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Good news everyone!
Great news, I already wishlisted it :P
(facebook follower)

Replying to this comment feels like necroposting ;P

Game has a very nice aesthetics and sound design. Creates a nice virtual world that I would have a lot of fun exploring.  Combat was the thing I didn't like, the idea of cards made me think of turn based hex based ""something"", but in the end it was a button masher. I did get stuck on second boss with three waves and no health regen. I kinda wish in this demo there was more walking and talking in the (or outside) main room instead of walking around and button mashing monsters.

Overall, good game with great audiovisuals! Just the combat needs a bit more something.

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Thanks for the comment/review :)

The game indeed needs about a few more dozen of months of development, to become more acceptable.
(and maybe some better developer)

Will do it!

Thanks for writing the comment.

Game pretty much suffers from a prototype syndrom, give it about 6 months to six years of development, it would probably make it into the acceptable state. Mapping should get the most work.

The polish is the thing it needs the most, because of the short development time many things had to be cut or simplified (Avalon suffered the most). After the jam is done I intend to make it into a proper game (with better and deeper mechanics). Jam version last about a hour and I think many of the questions would be answered. I encourage you to try the full experience because I tried to make the plot/world the strongest parts of this game :P

Thanks for the opinion!

Will try better next time ;)

It feels like a necroposting but any news about Cold Hearts? Will it be out or the project is kinda dead?

Simple and enjoyable, while I think graphics and very basic battles were things bad in this game I think the story and adventure elements made this game better and enjoyable. I liked this game a lot and it left me with the feeling that I would enjoy some dark twist ending to it, which is a good sign. Good simple game :)

Nice and simple game, liked it. Heroes are lot of fun and graphics are good :)

Only problem I had is the lack of bosses. Player don't have to fight monster groups (can evade them) and so we can become underleveled pretty quick. Adding boss fights could make it less problematic.

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Quite nice game, after I saw a school bullying scene I thought entire "game" gonna happen as a rpg session where Penelope fights the bullly with the "game" full of dice rolls etc. 

The biggest thing that took me out of game was the Hopeless boss fight scene, used so many times.

Other than that, nice idea and sounds like a pretty complicated souls system there, Sindbad was a kinda weird summon. Had some fun playing the game ;)

II know the feeling,  after 3 days of work on the game I procrastinated for about 24 (had about 25% of game finished) and the last 3 days were about cut this, cut that and do less than planned to meet the deadline. About 4 hours before ;)

Very nice game, short and sweet. Art style is great and story cute. Although I wished that the game would take a psychedelic turn or give us a dark twist, but then it's just a wish of a dark mind of mine. That was a good play :)

Left open -> meaning when you compressed the game data (because you are using RMVXAce) you didn't encrypted the archives. Now there is a icon to open the game with the editor.

Nice idea but too short, too booby, too ducking and lack of mechanical armor on the main map, it was weird to see small guy on the map and big giant ducking robot in the fight. Game main sin is being too short but it was fun short.

Played it a little (up to first time reverse thanks to the landmine), lack of savegame doesn't encourage to play more. Plus you left your game opened so we can spoil the game and see what to notice. Big house was pretty irritating because of the voice saying I can't, yes we can!

Nice idea but not encouraging gameplay.

Btw1, voice saying Jesus Christ, is in creator's character?
Btw2. player character said he is colorblind and later said Chrysanthemes haven't been watered for a six days because of their color, how does it works?

Wish I could read books or go to sleep instead of always watching movies. Game left me with unfulfilled feelings so thats one point for the game ;)

Nice on the side of graphics but nothing else sadly.

I guess I am stucked :P
Once I picked the first chest I can't go any further.

Nice game, looks good and have enjoyable gameplay (played only 11 levels down).  I don't know if it happens later but I would like to see enemies having multiple elements (like light+ice=crystal).  Sadly it leaves the impression that it's gonna get repetitive pretty soon (with fighting and dungeons).

Also found out that levels don't exactly build themself to be gone through. Happened at level 1 (new game) and then on level 11, gonna add the screenshot how it looks.

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I would say, it's a okay game with pretty generic elements and nothing exciting happening.
Reminder of the simpler times, still it's a good first game.