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Thanks for playing and reviewing my game Rhino! I'm glad that you enjoyed it despite its flaws. 

For the dialog for the NPCs and bosses, I was planning on proofreading the text in the end when I finish the gameplay mechanics. Then I realized that I should of write the dialog text in a text document first, proofread and then put it in the game. Proofreading on the program would mean I have to recreate the events and that takes a lot of time.  I tried proofreading a little but I knew there was a lot of grammar errors and I had so little time before the deadline.  

Funny thing about the iron sword is that when I set it to Iron Sword +1, it wouldn't work in the game. I tried fixing it somehow but to no avail. Then I set it to Iron Sword +2  and somehow it worked. 

I wanted to add dialogue for the girl at the beginning when she's near the solider but every time I do, it would mess up the event so I decided not to give her one. 

I added the save points mostly just in case if there was a bug or crash in the game and the player might have forgotten to save. Then again, the game is short and I could have told them to save in the menu if they didn't know/forgot about it. 

I thought that I fixed all the transfer room events, that's odd. I should've run more tests on the game than I should. Also, I forgot to change the texture for the red button, oops.  

Yeah after finishing my game, I realized that it's a bit too easy. I was trying to aim for "the normal" difficulty but it turns out to be easy in the end. It was my first RPG MAKER game so I mostly focus on gameplay mechanics and level design. There was a lot of things I want to add and fix but with the time and knowledge, it's kinda hard. 

Anyways thanks again for playing my game and for writing this review. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and I hope you'll play what I have in store in the future :).