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Journey of the ScrollView game page

An odd adventure story indeed!
Submitted by Tofu Sheets Visual — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Journey of the Scroll's page


Ranked 114th with 1 vote

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  • 30/80

    Health… Viles?  Not Vials?  Magic Water has no flavor text? Why am I walking up the wall instead of interacting with the bloodstain? Re-entering town makes the party move awkwardly and the second part of town has a broken event. Why is the dragon almost literally on top of the party in battle? Saying No to sleeping at the camp breaks the game into a freeze. Even without saying no, the character disappears. 3 v 1… Umm… The fairy is still in the party.

    This game… is so nonsensical and seems to try to be over the top, but is not really quite there. Sound does not end if you click on the next message before the talking ends, potentially leading to a lot of overlapping voices. Many objects allow you to walk through them either over or under the object or a mixture of both. The world looks extremely cramped and doesn’t really lead towards making sense visually. The voice acting is interesting, but quite a bit of areas seem unvoiced so it is hard to tell what was the rule for deciding voice acting.

    Easily forgettable despite almost being over the top. That is almost an accomplishment by itself. Needs to fix several issues such as graphical and movement and events. The writing needs to decide on a stance whether it is over the top or not as it seems like the game isn’t really committed to a specific style.

Team Members
Tofu Sheets Visual

RPG Maker MV

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This was fun! I loved the story and the characters! The world was funny too, I wish I had more time to explore it! :P I hope you'll do a follow up! I'm sure the Mechanic's Ex-Queen hasn't given up on the Redhaired (hottie) King, right?! I was surprised when we found out he was married with her sister! haha I also wanna see Mr. (hot) Elf aiding the Red Eyed Witch in her own adventure! ;)
Overall: This was a nice game! Fun! 


This game had a lot of character.  I like how the Legendary Heroine didn't turn out to have a very heroic personality.  That sock salesman made me laugh.  Although, haha, I thought Benjamin was a girl until the man called him "son."

There's a passability issue with one of the stands in the royal city, but other than that, nice work!


Thank you so much for playing! I knew Mr. Sock Salesman would be popular (he's voiced by my brother, whom also voiced another popular character in my last RPG). The heroine was fun to write and voice for because I hadn't made an obnoxious girl character before and I wanted to because you can just write so much fun and ridiculous dialogue!

And thanks for pointing out that passability to error! I'll be sure to have all those things fixed for Version 2 when the contest ends. Thank you for playing! <3


The first time I played I wasn't able to have the sound on, so just now I played it again to hear the voice acting.  I love it!  Great job to you and your voice actors!  I'll be waiting for more voices in version 2  =)

Haha, I know what you mean about obnoxious characters.  They are fun to write for.


Cool! We'll do our best to make Version 2 shine like the game it was supposed to be~

That Sock salesmen LOL XD Great characters and fun story! xxx