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Thank you for asking! We're looking into other options a.k.a GOG and EPIC, but nothing confirmed just yet. We'll be sure to provide links to those options if / when they become ready.

Thank you very much. Iphindalda was inspired by the Plant Brain boss from FFIX :) I really appreciate the kind words. 

Grats to everyone for their entries, really a great turn out! Can't wait to try out everyone's games. :D This was awesome.

Thanks TigerJ! I loved the voice acting, reactions, and feedback! :D

Thank you Drifty! :D Was a good time getting your feedback and reactions.

Thank you, Lgarabato! I'm so happy you enjoyed it as much as you did. I agree about the selection glow for enemies, I'll take a look at that.

Thanks for the no-commentary play of the beginning and for the very generous score there. :D

Thank you!!! That means a lot. So, for SGB, when you export to unity, those are the default menu positions in battle.

I love this music so much I used it in this jam game I made, thank you so much for making this music <3

Thank you very much! :)

Oh, thank you very much and thanks for the video! If you liked this, you should check out my new project, Alterium Shift.

Thanks! I do have a tutorial series on YouTube

Thank you so much! :D

Wow, I never got around to playing the original, but now there's this? Oh man, it looks so beautiful.

Thank you SO much for playing the demo. Your kind words are greatly appreciated and we couldn't be happier that people are getting this much enjoyment out of our game. 

Hello! Thanks for the interest in my products. That sounds cool, I wish you well with your project. If you want to share your work with me and others, I recommend the SGB Discord here:

Hello! No, sorry, I don't have a Character Pack available.

Yes, they are FBX, and you should be able to get them to work with other engines but they are just scaled and formatted in a way to works well with Smile Game Builder. So they will probably require additional set up to work in an engine like like unity or unreal engine.

Thank you so much. Still working on this one at the moment! :)

Holy cow! Sorry wallet! lol but thank you very much for the support :)

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Thank you! They sell a dlc on steam that enables the export to unity feature.

Through unity and the Linux export module.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I made it only for the jame as a proof of concept and never finished the second area. I don't plan on revisiting this project but If you'd like, you can check out my current project, Cecilia, it's similar In game play and will be getting new content down the line.

Thank you very much!

Im glad you were able to play it since I have no way of testing the Linux version myself. Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into the spell issue. I didn't have time to properly clean up the character animations so it's definitely something I plan on working on now I have the time. Thanks again!

Yes, I'll be updating with some more screenshots next Saturday. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I tried to not make it seem too forced feeling. it was a tough theme! lol

It can be, it's just optimized for Smile Game Builder. So, depending on what you use it in, you may have to scale it, re-apply textures, or manually set animations... and such. They are FBX models so they should be compatible with a wide arrange of applications. 


Thank you!

Wow, thank you... I honestly don't know how to take all of this positivity other than say I'm overjoyed you liked it so much! Thank you.

Very interesting and a little unnerving as the memory got worse. Very creative.  it definitely fit the theme very well! I agree, some audio was definitely needed to help the experience. 

Wow! I kinda wish all books / short stories read this way. I'd probably ready way more! The interaction definitely kept my interest, and I liked the alternate lines as well. Were they thoughts vs what was spoken?  Or potential alternate paths if expanded?  Thanks for the experience and great story.

Thanks so much for the compliments, makes me very happy.

I appreciate that! I too think there's potential given I could sink that much time into it. But yea, it's a great little engine, if not a little limiting by it's feature set with no built in scripting, so if you like to code, you may find the eventing system a little frustrating.  It's nice to be able to export my project to unity to add some post processing and such. I've totally dabbled in the software enough I feel like I could make a full release eventually with some of the systems you listed, so thanks for the encouragement.

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Wow... well thank you! But you're giving me a little TOO much credit. The software I used (SMILE GAME BUILDER) is much like RPG Maker in that a lot of the systems for the basic RPG elements are already in place. It becomes more of a resource \ events \ database management. So... that's how I was able to get what I got done, done. It was a lot of work, just not as much as you're giving me credit for. I still really appreciate that you like it so much and compare it to the likes of Octopath Traveler (one of my more recent favorite games) so I take that as pretty high praise. 

It's so good!

Simple. To the point. Not bad! 

Cute, fun, and addicting. Publish this sucker on mobile! lol

Very cute. Very interesting take the theme! over all a good job.