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Lol it's not the first time I've been asked about something like this. Last time, the client stopped talking to me after I explained that I've never done a video animation before. I mean, I can make animated gifs or sprite sheets+backgrounds for someone else to animate, but that's about it.

Regarding prices, it would vary greatly depending on the complexity of what you would need done. (amount of details, amount of frames, resolution...) I probably would end up charging you by work/hours due to the variety of things needed. And, just like it says on the page, in such cases I charge 15/hour.

Tell me if any of this is ok with you or if you have more doubts and thanks for contacting me. :)

Wow, long time no post! I have been keeping myself busy, nonetheless...

I hope you all have been needing sprites ;)

Hey, I hope everyone's been alright! 

So, work has been somewhat slow lately but I did manage to snatch a few commissions. Anyone needing some sprites?

I just noticed most recent work has been girls :P

I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a great rpg with challenging battles and cool writing and characters. :)

It has been a while, hasn't it? Been pretty busy. Business has been going great :)

Some stuff I made these days:

Maybe you'll need something like this?

Updated the page again, Made a little logo for myself.

I'm checking teh files right now and menu select 2, is among them. Maybe it didn't download right, or maybe your antivirus gave a false positive to some of the game's files.

Hey how has it been? I have been working on commissions and my own game. Anyone got some work lying around? :D

Hey, I'm back, I kinda dropped the jam project sadly, though I did make a few assets for it. Ready to take on new work.

Though not officially announced as such this year, last year's discord server still exists

Hmm i don't think i'm skilled enough for waht you need, besides like it says on my main post i'm taking a break form spriting to join a game jam.

Updated the thread in looks and prices.


Nice, take a well earned rest mat, you deserve it. Nice screenies!

Hey people, remember me? Had had only one client lately but he has made me work quite a bit. Here are some of the better results of it:

He's a great client who knows exactly what he wants and I feel like I've improved just by working for him. Anyway, I hope I can work for some of you soon!

Nice blog, hana. I've seen most of this but it still is really cool :D

Your game is looking amazing as always.

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It has been a while, hasn't it? Luckily I have had a few commissions to keep me entertained. I thank all the people who have given me work. Here is a sample of the ones I didn't completely butcher:

Also I made my first recolors, I apologize to the artist Makio Kuta for the poor job I did. Her work deserves so much better:

Anyway, thanks for taking a peek, and I hope I can work for you soon!

Thanks for the interest Skye, we can start talking about it through email. You can contact me at

Your project looks very interesting!

Thansk for teh interest Gary, You can send me an email at

You can send me an email at

I hope we can work together!

Well haven't been very active lately, only worked on two projects, and on one of them I can't reveal the results, here are some of the other one...

(Yes they are the same ones form the previous faces)

I'm extremely sorry for the late reply, I thought would notify me of replies to the thread so I didn't check it for new posts. I doubt you are still interested but if you are my rates are all there and they depend on what you need.

4$For a small sized character sprite sheet, 7$ for a large one, 3$ for portrait, 6$ for busts, 8$ for full body.

Finished another commision: portraits and sprites. Here's a sample. Hope you like them! And I wish my commisioner best of luck on her project.

Finished my first commision: a bunch of icons. Thought I'd share some of them. You can get such icons here! :D

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Hello, I am Nirwanda, welcome to my pixel shop!
I have been doing this for a while now, and am 100% committed to offering you a good service and do the best to satisfy your needs. I hope we can work together! :)

Here's the general pricing list:

Icons: starting at $1, varies by size

Small sized Character sheet: $10+$3 for additional poses

Large characters sheet: $15+$5 for additional poses

Portraits: $15+$5 per additional expression

Busts: $20+$5 per additional expression/+$10 for additional pose

Full character/ Static images: $35/+$12 for additional pose

Anything else: $15/hour

Yeah figured out how to fix it, thanks! :)

Thanks a ton! i should really  play your game. I owe you that much at least. I'm very glad you liked it :)

Actually you do get more skills as you level up. The thing with the heroine is that I wanted to keep those skills trees of the other party members usable even after they leave. Making her customizable and versatile in the procress. I know it got a little messy, though (the ace version of yanfly skill learning was a lot cooler for this since it allowed you to select from what skillset you wanted to buy skills from). I should probably look into other skill learning scripts or find a different way to make her customizable.

Sorry about the item shop being in the first slot, that was something I forgot to investigate how to fix, I know it's annoying. I think I do know how to use labels, though I have only used them once, thanks for the offer.

I tried to make each skill bring something unique to the table (for example you have two thunder spells, a slow powerful one and a quick weaker one to suit to your playstyle), I do agree  that most skills were only useful very ocassionally since regular battles didn't require much strategy. (thoguh they could potentially be more useful in dungeon 2 where enemies are tougher). The triple damage skills, I  stand behind, though, I think they give kazuko a specialized DPS flavor of her own, where you have to weight which enemies give you more trouble so you can chose the best skill to learn (if you've learned them you'll know they're DEADLY). While adette, specializes in crowd control and tanking and the heroine can be whatever you want. 

I immensely appreciate your detailed and through feedback. Thanks a lot for taking time to write this and I'll definitely think about how to improve the game based on it. I'll even think about the racial skills... Maybe they could be a passive?

You rock man!

You deserve a lot more attention than what you are getting. Best wishes for the jam! :)

That's really considerate of you, I wish you the best on this jam!

Thanks a ton! I'm really glad you liked it. And yeah it's a little overwhelming at first. Anything in particular you think needs fine tuning?

Great game! Loved it. Amazing aesthetic too.

Hmm i really liked what i saw, sadly it was too powerful for my computer: it gave me  alow memory warning and it crashed not long after.

Thanks I used a japanese artist called Milano cat's work as a reference.