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Aww I really really liked this! I like Alain so much.. do I get BL vibes? Or it's just me?! >_<♥
I think this is probably one of the most solid entries that I played for the contest.
The story is really good, the characters are all pretty unique and the art looks really nice too. ^^
I thought the gameplay was simple and straight to the point, with the battles being a bit too easy at times but still enough for it to be challenging.
The maps could have been a bit nicer, but when you use default resources you can't expect much and I though they still looked nice enough. (In particularly I really liked the magic shop! heh)
I didn't come across any bugs which is really cool and the game ran really well in my computer.  
However one little suggestion I will put out there is to consider giving the villagers some better facesets, I thought the faceless villagers looked really out of place. You have your own characters with custom facesets, so just giving the others some nice default ones will make it look so much better.
And. Now. The only other thing I can do is BEGGGG for more!
I really hope you'll continue with this project. The ending is kind of open so you can definitely pick it up from there and I really would love to play more of this. The game has lots of potential!
Good luck with the contest and keep it up! :)


First off, thank you so much for your kind comments!  XD  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And no, you aren't crazy.  The BL vibes are real.  I tried to write the game so you could easily ship Vice with Alain or Jess.  (And I might have been particularly partial to Alain since I am a BL fan.  Haha...)  I'm a sucker for romance options so they are something I am going to include in the larger version of the game which, you'll be happy to know, I am working on (albeit slowly).   The larger version will also include mostly custom assets.   And yes, I plan to give the villagers actual faces.   That was more of a time thing than anything else, but I wholeheartedly agree with you.   I imagine it'd also be far less obvious who to suspect if most people have portraits. ;)

Anyway, thanks again and I shall keep your comments in mind as I work on the bigger version of the game!