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Haha, you found me out!  BL is my jam.  I like to think I write other pairings decently too though.  :P  I definitely agree that there should be more games with BL options.  (Or GL options if the protagonist is female.  It's just good to have more diversity in general.)

And now I have a new game to check out!  I'd never heard of Romancing Walker before.  (I don't know how since I'm always trying to find games to play with romance options.  :P)   It looks like fun! XD

It's reeeallly old - but despite the engrish, it's really well-made and I want to replicate it's style in the future!


Haha.  It's all good.  I've dealt with engrish before.  It can't stop me from enjoying things!  It really does look like a game I'd like.