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Quite nice game, after I saw a school bullying scene I thought entire "game" gonna happen as a rpg session where Penelope fights the bullly with the "game" full of dice rolls etc. 

The biggest thing that took me out of game was the Hopeless boss fight scene, used so many times.

Other than that, nice idea and sounds like a pretty complicated souls system there, Sindbad was a kinda weird summon. Had some fun playing the game ;)

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Thanks so much! Yeah, you know traditionally the heroine is usually someone like Penny and the bully always gets her just punishment later yada yada. But we thought this is too black and white, and in a sense, is there no redemption for someone who's done bad things? That society should forever condemn the "bad guy" and not try to save him or her? It's a short game but we tried to explore that concept a little here.

The Hopeless fight? Hahaha! Thanks for the comment. We should try to find a more elegant solution to this.

And yeah, Sinbad is way underpowered. I've always loved Sinbad the character. It was just the development process was rushed and didn't get to do enough balancing in time. We need to beef him up in a future build.

Thanks for playing!