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Kill Kreatures and forge new weapons and armor from their remains!
Submitted by HumphreyDumpty with 5 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous.

  • 15/80

    The armor guy gives you the mace instead of the armor making the boarilla armor impossible to obtain. No clue what anything does until you get them.The first return teleport doesn’t recover your hp/mp. Final boss has a random chance of instant kill. After killing final boss, you are stuck in a save loop. The only real choices you have are potion (50g each) or attack. Nothing else really matters because you never level up and you never seem to get any skills for your Special category. Also, the text is cut off in several locations and you really don’t have any idea what the weapons or armor do. The concept is fine, but it isn’t done in a meaningful way. A case of potentially good concept, poor implementation. Yay, retro graphics…  Except there was no real consideration for readability of the menus.  At the very least, do a basic run through of the game. Why am I stuck walking this lengthy path every time? The enemies are always in the same spot, making it very boring when farming. Why is the best buff defense? Almost nothing else matters except against the final boss.

Team Members
Humphrey Erm

RPG Maker VX Ace

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1)  I found a weird game ending bug in this game.  If you take out all of the tier three creatures in a single hunt and then return to town in order to collect your prizes.  The game will actually lock up and force you to reset.

2) I also found a weird bug where if you do the same thing with the tier two creatures.  You'll be unable to hunt down the Moosalo again.  While it will appear on the map again if you attempt to do so.  For whatever reason, it's impossible to interact with it.

3) If you try to get the Skyfox Armor or the Boarilla Armor your instead awarded with the creatures weapon rather then it's armor.

4) Why do you have a menu option for special skills if the player never learns any?

5)  Why is this game listed as a RPG if it's impossible to level up?


First and foremost, I am in AWE that you played through it all! I really really appreciate it, and the fact you recorded it too is just beyond what I was expecting, so thank you!

As you can tell I don't have much experience in making a game. Took advantage of this gamejam and the fact I had RPG maker from a Humble Bundle from years past to finally get my thumbs loose and make something, regardless of quality (as you can attest to). I severely underestimated the difficulty of RPG Maker, where after I had done a prototype of the base game with the default graphics I figured all I had to do was increase the amount of 'game' and add my own graphics. Not sure what went wrong but there were some odd bugs here and there, the worst one being the reason for there not to be a tutorial in the beginning. 

Due to all of that there were many features that either were omitted or not developed enough. I intended to have each weapon give you a unique Special Skill when equipped but had to rush it, along with having the common monster drops be part of the crafting. The biggest issue though was testing the battles. I totally underestimated the finesse of creating a good turnbased battle, thinking all I had to do was increase the stats.

I also want to say I appreciate that you didn't sugar coat anything in your commentary. Nothing you said was out of line, even if it was an amateur project. Seeing it played by someone other than myself made me realize all the fundamental issues with the map design and my choice of graphics. Should I ever do a game again I know more what to expect and what to do.

As for your specific Notes:

  1. Didn't know this, as it's a glitch that more monsters than one appear per quest. I thought I fixed that but at least except for the gamebreaking bug it made the grinding a bit easier for you.
  2. That seems weird as well. Must have simply done a mistake with the event scripting for that monster space. Just incompetence from my end.
  3. Ah, guess I missed one. I copied the weapon merchant over to the armor merchant so I didn't have to redo all those events, but I clearly forgot to replace those 2.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, I was planning on it but due to all the gamebreaking bugs I was having I had to postpone and eventually omit the special skills. Each weapon would give you a unique one while equipped.
  5. I think I figured because you upgraded using armor and weapons that that counted enough, but considering the contest and expectations it definitely should have been called something else.

Sorry for the long post, I just figured I'd get the judge's feedback (thanks for that by the way, Judges. Very fair and accurate assessment)  and that'd be that. The fact that you played through it all despite it not being that fun means a lot to me. Cheers!


1)  I suppose I phrased it a bit poorly, but I took on all three quests at the same time and then returned to town in order to collect my prize money one right after the other.  For some reason this caused the game to crash when dealing with the tier three creatures.  Despite the fact, that I could do this just fine with the Tier 1 & Tier 2 ones.


I have no real explanation besides shoddy programming from yours truly. I do appreciate you typing this up, in case anyone else would want to try the game they'll know of the issues in it.