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Having inherited Lake Manor, you decide to convert it into an inn. But is there more to the manor than meets the eye?
Submitted by seaphoenix (@SeaPhoenixGames) — 5 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 25th with 8 votes

Judge's Choice#2n/a
People's Choice Vote#258

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  • This was such a charming game and fun to play! I love that the setting is a world where both Van Gogh and elemental sprites exist. Setting up the rooms was interesting although I wish some of the guests weren’t so picky. That opera lady in particular, I was never able to get her what she wanted. The exterior map of the hotel was nice but the interiors were a little drab, but maybe that’s the point given that the inn needs work. I would have liked to seen more - more rooms, more storyline, maybe something else happens after she gets the $20k. I hope you’ll keep working on it!

    Score: 60/80

  • 56/80

    Fun game, in order to get a perfect ending, it feels like you basically need to know what will happen ahead of time as there doesn't seem to be much room for error. There doesn't seem to be any advantage of choosing fewer amenities unless you messed up and can't put anyone in a room. A few guests seem to be better off ignored due to their appearing only when you have to choose between them and another set of four guests. It was surprising that you don't offer your own room in those situations. It feels like the game would have been more fun, but a lot less challenging, with more expansion potential and the ability to choose the room layouts a bit more easily (such as having a menu where you could change them).

  • Theme

    You inherited a manor that has been passed down from generations. You need at least 20,000 worth of gold for upkeep and at the same time, figure out if your auntie does have a hidden treasure. And manage an inn at the same time. It fits very well.


    Gameplay is very simple with guessing what rooms would fit the guests of that day. Some guests return on specific days making the guess work a lot less. If you need to hire new workers, they must first find your inn likeable. They’re also very important as they’re part of “amneties.” I think it could’ve used more but it works for what it has.


    Mapping could use some work on the manor, but otherwise very well done.


    I enjoyed it a lot. Just wish there was more to do for the main character. The butler is very respectable for staying for this long. Especially when his residence is almost collapsing on him.

    Total – 68/80


    The graphics were a mix of RTP and other resource packs. They fit together quite well and didn't clash. The mapping was quite good and changed over the course of the game, becoming more detailed and interesting as time passed.

    Sound was well used though there could have been more atmospheric additions, but nothing was jarring or out of place. Music was the same, fitting the scenarios it was played in and none of the tunes felt off. They suited the tone of the game well.

    The writing was very well done. There were no issues with spelling, grammar or punctuation that I could see and the text flowed well. Dialogue was interesting and helped each character come more alive and distinct from each other. The story itself was well told and the mystery was well presented and flowed logically from one point to the next.

    Windows looked good and worked well. I also have to applaud the graphical use of assets in the room creation.

    The gameplay revolved around simulation of owning an inn, and consisted of interacting with NPCs and objects as well as changing aspects of the inn to suit what you needed.

    There was a list of things you needed to accomplish over 10 days of play, as well as a goal of reaching 20,000 gold before the end of the game. It was quite simple to follow through with as long as you used logic.

    Each day you were allowed to change rooms to fit a specific type (two beds, one bed, double beds, writing desk, vanity, sitting area, etc) and then choose which amenities you wanted for that day (chef, gardener, boat man, maid, etc) at a cost. You then had to assign rooms to different customers based on their preference and after that you could look around the area, interact with customers and staff or search for clues to the mystery of the inn.

    I'm not sure why you bothered using a load feature, especially for a black screen with text. It felt tacked on and odd.

    I really enjoyed this game and could have played a lot more of it. It  was short, sweet and the mystery was interesting. I'm a bit disappointed we couldn't go into the attic, but otherwise I had a lot of fun. The characters were interesting, there was a nice challenge to figuring out who to put in what room and which rooms might be needed to be changed to cater to future visits.

    The theme was uncovering treasure and trying to reach a goal. Mechanics and story both combined to embrace these themes, and they were presented in an easy-to-understand way. The list to follow helped you focus on the goal whilst the various little quests to find more of the mystery of the house helped to expand on the idea of finding the treasure.


RPG Maker MV

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I'm a little late to the game (no pun intended) but I really enjoyed this title.  I especially enjoyed the various endings.  It's a fun game and I think you deserved first place!  But that's just my humble opinion.   Hope you plan to post more games because I would certainly play them!


Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I'm planning to extend it in the next few months by adding more rooms, more guests, and more things to unlock. :)


Aw, I didn't get everything on the to-do list, but the ending was still sweet. It's pretty different from what you normally see made with rpg maker! 

The atmosphere was nice and the furniture selection was really cool. I didn't feel like there was enough of interest to do during the day to keep me playing for a longer version of the game. If you do expand this, I'd like to see more 'gameplay'? I would have liked to be more involved in the inn- being able to cook or clean rather than just having it all done by an npc, but that's just my opinion :)

Did notice that when Kyle is sat upstairs, he's got the wrong sprite.

It might have been nice to be able to deselect amenities after accidentally clicking on them. 

Overall, good job :D


Thanks for playing and for your feedback. I may extend the game in the future when I have more time, and your suggestions are very useful. Thanks also for letting me know about the wrong sprite. :)

I really really like this! It was a short but fun game! I love this type of game (I'm a Harvest Moon and Rune factory fanatic especially haha) and tbh I didn't have a lot of expectations when I started playing the game but wow! I liked seeing the manor slowly getting more and more beautiful! By the end I can say I was really feeling accomplished!
But I was also a bit sad by the end thinking I wasn't going to be able to complete the game by the last day because I was missing the daily profit mission and the other to get the 20000$ overall.. and aww day 10 is here and I had just gotten my boatman the previous day! So I was able to go to the rock! And I found it!! And then the paintings! And then my hot buttler (that likes cats!) told me I was able to profit 1400$ that day! And then the art expert comes! And then I'M RICH!! I was able to finish! yay!!0
Overall: I loved playing this. I thought the story was nice. And as I already said the mansion looked beautiful by the end. The system to set the bedrooms furniture was really clever! I didn't find any kind of event to do with the wine really, dunno if I missed it. But I wish I could see our guests talking more about the amenities the next day. About how the bed was soft or how they got drunk by the lake? haha Or how the food was so good they would have to come back the next day. Or how the maid was really cute? I dunno. lol I just wished for more randomness I guess. Oh and maybe some cute guys that our main character might find reallyyy niceee too, you know? ;)
Anyway. I really hope you'll do more with this game, it was really nice already but it has a lot of potential and I would love to play moreee! Let me know if you do make anything else, I'll definitely want to play it! ^^
Good luck with the contest! You got my vote!  


Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it, and the suggestion to add conversation based on the amenities, for instance, is a good one and something I'd like to add in a future version of the game. But I'm not sure what you meant by any events to do with the wine? (I actually don't recall any wine in the game, but that's probably just my memory not kicking in properly.)

I can't check in the game right now but I think it was in the amenities list. It was one of the first available with breakfast and firewood
I remember playing the game really late in the night though so maybe I was dreaming, dunno. XD


Ah, thanks, I remember now. :) There weren't any events related to the wine so you didn't miss anything, it was just an amenity that was available from the start. (Though initially I had wanted the player to discover a cellar full of wine, but didn't have enough time to implement that.)

I'm glad I didn't miss any wine events! hehe
A wine cellar would be so cool! I would love to see that! 
If you continue with the game or add anything new, let me know! I would love to play it!


This was a lot of fun! A little short, but very addicting.


This was a fun game!  Nice story, fun characters, and a neat system for managing an inn.  My only complaint is that it doesn't take long to complete, but I understand it had to be short to fit in the contest guidelines.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Yeah, I intentionally made it so that the player gets the full storyline within an hour, but I would like to add more characters and features in the future.