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This is a tale from the NPC (non-player character) point of view.
Submitted by JSchwartzkopf with 2 days, 6 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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  • You have a great concept here, but the execution was a little off. I liked how down to Earth the mission was, just saving your house from foreclosure. However, I think a lot of the money-gathering options need some polish. For instance, there must be a better way to get grubs than just playing that guy’s random digging game (or is there another spot you can go? I couldn’t find it). In general, the role of randomness in a lot of these activities can get frustrating, especially when you have such a huge amount to raise. Crafting armors based on hero requests is a great idea but I think it should be a little more intricate, maybe having to use more than one item to make them. The mapping of the village is very nice, but the interiors of the houses are massive. Especially the merchant’s guild, that was like the size of a football field. Good start and I hope you keep at it.

    Score: 51/80

RPG Maker VX Ace

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I really like what I've seen so far in the game, the gameplay seems to be really well done, but I sort of feel kind of lost all over the place, you know?
Like I got about 1 hour and a half in so far, and the NPC town is really fun to explore but after seeing the mayor it took me ages to figure out where the merchant was (and then a bit more to find a way to get to him in that building). I also got a bit frustrated after I visited the item shop and had to find out how the hell was I suppose to get a box of potions. Later after I kind of forgot about that I came across the old man that gives those accidently... ^^' I think you should make the npcs that are important a bit more accessible to the player.
Personally, I really dislike that building, I thought it was too confusing to move around inside. Not going there again unless I really REALLY need to.. haha 
Ah I had something happen to me in the pub that I don't know if that's how it's meant to be. But if you start to 'work' there and then leave the pub the work you have done resets. I was missing one dish to finish so I left to get one ingredient outside and when I went back in again, I couldn't feed anyone anymore. I had to start work again with the pub manager. :(
I like how the stuff keeps respawning all over the place, the day and night system is clever too, because there's stuff we can only see/get at night. hehe So that's how NPCs always have stuff to sell in games! Infinite respawners! I knew it! XD
Observations: I love that we can make weapons, armors and potions! And we can cook too!! Just being able to craft as we want is nice really and then we can also choose who we sell the stuff to, the shops or all those heroes roaming around. But. I think you should also put a  sort of limit between how much work we can do and how many stuff we sell in one day. Because if we can sell the same stuff to the same person, well we can just keep doing that without really trying all the rest. lol :P You could make the gameplay more interesting if put a day limit for example. Like when we are working on the pub or the inn, you could make it that when we decide to finish, we can't go work there again until the next day. And limiting the stuff we can sell to the heroes, it's just so that we need to also work on other stuff, I think it makes the crafting more meaningful and there's SO MANY characters going around that it makes it more interesting if you need to interact with others instead of going to the same ones over and over again. 
Overall: I really liked playing the game but I just felt a bit like I was just going around without a real objective in mind. I know we are working towards getting the taxes money, but after a while of going around, you kind of forget about it. lol 
I do like what you have going on here though. I love crafting games (and I'm gonna be saving this one in my pc), so I'm definitely looking forward to explore more of the game. I don't know if you have plans to continue with this (or even if the game already has an end) but I do hope you do. Because I would love to see you expanding the game. Maybe make it so our character have her own shop or something? :P XD I would have liked to be able to choose how my character looks too. 
Anyway. Good luck with the contest and keep it up! ^^


I'm thoroughly enjoying the game so far. I have 5+ hours on it currently. I really like the concept of playing an NPC and being surrounded by heroes everywhere, crafting and selling things to them. I also like the events that seem to hint toward a bigger story, but alas, as an NPC that is not our place to engage in. I am curious how to obtain a key for that one place I dug up, I am assuming you could eventually craft this, or is this obtained via an event?


Thank you for the kind words regarding NPC Town.  As for the key, just keep digging... :)


Yay, finally found the key, and boy do I have to be careful down there! Thank goodness I save a lot, wahaha.

Submitted (1 edit)

I played and really enjoyed the atmosphere and effort that went into creating such an expressive environment. However, I had no idea what to do. I went to the mayor and he told me about a job I could do, but I went to almost every NPC and store I could find and found no one to help. I thought the day and night cycle would create an event considering I only had one day to get the tax money, but nothing was effected. Ultimately, I had to stop. I understand this took a lot of effort, but I couldn't progress without some direction. If you've got advise, I'd like to try again. I would also appreciate a play-through on my entry. Have a nice day and good luck!

Developer (1 edit)

The mayor will tell you to talk to the head of the merchant's guild, Gustav.  He's on the 2nd level of the big manor house in the northwest corner of NPC Town.  Talk to him to get the Work Permit.


I've uploaded a version that works better.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for playing my game~!


Just wanted to tell you that I could not play the game, it failed to extract ever time I tried 4 times. Please hurry and re upload the game. I hope you read this in time.