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I'm gonna come out and say it: This game is good.

The onboarding is pretty good. The puzzles are comparable with other RPG fare. The combat system is better than most RPGMaker games. The game lets you jump back to the starting room after every boss instead of forcing you to tediously backtrack. The magic system has a good tutorial. It has multiple endings. It doesn't overwhelm you with dialogue. The final boss has two forms; one is a gear check (character skill), and the other forces you to use strategy and tactics (player skill), which is fantastic design.

It lacks polish in basically every area; the text wrapping is broken at times, the dialogue is trite, the mapping is poor, some events are broken, etc.

...BUT you can take a good game and polish it later, whereas you cannot take a bad game and salvage it with ANY amount of polish. Because of that, I think more highly of this game than I do of many, many games I've seen here.

This guy's a designer, not an artist or a mapper or a writer. And I gotta say, the design beats 8/10 of the games I've tried.

You have my vote, good sir. Go on and do great stuff. (Get a team to help! ;) )

Thanks for the review :)

I was mostly focusing and working on the gameplay and design aspect of the game that I didn't have time to work on the art, story or fixing the dialog for the game. Regardless though, I'm glad that you had a blast playing it and I hope to make better games in the future.