shows up in the dialogue sayin you can't enter is from younger Komui (when we are already older and hotter lol). You gotta fix that

Overall: It looks like you have the game all set, you just need to find a way to connect all dots better. The story is there flowing nicely, the maps are all set, but you need to find ways to get the players interested in playing it and then keep them playing.. while working on that you can also improve your maps, make them a bit different from each other (because the inns are pretty much all structured the same xD)

Good luck and keep working in the game because it does look interesting! :)

PS: The crystal in the intro is really pretty.. ♥

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I liked the look of this.. the concept is good and it has lots of potential but it really needs a bit of a makeover..  and.. After I got the file and weapon from the rooms I got no clue what to do with them. I tried to talk with people in the hotel but nothing changed and the same happened in the office. I gave up continuing the game here.. there just isn't much of guide-line in the game

A few observations and suggestions too:
- The maps are way too big, they don't look bad but they just aren't nice to look at. You should try to keep the essential things in and then add just a few more to make it look more lived-in. You don't need so much empty space, it will be tiresome for us to move around
- Try to make the story go a bit slower and give us objectives to complete during our task. I didn't really understand much of what was going on tbh.I just new I had to infiltrate an hotel to get someone? Something? Instead of giving us all the info in one go, make us work a bit harder for it. So we can really understand what we are getting into
- I think a quest system or a sort of notebook where we keep track of our task objectives is essential in a game like this! Because we'll be doing a lot of things at the same time! Some objective examples could be "find our car keys" "read classificade file", "get a fake resume" "get some undercover tips from college" "find a confidential file" "find a incriminating weapon" "find drugs" etc.. stuff like this. Having something like this would be more interesting and helpful
- I liked that we could pick our "cover/disguise" in the hotel and I would have liked a lot if the other colleges in the office were as helpful as that one. Like you gave us a folder in a desk and then sent us off in our way. Why not make our character discuss the task with a college before we get into it? Or maybe someone took our car keys so we have to search them around a bit? Just for fun you know? There's so many different types of events you can do ^^
- And why are all computers in there unavailable? I picked the computer programming character but.. for what? There's nothing for her to do here? lol Anyway.. it would be a good way to make it interesting.. maybe put us up to looking up in the database for some facts about what the case is about, some background information, you know?
- The hotel looked nice (just too much empty space! especially the floors with the rooms!) and you did a lot better here in terms of gameplay. There were lots of people available to talk and help us out! I like that!
- I was a bit disappointed that our character outfit didn't change into her maid uniform though.. :(
- The dialogues while searching up the rooms were nice too (some pretty hilarious!).
- On the 2nd floor I found a man outside of the rooms that I couldn't talk to, no dialogue at all (not sure if it was a bug?)

Overall: It seems like you have the game all structured which is good but it's missing the thrill and fun that comes with all simulation games especially when it's about crime/police work. You need to find a way to guide the players along in the game and ofc add some events/objectives to keep them interested.
I liked the concept of the game a lot, so I'm looking forward to see how you'll work on improving it
Good luck! ^^

Hmm.. I just played version 0.91 but it's still pretty bugged.
After getting to the village and roaming around looking around I started to get a loading error every minute "failed to load: img/pictures/people3_8.png". The only way to make it go away was to restart again.
I loaded my last save, and I dunno if it was because of that, but it seems like the events were kind of switched around. After Hans joins me and we are to go hunt, I get a dialogue saying it's late and I need to go home. When I enter the house I got an event scene that I think was supposed to happen after Cent kills the behemoth. And then when the scene ends a new event started right away but it was the event I got when I first entered Cent's house and we saw his sister for the first time.
I was able to continue the game from there on though. I was able to get through the whole battling the behemoth and the "Unleashed Cent" events. But after Hans showed up with the head huntsman and Cent blacks out I got a black screen and nothing else. Everything is black. I can hear music and if I press esc I see the menu, but that's about it. >_< 
The game does look good though. The maps look nice and the story seems good too.
I don't particularly like seeing custom facesets mixed with default ones.. but I did love the little shopkeeper girl (don't take her awayyy! haha)
What I've seen of the battle system made me really like it too. It looks a bit complex but pretty unique! I would love to play with it a bit more! :)
I hope you'll fix the bugs and upload a more stable version of the game. I would love to give it another go sometime! ^^ Good luck!

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Ah.. I like this a lot. The story looks interesting! The characters are so cute! Lovey-dovey? haha
However what made me love this was that you have to actually strategize a little in battles. The little hints the characters give before the battle are a nice touch too! :)
Atm I'm stuck in the battle against the guys inside our house but I'll keep trying! 
Edit: Forget those guys!
Emma is the real boss! SO HARD!
And she has some poison attack?! >_<
I give up.. XD

I decided to give your game a try today.. it was really good!
I thought my exploring through the maps went really well. However the maps while being alright were a bit too big at times, especially those corridors with nothing to do but move across.. xD
I was able to connect all the dots and tried for the 3 endings. They were all pretty interesting!
My favorite being the one connected to the teddy bear.. it was evil but I liked it! >_<
The riddle was my least favorite part.. usually I'm good at those but I just couldn't figure that one out. I had to cheat a bit to get the answer.. lol :P
Overall:  I enjoyed the game a lot. :) It was short (it took me about 30 minutes to beat) but considering the time restraints I think you did a good job!
Good luck and keep making good games! ^^

Repost: Honestly.. I didn't think I would have as much fun with this game as I did. The screenshots got me curious so I decided to give it a go and I was in for a nice surprise!
I liked the whole cosplaying going around at school. lol I found it disappointing however that I couldn't buy a cool costume too! It would have been nice if we had a few choices of outfit for our character. 
The puzzles in the inner pendulum were really challenging! They were clever and observant in the way that you really just had to look around to figure out what you needed to do. In the first one I was trying to rush through it to get to the story again and I was having a hard time figuring out what to do (I was like 10 minutes trying to figure out wth I was supposed to do with the boulders hahaha) but then I told myself to explore the map more carefully and damn.. the answer was right in front of my eyes.. lol 
I really liked the battle system, it was really unique and it was cool how you had to find a way to keep your composure while triggering the right answers in the convos. However, after I was able to complete a whole conversation with EZ Talk skill, I was sad to find out that if you were to use that skill again the conversation would go exactly the same. T^T It would have been more interesting if it changed if you got all the right answers already. 
The facesets you used... hmm.. I saw some people saying they look out of place and I kind of agree, but honestly I don't see any others that would look better.. haha The only one that really bugged me was the last guy (Hale? I think) now that one looked a bit weird.. xD
Overall: I had a fun time playing the game. The story was interesting, the mc was funny and the gameplay with the battles and the puzzles was a nice challenge. Good job! Keep it up! :)

Ah I didn't know there was another ending! I might give it another try some other time! ^^
And sure I'll repost it there for you :)

Omg!! That damn devil caught me so many times.. XD
But I did find the red brick house.. I think..! 
This was pretty cool! It was fun! Good job! ^^

Not having a description and some screenshots makes it so that fewer players will try your game.
I almost didn't check this game because it only had that default pic to show.. lol 
I did decide to give it a try and I was surprised by how good it was. It's still your regular dungeon crawler rpg type of game, but I do like that there's at least a little background story to our girl(s). You could add some more story events while we are exploring the dungeon to keep the story flowing though. ;)
I stopped playing after I finished the first room of the mine because tbh I don't really like random encounters all that much and I thought the encounter rate was a bit too high for me.
But I think the game is well balanced from what I've seen.
The mini-bosses (and the boss) were a bit of a challenge (especially the first one I came across) but with a little bit of grinding they were easy enough to beat. Same with the regular mobs, I didn't really any trouble with anything battle-wise. Not that the battles were easy, but they weren't hard! It was good.
I have to also mention that I thought the facesets/sprites for the girls were good (they are cute!).
The potions in the chests were a heaven sent and I liked how we got nice equips from our enemies! YES!  
Overall: The thing I liked the most in this game was honestly the main character. I was sad that after two or three floors she went pretty quiet, I wanted to know more about her.
The dungeon (basement? lol) itself wasn't anything outstanding to me, maybe because in it you don't really do much more than pick up stuff from chests, enter lots of random encounters and sometimes meet some monsters in the map that will try to kill you. 
It was a fun game to play though. Good luck!

Aww no problem! I'm glad I helped somehow!
Don't give up! It's a great project with lots of potential! :D

AH! This was perfect! Usually I like story focused rpg games better but who the hell doesn't like a good dungeon run sometimes? And this is just the perfect dungeon crawler! The visuals (sprites, maps, etc) were really good but the gameplay is what makes this brilliant! I like being able to upgrade my skills and the stores.. all rewards from my awesome skills!
The battles were so balanced too! Usually in games like this one thing that always bugs me is when the enemies are soo strong you just want to scream (or when your hero is so strong that it's kind of boring lol). But I didn't feel that at all here.
Going from floor to floor while collecting cool equipment I expected at some point to hit a wall-monster that I would cry over not being able to defeat but with some strategy (and the right skills set) the game is pretty fun to play. 

Overall: This one is going to my favorites! I'm still at floor 21 but I'll definitely keep this game around for when I'm bored... damn just thinking about getting to floor 80 is getting me all excited! Is that really the max level? :P I'm really curious to know! 

Ah I downloaded your other game (the nsfw one!) but I haven't had the time to play it yet.
It looks nice tho! I'll stop by your blog to give some feedback when I play it ^^
I look forward to any all-ages games you'll make too ofc.
Empyreal Wings turned me into your fan! hehe

I was only able to play a little bit (because it's already really late here) but I wanted to leave a little comment before I forget because I really liked what I've seen of the game so far.
It gives me that classic old-school vibe that I kind of miss in rpgs sometimes.
The story looks so interesting, so I'll definitely be playing more tomorrow to finish it.

I gave this a try and I thought the game was nice (no bugs, nice story and smooth gameplay) but it felt like something was missing.. I would have liked to have been able to hear more about our heroes life.. they were all pretty interesting.. and if felt like there was a lot more to say. Especially about Lyla. I thought she was very mysterious. 
I would love to see a follow-up on this. :P Good luck!

Ah I was kind of excited about this game but tbh it needs some work... you need to live it up!
In a dating-sim game you expect there to be some romantic events.. something cute to do with the characters and after spending about 20 minutes in the game I was kind of bored.
The walk from the dorms to the school and vice versa is so.. tiresome. You could make it a little easier on us by putting the door for the dorms somewhere closer to where is our room. I spent more time walking back and forth than actually going on dates or classes in the game.
The classes - the mini-games - were fun to do. No issues there that I noticed.
The dates didn't really do much for me. You should at least randomize a short description of the date. What they did, what they said, where they go, etc.. just something interesting for the players to want to keep going on these dates. Because it's always the same no matter who you are dating.
I would like to talk with the other students in the school too.. or at least have some more interaction with other people in school. School life is not all about learning and dating, it's also about communication and having fun with your classmates.. this game lacks that.
I'm a bit curious about what we can sew in our room, I didn't really see anything in game that suggested how I would go about getting some dress/outfit recipes.  This was honestly the only thing that kept me playing the game a little more but I was left with no answers too.
I would also love to see more alternatives to gaining money in the game. Collecting trash is nice (recycling is cool!) but having some other ways would be good too. After a while that "part-time" job got kind of boring too.. :(
I found a typo in English class.. "possessive" XD (The teacher is super hot though so I forgive! haha Why can't we date the teachers too?! :P)

Overall: I thought the concept for the game was good, you just need to make it more interesting and interactive. Adding more dialogues and events would be a good place to start! :) Good luck!

PS: I came across a bug when I tried to go to the 2nd floor in the school from the stairs in f1-e
I got in the stairs stuck. I showed up in f2-e but I was stuck in place and couldn't move around. Only option was to restart the game.