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01)  I have no idea why this game was disqualified from the contest.  Since as far as I can tell the game is entirely functional.

02)  Honestly, this game just strikes me as another example why real-time combat doesn't work very well in RPG Maker games.  This is largely because the range of your character's attacks are always highly limited.  So, it's difficult to hit an opponent without taking a hit in return.  As such most battles devolve into the player trading blows and back and forth with the enemy with little if any emphasis on skill.

In fact, the only time you'll see a change from this approach is after you've acquired the ability to launch fire.  At that point you'll still trade blows with the regular enemies, but you'll have a handy tool for taking down all of the game's bosses with little effort.  After all, why would I hit a spirit with a sword, when I can burn them with fire?

03) In other news, the game contains a lot of dialogue issues.  These issues range from poor text wrapping to spelling errors.

04) I found a weird mapping glitch in the castle as well.  If you try to return to the central room from the second room you can access in the castle.  You'll be warped to the room with the witch instead.