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A jam entry

Demon PhaseView game page »

A short RPG made for IGMC 2017
Submitted by SilverHyena (@Silver_Hyena) with 3 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
Just Me (SilverHyena)

RPG Maker MV

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Somehow I like the characters~ Jess is my favorite character!


Aw, thanks!  I'm happy to hear that.  Since it is a really short game I was a little worried people wouldn't have time to get attached to the characters.  Jess is especially tricky since you kind of have to get attached to her quickly since the ending's impact kind of depends on how much you like her to some extent.   So yay!  I'm glad you liked her! XD


1) Pretty easy, but I'm guessing that was intentional.  After all, this game was never meant to be all that long in the first place.

2) I'd honestly like to see this project expanded upon.  Especially seeing as how the current ending leaves a lot room for further expansions upon the story.

Nice let's play!

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thank you for taking the time to do a Let's Play of my game!  I had to work up my nerve to watch it since I always get nervous about actually hearing people comment on my stuff (written comments aren't nearly as bad for me for some reason), but I really appreciate it.  I also think it's just really cool in general that you're covering a lot of the contest entries in the first place.  :D

Aaaanyway, I apologize about the TP thing!  I was rushing to finish and I didn't even think about it!   That's a good part of why it isn't very difficult.  Part of it was intentional though.  I personally hate grinding so I tried to make it possible to win without doing any training at all (or buying any items).  That is something I'd definitely tweak in a longer game though.

I'm also glad to hear that you would like to see it expanded on.  I knew I needed to keep my scope small for the contest (especially since I started really late), but once I got going I realized it was something I would eventually want to try to turn into a larger game.  Hearing I'm not the only one on board with the idea is encouraging.

Edit:  And was that a Speed Racer reference you used?  (Pancakes are love.)  Because if it is, you're my favorite person.  Haha.  I was actually thinking that when I wrote the line the guard says in the tavern, but I figured nobody would get the reference so I didn't end up clarifying it to make a legitimate reference.

" I also think it's just really cool in general that you're covering a lot of the contest entries in the first place."

I suppose, but I've played through more then a few of the games on the grounds that I thought they'd be bad games in advance.  A good example of this would be Dave's Adventure of lobthe magical girl.

"And was that a Speed Racer reference you used?"


This was so friggin' cute! I ship Vice and Alain so hard - Jess can beat it.


Haha, thanks!  I did try to write it in a way where both Alain and Jess were viable shipping candidates for Vice.  If the game was longer I would probably have put an actual relationship mechanic in it.   That is something I'll probably incorporate if I go through with my plans to make a longer (this game would be the first mission in a larger game) and  more involved version of this game later on.

I didn't realize you made 'Essence Hunt' (so cute)! I do hope you try to go through with a full length version of this game - I think there needs to be more games with optional BL-Style romancing! I think a game in the vein of 'Romancing Walker' with candidates from different gender pools would be wicked (and it's something I've thought about working on for a long time)!


Haha, you found me out!  BL is my jam.  I like to think I write other pairings decently too though.  :P  I definitely agree that there should be more games with BL options.  (Or GL options if the protagonist is female.  It's just good to have more diversity in general.)

And now I have a new game to check out!  I'd never heard of Romancing Walker before.  (I don't know how since I'm always trying to find games to play with romance options.  :P)   It looks like fun! XD

It's reeeallly old - but despite the engrish, it's really well-made and I want to replicate it's style in the future!


Haha.  It's all good.  I've dealt with engrish before.  It can't stop me from enjoying things!  It really does look like a game I'd like.