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A jam entry

EinherjarView game page »

Summon and battle with heroes of legend and myth.
Submitted by Watermark RPG (@WatermarkRPG) with 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline

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Team Members
Mark Waters
Nick Neace
Miss Nile

RPG Maker MV

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It was a pleasure to work with Mark on this game. :) Although I might be a bit biased when saying this, but it is a game worth giving a piece of your time. The battles are very fun and the summoning system makes you enjoy a unique experience. I don't think I played any other RPG game that used a similar concept. The story is also engaging and will keep you motivated to play and know more. ^^


Thanks Miss Nile! I am of course totally biased regarding our game, but I really think Miss Nile did an awesome job on the maps and environment so peoples come and check it out!

Heya! Unfortunately the rar is corrupt. Sometimes that happens when uploading to itch. :(


Thanks for the reminder! Yes, the file seems to become corrupt if you use the Dropbox option, but it should be working now. Please try again.

Got a chance to play and I love the summoning system - I thought that was super cool! The battles were fun enough, and the variety of summons ensured that they never felt tedious. Congratulations on your submission!


  • There were a lot of passability errors on your maps (can't walk behind trees, but can walk behind plants, can walk on lamps/shelves, etc.)
  • The music on 2F of the manor was awful and completely different from the musical vibe of the game up to that point (keep in mind that listening to loud, lyrical music on repeat would be irritating for most people)
  • On 2F of the manor I was silenced - and didn't have anything to remove the silence so I couldn't pull from anyone on the floor (which was a super poor design choice for the first are you're supposed to farm souls).
  • The dialogue felt a little drawn out at times - it could have been more 'to the point' in some of the scenes I witnessed.

Thanks for playing and the comments! Glad you enjoyed it. 

I can't speak for others but I personally loved the music on the 2F, I guess it's really a personal preference thing. If anything it is a different change.

Just head back to bed and rest to remove the silence.

Yeah, there were things I wish we could've done better, like more testing and battle balance. I should've worked more on the states part, like setting immunity and resistances. Totally my fault. It would've improved the game more. Still, I must say 1 month is a terribly short time. Although the contest build is set, we could work in these improvements in future releases.

Thanks for the comments!