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A jam entry

DreamscapesView game page »

My submission to the 2017 IGMC competition.
Submitted by pianotm (@pianotm26) with 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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RPG Maker MV

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1) Honestly, it does get a bit tedious to distribute all of the stat boosting items in this game.  And some of the stat boosting items feel a bit pointless.  Or at least that's how I feel about the HP and MP boosting items since the gains from them is so minimal that you'll barely notice them in the grand scheme of things.

2) The final battle with Morgan probably drags on for a bit longer then it should.  Plus, her big reveal about the main character isn't even that surprising if you were paying attention to a few of the hints in earlier sections of the game.  Or maybe I've just gotten so good at perceiving future events in RPGs from having played so many of them over the years.

3) There need to be more games with gun toting heroes that team up with magical creatures.


Thanks for the feedback!  Also, for some reason, Morgan was spamming Deplete and Fiend Blast.  As a result, she ran out of MP before she had a chance to heal.  It didn't happen with me or any of my playtesters, and testing the battle again, it's still not happening.  Also, the graphics glitch at the end with the cabin isn't showing up for me.


Also, you should really announce movies.  Seriously.


I thought this had a really cool concept! I loved how  random the two MCs were - it just made me so friggin' happy for some reason. I stopped playing shortly after entering the mystic forest as the volume of battles/tedium of battles was a little too much for me - with your stat boosting items (if you're going to continue working on the game) you should package them  a little differently as they're easy to amass and kind of tedious to distribute if you've collected a chunk of them.


Thank you for the feedback!  I'm honestly not sure how I'd do it differently as every way I can think of would pretty much take away the player's ability distribute them the way they'd like.


There are a lot of options if you decide to continue development, or develop games with a similar system - there are stat distribution plugins that you can add to from a plugin command  etc.


Hmm...I'll look into that.  If I could do something like Elder Scrolls, that could be a thing.


I believe Sumrndmdude has a plugin for stat distribution - as do a few other people. :)