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1)  I suppose I phrased it a bit poorly, but I took on all three quests at the same time and then returned to town in order to collect my prize money one right after the other.  For some reason this caused the game to crash when dealing with the tier three creatures.  Despite the fact, that I could do this just fine with the Tier 1 & Tier 2 ones.


1)  Honestly, this game isn't all that funny.  Though, I suppose it doesn't help that almost every topic in here has been hit by the late night comedy shows at length and in depth.  So, there really isn't anything new here for the most part.

2)  This game really would have benefited from having a saving system that works.  Or at the very least it should have included automatic save points after every boss.


1)  I found a weird game ending bug in this game.  If you take out all of the tier three creatures in a single hunt and then return to town in order to collect your prizes.  The game will actually lock up and force you to reset.

2) I also found a weird bug where if you do the same thing with the tier two creatures.  You'll be unable to hunt down the Moosalo again.  While it will appear on the map again if you attempt to do so.  For whatever reason, it's impossible to interact with it.

3) If you try to get the Skyfox Armor or the Boarilla Armor your instead awarded with the creatures weapon rather then it's armor.

4) Why do you have a menu option for special skills if the player never learns any?

5)  Why is this game listed as a RPG if it's impossible to level up?

I don't remember any errors like that in this game.  And, I did a Let's Play for this game.


I really hate it when a game ends with a game over screen after you've taken down the final boss.


01)  I have no idea why this game was disqualified from the contest.  Since as far as I can tell the game is entirely functional.

02)  Honestly, this game just strikes me as another example why real-time combat doesn't work very well in RPG Maker games.  This is largely because the range of your character's attacks are always highly limited.  So, it's difficult to hit an opponent without taking a hit in return.  As such most battles devolve into the player trading blows and back and forth with the enemy with little if any emphasis on skill.

In fact, the only time you'll see a change from this approach is after you've acquired the ability to launch fire.  At that point you'll still trade blows with the regular enemies, but you'll have a handy tool for taking down all of the game's bosses with little effort.  After all, why would I hit a spirit with a sword, when I can burn them with fire?

03) In other news, the game contains a lot of dialogue issues.  These issues range from poor text wrapping to spelling errors.

04) I found a weird mapping glitch in the castle as well.  If you try to return to the central room from the second room you can access in the castle.  You'll be warped to the room with the witch instead.


1)  This one's pretty glitch heavy.  I've had everything from the knight showing up with prompting at the windmill to the kidnappers getting stuck after I solve the first puzzle.  So, I'm not entirely sure what to think about this game to be honest.  On one hand I like the idea of simply slapping all my problems out of existence.  On the other hand, the game is a somewhat buggy mess that leaves me highly frustrated.

"First, to ease your worries, all resources, including the songs with lyrics, are LEGAL and LICENSED. "

I wasn't so much worried about that, as I was worried about my Let's Play episodes being blocked because of copyright claims on the music.  And, yeah, that is something I've run into a few times.

"I quite enjoyed your dry humor!"

Thank you.

"And you’re right, the battle balance in this game is it’s Achilles heel. "

Yeah, the combat balance definitely needs some tweaking.

"Again, thanks so much!"

Your welcome.


1)  Sometimes Brook's spirit shield is cast on the enemy party instead of her own.

2) It would be nice if you could get a bit of description about the abilities of a fused spirit in advance.  Since, I'd hate to sacrifice a highly useful spirit for one whose place is already covered on my team.

3) It's pretty easy to stun lock your enemy in this game.

4) Negative status effects like sleep never seem to wear off despite appearing with an obvious counter.

Your welcome.

Honestly, I find it difficult for me to really rate Moop.  Partially because my main focus as a person who plays a ton of video games is on RPGs.  So my ability to assess the quality of a game like Moop is fairly limited.


1) I'm not exactly a big fan of the title of this game.  Largely because it seems to set itself up for a near endless steam of jokes about excrement.

2) On the graphical side of things I'm a mixed as well.  On one hand I like the simple design of the characters.  On the other hand, I'm not exactly fond of how yellow the game is.  In fact, it almost feels like the game has been coated in a golden shower.

3) On a more positive note that doesn't involve bodily functions.  I do like the reveal about Moop's father and feel like the story ties itself together rather nicely.  Though, I do question how the aliens technology could have remained functional after thousands of years without anyone able to maintain it.  Or how they could have predicted the results of thousands of years worth of random events.

1) This game really doesn't live up to it's claim of being "challenging" in my opinion.  Seeing as how I managed to beat in under 13 minutes on my first playthrough.

2) On the plus side the main character is likable even if she is a bit childish.


1) While, I like the designs of the bodysuits.  I'll have to agree with Jake in that the walking animations are comically bad.

2) On the other hand, I found the battles tedious not because they were slow, but because it was too easy to simply slaughter everyone in your way with magical spells that hit the entire enemy party.

3) It's a bit weird that the final boss is weaker then the dragon you need to take out in order to reach her.

4) And I'm not entirely happy with the designs of the maps.  They feel a bit too much like linked hallways for my liking.


1) This game really could have benefited from some calming music playing in the background.  As it stands, the game is so silent you could hear a pin drop.

2) I found an error in Room 4.  In that room you can push one of the white blocks over a black box beneath a switch.  Which is odd consider it's impossible to do this in every other room in the game.

3) This game really needed to have puzzles that would either prove to be more challenging for the player to solve or need more puzzle variety in order to keep the player's interest.  As it stands, this game can be beaten in around 15 minutes or so on your first time through.  And has no real replay value beyond beating the game faster.

4) It would have been neat if the game included a feature to calculate the length of time it took you to complete the game from beginning to end.  And if it could offer a breakdown by puzzle.

" I also think it's just really cool in general that you're covering a lot of the contest entries in the first place."

I suppose, but I've played through more then a few of the games on the grounds that I thought they'd be bad games in advance.  A good example of this would be Dave's Adventure of lobthe magical girl.

"And was that a Speed Racer reference you used?"



1) The mapping in this game is just awful, and in a lot of cases its completely nonsensical.  A good example of this is the mall where you enter it by coming into contact with what appears to be a solid wall.

2) I actually managed to recruit a character and stumble into plot point about a demon's nest that I didn't even know about.

3) The dialogue in this games suffers from a lot of grammatical and syntactical errors.  So much so that I honestly find the game's dialogue a real chore to read through.

4) A lot of the early battles are so easy that I'm not even sure why they exist.  This is especially true of the bees and spiders which are entirely unable to damage the party.

5) You can cast a massive buffing spell both outside of combat and for free.  As such you can enter every battle in this game with a massive buff to all of your stats.  Plus you regain MP when you use the buff spell.  So you can easily abuse it for free healing outside of battle.

6) You can cast offensive spells through the game's menu as well.  A fact which makes no sense.  Since, it doesn't have any impact on the game besides allowing the player to spend all of their MP for no reason.

7) If you decide to not invade the demon's nest with lobthe and the rest of the gang in toe.  You'll be left with an image of lobthe over the game screen for no apparent reason.

8) The game really should end after the scene with the girls discussing if they should have ice cream, cookies, or ice cream sandwiches after defeating the "d lord".


1) Pretty easy, but I'm guessing that was intentional.  After all, this game was never meant to be all that long in the first place.

2) I'd honestly like to see this project expanded upon.  Especially seeing as how the current ending leaves a lot room for further expansions upon the story.


1) This game can be made unbeatable by the fact that the rodent will still take shiny objects from the player even if he is giving the player information they already have.  Though, I've only ever experienced this glitch if I've asked the rodent to previously open the door while not having enough shiny objects.

2) The section where you get chased by the boulders should probably include a better indicator on where to go.  Since, it's not entirely obvious that you need to take the final downward path in order to advance into the final area.  Plus, it might be wise to tell the player to save before that section.  Since, if you get caught by the boulders it will lead to an instant game over.  And your bound to get caught more then a few times while trying to clear the area.


1) Honestly, it does get a bit tedious to distribute all of the stat boosting items in this game.  And some of the stat boosting items feel a bit pointless.  Or at least that's how I feel about the HP and MP boosting items since the gains from them is so minimal that you'll barely notice them in the grand scheme of things.

2) The final battle with Morgan probably drags on for a bit longer then it should.  Plus, her big reveal about the main character isn't even that surprising if you were paying attention to a few of the hints in earlier sections of the game.  Or maybe I've just gotten so good at perceiving future events in RPGs from having played so many of them over the years.

3) There need to be more games with gun toting heroes that team up with magical creatures.


1)  The price jumps on the weapons and armor in this game are rather ridiculous.  Seriously, if your going to be jumping in price from 500 to 2,000 I'd expect a difference in attack on the weapons to be far greater then 4 points.

2) While the regular enemies are pretty easy, most of the bosses are so tough you'll be hard pressed to damage them.  So much so that makes the game feel like it drags unnecessarily.  On the plus side their so magically and physically weak they'll be hard pressed to do meaningful damage to the party.  So, you'll basically end in a near stalemate with them.

3) The ending curveball about the Dark Lord feels rather tacked on.  And isn't particularly welcome in my opinion.  Though others may disagree.

Honestly, this game isn't too bad, but the constant emphasis on pushing the plot at the expense of allowing the player to explore a bit is rather annoying.  Though what really hurts this game at the moment is the dialogue.  It's pretty clear from the way the sentences are constructed that the developer most likely isn't a native English speaker.  As such, my biggest recommendation for improving this game in the time remaining is to find someone willing to help them fix their grammar and syntax issues.

On a more positive note the game does include a more involved magic system then I've seen in a lot of other RPG Maker games over the years.

(1 edit)

Yeah.  Sometimes the RNG gods and goddess are not particularly generous or forgiving in some cases.

I'll be blunt.  This game is awful.


1) The game has a lot of cut-off text, which can make understanding the plot rather difficult at times.

2) The enemies range from super easy to frustratingly hard.  Seriously, you'll be in dungeon cleaning house with little to no problems only to reach the boss and have it dole out hits that are more then fifty to hundred times more powerful then the enemies within the dungeon in question.  So, the game has a serious issue with balance.

3) The bosses are fond of spamming status like confusion and sleep.  And since the player's party is comprised of a single character there is no way to remove those status beyond waiting for them to wear off.  Add in the fact, that the one major boss I ran across was faster then the player.  And you have a recipe for cheap game overs.

4) You can turn over an infinite number of wooden staffs to a guy in the far north for fire wood.  Since, the game never removes any of them from your inventory.  On the plus side, this does provide a safe and effective method for level grinding in order to take on the bosses.  On the downside, you only earn a small amount of experience from exploiting this glitch.  So, it's not effective means to move forward unless you have hours to dumb into it.

5) The game ends with you trapped in brewery with no apparent away to either escape or advance the game's plot.

Honestly, I didn't have any problems with the mini bosses.  Though, I was probably a higher level then you were and had found several pieces of useful equipment on the enemies on the floor in question.

Well, I did a Let's Play for this game.


1) The editing on the portraits for the beast girls feels a bit lazy since the images still include human ears.


- The game wouldn't allow me to leave town even after killing the orc at the bottom of the mines.  And, yes I did stop and chat with the guy in charge of the miners before I tried to leave town.

- If you reenter the mines after taking out the Orc your forced to take multiple steps forward by the game and then become stuck on a wall.

Honestly, this is a hard game for me to rate.  For one thing the game is extremely short which means it has little time to leave an impression.  Plus, I'm constantly being distracted by the games poor grammar.  And to top things off.  I'm not even sure if this game is within the bounds of the rules of the contest.  After all, the game basically ends with Lili preparing to force herself on her partner in the middle of a secluded spot in the woods.

You really don't need to apologize.  After all, I wasn't required to play this game, and I wasn't expecting it to be all that impressive from the get go.  After all, I've played a lot of first time projects over the years.  So much so, that I've pretty much got a mental checklist for such games.  And sad to say, your game hits every item on the list, but like I said.  Your game is pretty typical for first time projects.  So, if I was going to give this game a score it would probably be 2 out of 5.

"The game says in development, so all the problems you have I could try to fix."

True enough, but I don't think you have enough time at the moment to address all of my problems. 

"Thank you for taking the time to play my first game. "

Your welcome.

"I have watched both of your videos and am currently fixing all the problems you have encountered."

And thank you for taking the time to watch my Let's Play.

Honestly, this game needs a lot of work.  The various money bags turn into various objects depending on which side you use to interact with them.  So, they can turn into anything from papers, to flowers, to teddy bears.

Plus the mapping in a lot of places is pretty sloppy as well.  With the only notable exceptions coming from maps that the developer most likely didn't create.  Since, I've seen a few of the dungeon maps in other free games in the past.

And to continue on with the bad news.  The game is also missing an animation file.  An issue I only discovered when I tried to have Jack cast the spell "stone".

And sadly the hits keep on coming.  Like the fact that the prices for items in the various shops is pretty messed up.  It's seriously cheaper to buy a bunch of stat boosting items in this game then invest your money into better weapons or armor.

About the only plus I can give this game is that it does feature multiple endings, but none of them are particularly appealing.  You have your standard good ending for defeating the final boss, the option to switch sides for no apparent reason and become the dark overlord.  Or at the very least you can become the dark overlord's lover in her ever expanding harem of sexy hunks.  Or you can get a slightly modified version of the game over for losing to the final boss.