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A fun crisis designed for the whole family!
Submitted by kaza2929 — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 36th with 6 votes

People's Choice Vote#366

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    Saw-like escape game with characters that should be in theory OP but can still die is a great twist. It's my type of jam.


    Some puzzles and trying to get through the first half with long dialogue before trying again is a test of patience. The rest of the puzzles weren't as bad but the fight against the receptionist ghoujl was frustrating because it wasn’t that clear. I pressed Fight <1 second before the timer runs out and then I DIE? The only way to survive this scenario is holding Cancel every time and ignoring the dialogue! I'm not sure if that's even intentional.


    It's very solid graphically. However I have an issue with its presentation in regards to choices, especially the last fight. The writing is pretty funny between the characters and their dynamic is great. I also like how the undead character can always be an option and presents a moral dilemma. The group dynamic is pretty good.


    I did not enjoy playing this game after repetitive cutscenes for failing the first trial many times until I understand what the game wants me to do.  There is a part where I don't understand just how close the main character is to their group of friends or what they exactly feel about her, especially in regards to two different endings.

    Total – 55/80

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This was fun. The story was really funny, but I really liked the group dynamics. The characters were all pretty interesting and the dialogues/convos between them were really fun to read.
Some of the puzzles were really hard, honestly I only got to the end using the walkthrough you put up but I enjoyed trying to figure them out. They were really clever! :)
Overall it was a pretty good game! Good luck with the contest! ^^

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i liked the game it was fun, enjoyed the witty batter


This game had an intriguing concept, and, I must say, great music!  I found the dialogue a bit confusing sometimes (sorry if it's obvious, but I have no idea what the Silver War is), but in the end it was a nice story about friendship.


Yup, I'm debating whether to add the General Canadia in front of that in an update unrelated to the contest to further play up the reference :)

Thank you so much for playing!


Ok! I beat the game! BUT I only did it by cheating. 

First of all, this game's got SUPERB writing. Like absolutely superb. And the concept is really awesome:  A death escape room and you've got 5 characters each with different special abilities that the player can utilize (although not all got used). If this were just a normal game and players had all the time in the world to struggle with these puzzles, I think it would work great.

BUT, I must say, mate, that as a contest entry this is quite risky. In that I think players (AKA judges) need a really high IQ or be escape room junkies to even advance past the second room. And they only got 1 hour. Maybe I'm just retarded, but even after I got the answers I did not understand the meaning behind them. Why was it this number? Also, why was it that particular path that I had to take? I completely, absolutely did not get any of it. I recommend you put up a FAQ for us lay people to look at so we can see the light. And I'm just really curious what devious logic was behind all of it.

Anyways, good job guys! Despite all that I really liked this game so I'm voting for it.


Awesome! Thank you so very much for playing it and leaving a review! I'm glad you enjoyed :D

Thanks for the feedback, and you are absolutely right! I tried to include more hints but perhaps a FAQ/Walkthrough would be a great idea! I will get right on that :)

Stay tuned! And thank you again !


Okay, I posted a walkthrough! Hope you enjoy !


I can’t figure out the second room! Can I have a hint? Does it have to do with the potion drinking order?

I must say, absolutely superb writing so far! I love sarcastic Shirls.


Oh yes! Be sure to speak to everyone! They'll give some pretty big hints.

And also maybe sometimes what's below your feet counts ;)

<One of the potions are a hint, the rest are a bonus !>