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The Azure IsleView game page

Shipwrecked - you end up stranded on a deserted (and probably cursed) island! Find your way home!
Submitted by Jake Sauvage — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 21st with 10 votes

People's Choice Vote#2110

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  • 46/80

    Arcane break doesn’t remove regen? The lack of repeatable battles makes it seem like pilfer is mandatory, which makes battles take a long time. Moving around is fairly simple, but the battles feel like it is just cycling the same thing.

    A sort of cute little story, it seems like the game, with a bit of work, could be extended into a fairly enjoyable game. The game really does maintain a fairly retro feel while throwing in some absurd humor. This game manages to be enjoyable for the most part, though what seems like forced resource management is definitely something that slows the game down.

    The game needs a bit of work to really shine. It isn’t quite a truly complete game, but it has some interesting moments. Definitely some ‘lol, wut?’ humor involved here. Might be nice to add in some way to loot without becoming tedious or have some way to farm for loot so that the looting system feels optional instead of almost mandatory.

  • This was a fun little game and I would have been just fine if it went on longer. The battles took some getting used to but once you did a few of them (and unlocked a few extra skills), the strategy came naturally. The graphics were very evocative and made me want to explore the island more, although there weren’t a whole lot of maps to see. This was polished and bug-free, not much to nitpick except for the abrupt ending. Looking forward to the finished game.

    Score: 53/80

Team Members
Jake Sauvage

RPG Maker MV

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I got a bit of mixed feelings while playing the game.. The graphics aren't really to my taste tbh but I really like the exploration system in the game and I also liked that when the witch joins the party you can also revisit some places for some news events.
The characters were really interesting too, I really enjoyed the dialogue between them (and the kitty in the camp was cute!).
The battles were a challenge really. I didn't think they were too hard, tho I remember dying a few times. lol
I stopped playing after finding the thing in the forest (the ring was a nice touch!). I just didn't know what to do after that, it seemed like the only thing I was able to do was battle in the GAUNTLET OF DEATH! XD 

Overall: I enjoyed the time I spent in the game, despite my issues with the graphics, the mapping was done well and the game mechanics worked really well. Good luck in the contest! :)


Wasn't for me, but I can easily appreciate the effort that went into this. Everything looks and runs really well. Great job! :)

Deleted post

I enjoyed playing your game. Your game is very relaxing, of all things. Lol. I like to play this in chunks rather than in one sitting, and I think this game is perfect for this type of casual play. Players can battle, explore, hop in the arena, etc and then go do something else and come back later quite easily.

I liked the Riviera style traveling as well. Wow, that was a long time ago, brings back memories. It’s nice how you put in the little animations for the mini cut scenes. Nice attention to details. Plus, the battles are well balanced and engaging.

One thing that I think could be improved is how the screen blacks out whenever you enter a new screen and you have to put in the girl. It got a little distracting. I suggest you fade out before entering a new room, place the girl event, then fade in.

All in all, a very fun game! Good luck!


Thanks for your feedback! That's actually a smart idea - I don't know why I didn't think of that! I have to clean up the events anyways - so I'll definitely implement that for the next release. :)


Veryy nice! Your game overlaps the average rpg because of the nice ambientation, such as fog effects or light effects, even if it makes the game a little heavier. Too bad that i didnt have time to use that kind of plugin on mine for the lack of time :/ It really made the difference on yours! The azure isle has great potential, good job!


Hmm i really liked what i saw, sadly it was too powerful for my computer: it gave me  alow memory warning and it crashed not long after.


I'm really sorry your computer was unable to handle it - I'm going to try to figure out how to create menu options to turn off the lighting, fogs and weather for the next release. The ambience will take a hit for sure, but at least people who have trouble running it will still get to experience it. :)


That's really considerate of you, I wish you the best on this jam!


Wonderful game, if not a little difficult! But, besides that, I didn't have any major beefs with graphic, sound, and gameplay! In fact, I find the exportation extremely rewarding! Good stuff you have going here, I'm super impressed.


Thanks for playin' - I'm glad you liked it!


I gave your game a try and I must say it looks quite impressive! Love the art style and pixel art! Although my laptop's specs are low so it didn't run that well for me to give it a good try through. But your concept seems interesting, mixing an adventure game with an RPG game! 


Thanks Stranga! Glad you enjoyed what you saw. :)


I'm a bit confused with the downloads since the icon and the title
doesn't match. I'm using Windows 7, so which file I should download? ._.


Heya! It's super late (or early if you're a normal person) - so I mixed them up - they're fixed though! :)