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This was so polished! I really loved the demo. How did you get your skill menus to work that way? Is it all through pictures or a combination of different plugins?

This was really fun! Great job! I actually really liked the ending.

Nope! It was made in MV

Damn zaddy you cute

If you release an ice/water and heal pack of these I'll be set!

This was really well put together! I'm excited for the full release. ;3

This looks really awesome! I can't wait to try it out! I'll drop you some feedback once I've finished. :)

This was so cute - like all of your games! :3

Thanks for your feedback! That's actually a smart idea - I don't know why I didn't think of that! I have to clean up the events anyways - so I'll definitely implement that for the next release. :)

It's reeeallly old - but despite the engrish, it's really well-made and I want to replicate it's style in the future!

If you're using Yanfly's Main Meny Manager you can insert the common event below items in the plugin commands. :)

I didn't realize you made 'Essence Hunt' (so cute)! I do hope you try to go through with a full length version of this game - I think there needs to be more games with optional BL-Style romancing! I think a game in the vein of 'Romancing Walker' with candidates from different gender pools would be wicked (and it's something I've thought about working on for a long time)!

I think you should have branched skill learning (so skills unlock or upgrade instead of being able to learn a ton) - I also think that the main character should have a set class, or a class chosen at the beginning of the game to keep her playstyle a bit cleaner. I also wasn't crazy about the item shop being the first option in the menu - as most games default to it being the first (as it's the most used) - If you're using conditional branches for the online store try to input labels so that when people leave one - they're not thrown out of the menu, and instead brought back to the main screen of the online store (feel free to message me if this doesn't make sense, it's super easy)! 

The skills coincide with the battle system feedback - I feel like there were a lot of skills to use - but most were either the same or not incredibly useful - instead of having 8 skills that do triple damage to different types of enemies, I always think it's better to scope it down for simplicity in design. 

really liked this! It's only the second submitted game I've played the whole way through! I have no major feedback - although I do feel like you have a lot going on in your menus/battle system that you'll need to fine tune for the final release. 

I've gotten lots of great feedback - and I have some awesome ideas for how to bridge the gap between RPG/Adventure even further so (for once) I can say I'm really excited to continue working on this!

I'm glad you found my commentary during that puzzle funny - because I was actually cry laughing at how bad I was! That's really my only criticism - sometimes it felt like there was lag input on the button presses. Everything else was beautiful and awesome!

I'm gonna go click continue now~!

I'm really sorry your computer was unable to handle it - I'm going to try to figure out how to create menu options to turn off the lighting, fogs and weather for the next release. The ambience will take a hit for sure, but at least people who have trouble running it will still get to experience it. :)

I think you were able to offer quite a lot! Maybe not in terms of gameplay - but in terms of stylization/branding you did a wonderful job.

This was so good! I didn't expect it to be as great as it was! The battles were fun, the music was great, the dialogue was lighthearted and awesome - really, really good job guys!

This was so friggin' cute! I ship Vice and Alain so hard - Jess can beat it.

This was a trip

Me too Kirsten! 

This was really cute! I found the humor to be on point - and my only major gripe was that the movement speed was so slow. Congratulations on your entry! :3

The music choices were awesome - and despite only taking me 10 minutes, I thought the message behind the game was beautiful. Great job!

This was cool! Aesthetically, it was really pleasing - and I like that we're using the same battle system! I will say that I hated the music that was used as I've heard it 800 times - but I'm excited to see how your project progresses!

The game was really fun! If you want to watch a (really bad) LP on how I struggled with the second puzzle - here ya go!

Got a chance to play and I love the summoning system - I thought that was super cool! The battles were fun enough, and the variety of summons ensured that they never felt tedious. Congratulations on your submission!


  • There were a lot of passability errors on your maps (can't walk behind trees, but can walk behind plants, can walk on lamps/shelves, etc.)
  • The music on 2F of the manor was awful and completely different from the musical vibe of the game up to that point (keep in mind that listening to loud, lyrical music on repeat would be irritating for most people)
  • On 2F of the manor I was silenced - and didn't have anything to remove the silence so I couldn't pull from anyone on the floor (which was a super poor design choice for the first are you're supposed to farm souls).
  • The dialogue felt a little drawn out at times - it could have been more 'to the point' in some of the scenes I witnessed.

Not sure - but this game was super addictive while I was playing!

Thanks for playin' - I'm glad you liked it!

I'm not supposed to beat my Mom? :'(

I was really into this! It's too bad it blacks out if your time runs out in a battle (at least that's what happened to me) - it was really fun while it lasted though. Good job team!

This was really unique! I haven't seen a game like this made in any RPGM software...well, ever! I thought it was really fun for awhile but I tend to get bored of games like this pretty quickly - you can tell you put a lot of effort into making everything as interactive as possible though, which I love.  Really great job!

You can tell a lot of work into this project! I love the art style, the UI and the way you guys decided to display your messages - I will say the perspective kind of threw me off a bit though for a L-R sidescroller type of game (it feels almost like a top down, rather than a left to right) - and I found the battles a little bit pointless as you really only get to click a button and execute a bunch of moves (without ever really knowing what's going to happen or what the impact is going to be). I think the battle system would have been a lot cooler if it was a little more 'responsive' - right now it feels almost like autobattle and for the duration of a battle I almost completely disengage from the game.

Ah, now it makes sense! This project is very you - the combat is awesome, the puzzles are tricky and involved and it has a great deal of polish! I can't get over how beautiful some of the maps were. Great job you guys!

Thanks Stranga! Glad you enjoyed what you saw. :)

This was a great play! You might not have given too much away in the beginning but I still found the story incredibly interesting - and the variety of companions/switching made the battles feel very fluid/purposeful!