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Thank you! As it stands, its "completed." Mostly because I created this game as part of a month-long jam. But, who knows, I may revisit the game in the future. I'm glad you liked it!

yeah smile game builder / unity :)

Thank you very much :) 

thanks Chibs <3

Very cute lol Good work, Tea!

haha thanks, most of the work was done in smile game builder, just switched up the shaders in unity. I've been taking their 3D course myself, it's awesome! :)

Super deep, dude. Good one.


Nifty, though, I wasn't sure how to best use the battle system. Very nice looking though, cute intro.

For a second there, I was concerned for my PCs safety. Kidding, but it was very neat none-the-less :)

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Please note, I forgot to disable movement during the cutscene and that trying to move in any direction during the cutscene can break it... all you need to do is hit spacebar during dialogue to continue as intended.

Enjoy my short cut-scene entry for C3!  Thanks for hosting the Jam <3

Set graphics to Fantastic for best quality.

Alt+F4 will close the game

Wow, that was something else.... 10/10

its been a  long while since I played this game, and now you've finally finished it! Can't wait to see what's changed over the years! This is gonna be awesome!

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Not at the moment. MY main focus lately has been working on my own personal project but if there are specific things you would like done, I do take commissions. Feel free to PM me on discord. I'm part of the Smile Game Builder chat:

Thanks so much for the lengthy review and playthrough! Appreciate you and your feedback very much! :D

Congrats to all the top 10! Some great games this year! :D

Thank you very much, DBR! :D

Thank you so much for playing! :D I'm really happy you liked the game. PS1 era JRPGs are some of my biggest inspiration. I really want to flesh out the world more in the future like you mentioned.

The Skill Tree was something I really wanted in the game but had no options in the original engine (Smile Game Builder) to add as a menu, which I would have also preferred. So, to my own demise, I decided to event the whole thing. Looking back, I might have scaled it down a bit and made it more graphically appealing, and more snappy like an actual menu. Oh well, I got the time to do it now! lol 

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback and for scoring it so high as well. Made my night! 

Not really sure how I missed this game, but it's amazing! Graphics are gorgeous. Really cool intro, even if it's a little slow for my liking but still really solid overall. Music is really pretty and well composed as well! I mean overall it's a solid entry! My only gripes with it are the controls and passability. The controls feel really clunky, maybe that's a side effect with the grid movement? I would have probably chosen a free movement style, personally, as well  as a collision map script...But... that may mess with the click to move. It's hard to make these games types in RPG Maker MV, I know because I've been there!  Also, there are spots were things would be over my head or I walked over something that made it feel odd which again is hard to fine tune in RPG Maker. It kind of makes me think it would possibly be better suited in an engine like Unity or Unreal just because controls and passibility are important to someone like me. BUT, at the same time, those are really small gripes in the grand scheme of the project, and I'm really impressed with what was managed to be done here. If you don't win any of the prizes, I'd still love to see you guys continue to polish this game beyond the graphics and setting! Good luck and I'm definitely rating this as one of my favorites! :)

This was awesome, thanks!

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I'm going to continue on the game post IGMC first by adding a new intro to the game where Kent and Isaac are back home on their space station. This is merely a concept but I found a great tileset on Open Game Art that gave me some inspiration! Currently working on setting up 3D assets using the tiles as textures. 
Here's a link to the tileset if you're interested.

Thank you so much, Murphey!!  <3 

We must have played the same games growing up because you nailed my points of inspiration. I promise I don't want to take too much from those games, but at the same time, I hoped I would see the nostalgia this game would invoke to others like me .  I plan on improving the game as much as I can now that I have more time for polish and story building. So, hopefully you'll have more to play in the future. Thank you so much for playing and thanks for the review! 

Glad you liked it! Thanks so much for playing! Had fun too. :D

ooOOoo, thanks for the lengthy feedback! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game as much as you did. I was worried that some people would be turned off by some of the grind and did think about a difficulty setting, so when continuing this game it maybe something I decide to actually do. 
I'm glad you liked the music, I wrote most of it myself (some new some reused from older projects), but there's a couple songs towards the end that are from the Smile Game Builder engine that found their way in there because I forgot to change them, oh well. They are noticeably different from the rest though. =P
Plot and Character development are always my weak point when I'm crunched for time, I'm glad you mention it though, because I always need a reminder to work on it more, hopefully I can bump heads with some of my more writing inclined friends and we can come up with some more unique devices and hooks for each character. 
Thanks for playing! I'm more than happy to be considered a favorite.
During an asteroid field mining excursion, Kent suddenly finds himself marooned on the mysterious and magical world of Espiria. Join him and his new friends on an adventure to find a way back home as well as overcome any obstacles in their way. 
Kent - An asteroid miner that finds himself suddenly marooned on the mysterious planet of Espiria
Lain - She helps lead Kent to her grandfather, the Maeron Village Elder, to figure out what to do about his sudden arrival.

Isaac - Kent's intelligent, sometimes annoying, best friend. Follows Kent where ever he goes, even if it's to a mysterious new world.


Made in Unity and SMILE GAME BUILDER (SmileBoom) 
Story, Music, Character Sprites, and much more - Jacob Mann (DrassRay)  
Character Art / Story - Lauren Atwood   
Monsters - JosephSareph  
Chromaeleon - 2D Flame Sprite   
Hyptosis And Zabin - Various Tilesets 
LudicArts - Free Desert Top-Down tiles   
Codeman38 - Lunchtime Doubly So Font   
 Testers:  Chibi  Zervo  flawmore  saberwolfcdw

 Thank you so much for taking any time to play my game, I really appreciate it. Good luck to all participants out there!

Wow, very interesting use of Smile Game Builder! I like it :) good job!

Very cute and pretty game, great use of resources. I think the story is not bad! and the villain is adorable. Anyway, good work and good luck! :D

Thanks Chibi!! <3

Really enjoyed seeing you play it, thank you very much!

Thank you very much :)

Whoa! Cool graphic, thanks for that! :D I'm guessing these are up on the website? Thanks for hosting, it was fun! :D

You can attempt to get the link resent here or report the issue to directly :

Congrats on 1st place! :D 

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While I don't mind the idea of a Roblox game, I don't want to go through downloading it to play your game. Roblox is great in it's own environment but outside that,  it's not convenient for run and go experiences. If you're interested in game design, there's a lot of great (free) software out there to your disposal (Unity, UE4, or even something like RPG Maker...) Take the time to learn one (or more) and the experience will be rewarding.

I really like the game, a bit buggy, but not bad. Wish there was a bit more to it and the fire rate seems a little low, especially at night, unless I'm meant to flee from enemies. I didn't really know what to do. Anyway, good job!

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Okay, soooo... I like the game. I really wish there was more to it because I can see this kind of game becoming addicting very quickly with the right amount of content. So, I commend you on that because I just wanna play more and progress more but I became so powerful so quickly I was pretty much done in 5 minutes. The controls, much like other people suggested, need some major work. it's not hard, but it's also no very intuitive. Even if this was on a smartphone, I'd like some sort of d-pad configuration. Anyway, I'd like to see more of this!
Edit: I noticed in other comments you worked on controls so I'll be sure to check that out.
Edit2: Played your updated version, while I can't rate you on that one, it doesn't change too much other than I like the arrow controls much better! Also, the extra enemy types are great, I could really see this becoming a nice progression style game given the time and effort and you have the core really well done so far. obviously it's far from complete but I'll be sure to try and follow your progression on the game. 

Thanks! Yeah, I think I could have definitely fixed that issue with the higher edges thinking back on it. Seems to be a common piece of feedback I've received so In the future it'll be a priority for sure! Glad you played both versions and liked them! :)

Thanks a ton. Really glad you liked it. The forest does kinda have the same feel as the forest towards the begining of FF9. I actually tried to have the diagonal frames (even rendered them out) but the SMILE engine does not support them by default (yet) so getting it to work with a work around ended up being too buggy for my liking. Appreciate the kind words!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!