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Thank you!

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As a note to anyone struggling with the imbalanced battles... if you haven't found the skill learning system, you can go to the skill menu and learn skills once you have some Credits. The Energy Blast skill ended up extra powerful, so use that for help defeating enemies. Last Stand is also powerful if Astra's health is getting low.

Also, if you've gotten to the ending, the new party member has a skill called Vital Breaker that is extremely overpowered.

Thanks, and good luck to you too!

Thanks for playing! Most materials should be in the storage room (in the main area of the base, it's the door on the bottom left), and they'll respawn after you leave the room and come back.

I did run out of time to finish balancing the battles... Once the jam is over, I'll be fixing that as well as the other issues.

Cute graphics, I like the design, but sadly I got this error when trying to sell to my first customer. I had made the mushroom recipe.

Thank you so much! I'll definitely be fixing the enemies/backgrounds issue for when the jam is over.

The main reasons I restricted the crafting locations were first for a bit more of a player challenge, and second because it made it easier for me to keep the journal updated. Since some quests involve crafting a certain item, I had to add events to check player inventory for these items. Actually, as I'm typing this, your mention of crafting an item to craft anywhere just gave me an idea for how to work around this. Haha I'll play around with it and see how it goes.

Thanks! Yeah, I'll be playing some too, there'll be more time without working on my own.

Another updated version has been uploaded. Enemies now drop fewer Credits and more XP. And, after a comment from Xorclev, I also added sound effects for when gathering items.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

I uploaded an edit with sound effects for finding items, so please re-download if you want to hear the changes. If I have time before the jam ends, I'll look into ways to make the aliens stand out from the backgrounds, and change some graphics to differentiate between harder enemies. If not, I'll work on it for after the rating period is ended.

I uploaded an updated version of the game. I fixed the graphical issue with defeating the final boss, and I finished the computers and Max's logs. The Records Computer now has brief gameplay tutorials. I also added weapons and armors descriptions in the main menu, as I realized I'd forgotten to sooner.

Not much time left! The last thing I have to do (unless I find other issues) is adjust the balance in battles.

Repeaters is now up for downloading! Please check it out and let me know what you think! It's still in development, and on the game page I have a list of known issues, but if you find any others, please leave a comment.

I haven't gotten very far yet, but so far I like it and am interested to uncover more of the story.

But I found 2 issues I wanted to let you know about. The first is just a typo. During the dream in the beginning, she says "I've seen this thrown before" when it should be throne. The second is in the blacksmith shop in Flatheas, I can walk on the counter and on the top of the walls.

Life happened and I had a busy weekend, so I did not make much more progress. I've started working on battles but so far the scripts I wanted are not cooperating. It's probably just something small I overlooked.

Aside from that, I worked on items and equipment. They're not finished yet but at least they're started. =)

Anyway, that was just a quick update. Now I'm back to work!

Finally started implementing the survival system. I'm using Nicke's Variable HUD script to show it on the map. Still adjusting how quickly these decrease, but they're there! You'll be able to cook food to restore Hunger and Thirst, and Rest can be restored by sleeping. At the moment, Sanity starts to drop when any of the other three are below 30, but this might change as I test it.

To Do List
  • Finish the separate endings for whether Astra is insane or sane
  • Finish smaller events, including interactive computers, a treasure hunt, and chit-chat between Astra and B.U.D., the robot companion
  • Finalize survival system
  • Make items to restore Hunger and Thirst
  • Add battle mechanics and start balancing battles

Oh! That explains it. Haha I guess I was expecting it to be more like how in RPG Maker it's there at the end of every piece of dialogue. Sorry for the confusion.

Here are screenshots, one where the cursor showed up and one where it didn't. I tried changing the config to 1 and it didn't fix.

Not a game-breaking issue in any case, I'm just a little OCD. =)


I like the graphics! But one small thing I noticed is that the cursor at the end of dialogue is there sometimes and not there other times. It seems to randomly show up.

Haha I submitted games to the last two IGMCs, and both times I was struggling to finish just hours before the deadline. This time I'm determined to get it ready sooner.

Thank you!

Today I made a lot of headway with mapping. I already had the first few events down, so now that I have the maps mostly  out of the way, I can focus on finishing events and uploading a demo!

To give the planet a more foreign look, I decided to make the trees a reddish-purple color.


Here's a glimpse of the graphics. I'm mostly using the DS, DS+, and DS Retro dlc.

Hello! I'm excited to take part in this year's IGMC.

My project: Repeaters

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

In 2138, a method of terraforming called repeating has been discovered. Teams are sent to distant planets with technology to clone themselves. When the clone dies, their consciousness is transferred back to their real body, and they can start the process over with a new clone.

You'll play as Astra, who is the only surviving member of her team after an accident killed her teammates' real bodies. Astra is now stranded on an uninhabited planet with only a sassy robot for company. The main focus will be exploring, with a bit of combat, as you'll have to find materials to fix the base so you can call for help.

Dying will not result in a game over, because Astra can repeat. However, with every repeat, she'll lose sanity. If she goes insane, you'll get a bad ending.

I also plan to include a survival system, so Astra will have hunger, thirst, and rest that need to be maintained or she'll lose sanity.

I'm glad you liked it!  Thank you for playing and thank you for the input.

Haha, yeah, my friend drew them.  I'll be sure to let her know you said that!  Thanks!

The first time I played I wasn't able to have the sound on, so just now I played it again to hear the voice acting.  I love it!  Great job to you and your voice actors!  I'll be waiting for more voices in version 2  =)

Haha, I know what you mean about obnoxious characters.  They are fun to write for.

This game had a lot of character.  I like how the Legendary Heroine didn't turn out to have a very heroic personality.  That sock salesman made me laugh.  Although, haha, I thought Benjamin was a girl until the man called him "son."

There's a passability issue with one of the stands in the royal city, but other than that, nice work!

This was a fun game!  Nice story, fun characters, and a neat system for managing an inn.  My only complaint is that it doesn't take long to complete, but I understand it had to be short to fit in the contest guidelines.

This game had an intriguing concept, and, I must say, great music!  I found the dialogue a bit confusing sometimes (sorry if it's obvious, but I have no idea what the Silver War is), but in the end it was a nice story about friendship.

Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!