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Submitted by Nek0taku with 1 hour, 9 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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  • The game had to be disqualified because you cannot move forward to the castle, there are no teleport events.


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01)  I have no idea why this game was disqualified from the contest.  Since as far as I can tell the game is entirely functional.

02)  Honestly, this game just strikes me as another example why real-time combat doesn't work very well in RPG Maker games.  This is largely because the range of your character's attacks are always highly limited.  So, it's difficult to hit an opponent without taking a hit in return.  As such most battles devolve into the player trading blows and back and forth with the enemy with little if any emphasis on skill.

In fact, the only time you'll see a change from this approach is after you've acquired the ability to launch fire.  At that point you'll still trade blows with the regular enemies, but you'll have a handy tool for taking down all of the game's bosses with little effort.  After all, why would I hit a spirit with a sword, when I can burn them with fire?

03) In other news, the game contains a lot of dialogue issues.  These issues range from poor text wrapping to spelling errors.

04) I found a weird mapping glitch in the castle as well.  If you try to return to the central room from the second room you can access in the castle.  You'll be warped to the room with the witch instead.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'm gonna come out and say it: This game is good.

The onboarding is pretty good. The puzzles are comparable with other RPG fare. The combat system is better than most RPGMaker games. The game lets you jump back to the starting room after every boss instead of forcing you to tediously backtrack. The magic system has a good tutorial. It has multiple endings. It doesn't overwhelm you with dialogue. The final boss has two forms; one is a gear check (character skill), and the other forces you to use strategy and tactics (player skill), which is fantastic design.

It lacks polish in basically every area; the text wrapping is broken at times, the dialogue is trite, the mapping is poor, some events are broken, etc.

...BUT you can take a good game and polish it later, whereas you cannot take a bad game and salvage it with ANY amount of polish. Because of that, I think more highly of this game than I do of many, many games I've seen here.

This guy's a designer, not an artist or a mapper or a writer. And I gotta say, the design beats 8/10 of the games I've tried.

You have my vote, good sir. Go on and do great stuff. (Get a team to help! ;) )


Thanks for the review :)

I was mostly focusing and working on the gameplay and design aspect of the game that I didn't have time to work on the art, story or fixing the dialog for the game. Regardless though, I'm glad that you had a blast playing it and I hope to make better games in the future. 


Congrats on finishing your game! The abs ran really smoothly and was fun to play. There were a few things that I felt were letting you down though.

There are typos everywhere. The grammar is poor and in some places the text cuts off. It really needs a thorough proofreading.

I had two iron swords for some reason. (Picked on up from the guy near the well, maybe you left the other in accidentally.)

On the second map the little girl has no dialogue at first, then when you interact with the solider she's talking although she's still stood far away so it looks weird.

Having save points whilst still being able to save from the menu was a bit weird. The difficulty isn't bad enough that it'd be an issue to disable saving from the menu, or you could just have the pentagrams as transport/healing spots and remove the saving aspect.

The first part of the castle, trying to return from the skeleton room back to the main room takes you to the witches room instead. There's no way to get back other than the pentagram at the end.

After doing the colour switch puzzle, the red switch stays pressed down.

You need to double check that your events are using direction fix. I noticed it on a gate and one of the corpses, maybe some other things.

The game wasn't particularly hard, I only had to use a potion at the end. I prefer this to a game that's stupidly hard, but I think some people would want more of a challenge. If I'm being brutally honest, this felt like a collection of mechanics and ideas more than a game. I didn't really get a sense of story, there wasn't much logic behind the enemies or why we used crystals instead of keys, and the mapping was very 'it's a background to a puzzle' instead of seeming like legitimate rooms that were once part of a real castle. Getting this stuff to be cohesive and flow is something that just comes down to experience though, so setting that aside, the gameplay is fun enough that I still enjoyed playing and I think with a bit more time and practise, you'll be on your way to making some great little games ^^


Thanks for playing and reviewing my game Rhino! I'm glad that you enjoyed it despite its flaws. 

For the dialog for the NPCs and bosses, I was planning on proofreading the text in the end when I finish the gameplay mechanics. Then I realized that I should of write the dialog text in a text document first, proofread and then put it in the game. Proofreading on the program would mean I have to recreate the events and that takes a lot of time.  I tried proofreading a little but I knew there was a lot of grammar errors and I had so little time before the deadline.  

Funny thing about the iron sword is that when I set it to Iron Sword +1, it wouldn't work in the game. I tried fixing it somehow but to no avail. Then I set it to Iron Sword +2  and somehow it worked. 

I wanted to add dialogue for the girl at the beginning when she's near the solider but every time I do, it would mess up the event so I decided not to give her one. 

I added the save points mostly just in case if there was a bug or crash in the game and the player might have forgotten to save. Then again, the game is short and I could have told them to save in the menu if they didn't know/forgot about it. 

I thought that I fixed all the transfer room events, that's odd. I should've run more tests on the game than I should. Also, I forgot to change the texture for the red button, oops.  

Yeah after finishing my game, I realized that it's a bit too easy. I was trying to aim for "the normal" difficulty but it turns out to be easy in the end. It was my first RPG MAKER game so I mostly focus on gameplay mechanics and level design. There was a lot of things I want to add and fix but with the time and knowledge, it's kinda hard. 

Anyways thanks again for playing my game and for writing this review. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and I hope you'll play what I have in store in the future :).