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A jam submission

I'd Cross the World for YouView game page

An adventure game made with love
Submitted by PKLucky (@pklpikachu) — 3 days, 6 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 29th with 7 votes

People's Choice Vote#297

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  • Theme

    A romance comedy about a recently graduated girl who runs somewhere to go to Japan? It’s odd. It feels like a drug trip. Wacky and really cute


    Just some basic puzzles and gameplay. It's very simple and there's not much to say about it. There was that one section with the cars that was really funny. It felt like I was running so fast I hurt the cars instead.


    Inconsistent and some streteched out graphics but cute story. Very charming in its own way.


    I finished it but I still have no idea how there are sea faring pirates in modern day 2017. I wish the game is more polished because despite it all, I enjoyed its charm.

    Total – 53/80

RPG Maker 2003

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Simple and enjoyable, while I think graphics and very basic battles were things bad in this game I think the story and adventure elements made this game better and enjoyable. I liked this game a lot and it left me with the feeling that I would enjoy some dark twist ending to it, which is a good sign. Good simple game :)


I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


This was an adorable little story! Nothing too complex, nice and simple, and a satisfying ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it <3


Thank you so much!


nice little entry. pretty solid :)


This was really cute! I think I encountered a small bug when handing out flyers though - the first round I did it, it said I only handed out 3 when I had easily done 10+. Not game breaking though - I still finished! Congratulations on completing this. :)


Okay, I'll look into that ASAP! And I'm glad you liked it! :D


Just fixed the bug. Thanks again, man!


No problemo, friend! :3